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15 Of The Dumbest Political Facebook Posts Ever! (Face-Palm Alert)

15 Of The Dumbest Political Facebook Posts Ever! (Face-Palm Alert)

Here is a collection of the 15 dumbest political posts found on Facebook. These posts show just how bad human ignorance can get, so prepare to cringe, laugh, and/or cry…

Right to "bare" arms is in the 10 Commandments? Is there a Redneck Bible out there that we don't know about?

Right to “bare” arms is in the 10 Commandments? Is there a Redneck Bible out there that we don’t know about?

John Fleming got "Onioned!" We're guessing that many of his constituents did also...

John Fleming got “Onioned”! We’re guessing that many of his constituents did too…


This guy is mega-paranoid, or he has some good drugs. Or maybe both?

This guy is mega-paranoid, or he has some good drugs. Or maybe both?

Interesting caps lock methodology this mad-person has going here...

Interesting caps lock methodology this mad-person has going here…

Apparently Alaska has been taken over by the Russians or maybe Canada... I guess Sarah Palin wasn't so tough after all...

Apparently Alaska has been taken over by the Russians or maybe Canada… I guess Sarah Palin wasn’t so tough after all…

How about instead of sending Obama "back to the Middle East", we teach this guy some grammar skills, and give him some "stupid" medication?

How about instead of sending Obama “back to the Middle East”, we teach this guy some grammar skills, and give him some “stupid” medication?

stupid fb post american is a christian misspellings

America is a Christian “Continent”? Who knew? And Africans are “poor and starving” because they are bad people? And what brand of “Christianity” is this? We’ll just call it “Misguided and Ignorant Christianity”

stupid fb post Obamas last nameAnyone here know Obama’s last name? Anyone? Bueller?

stupid fb post oboma steak

I agree that our future is at “steak” if we are this bad at teaching our citizens how to spell correctly…

stupid fb post osama is dead

We’re guessing that “Sarah” is not a Rhodes Scholar candidate…

stupid fb post ray comfort homeschool

Yes, because everyone who went to public school can recall when we were taught that humans are cousins of bananas…

stupid fb post ruined by liberal professors

Between Obama, wild youths, and liberal professors, we’re shocked that we still HAVE a country…

stupid fb post racist Conservatives who hate liberals

No list like this one would be complete without blatant racism…

stupid fb post obama muslim misspellings

This person has it all figured out. Now, if he could just learn how to spell it correctly…

stupid fb post bob swinarski

If this guy owns any guns, did he get a background check first? We’re guessing not…





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  1. Author Image

    Are these people all total nuts??????????????.

  2. Author Image

    There is nothing I can say that would be more funny than what I just read. I should be shocked. I should be telling myself “at least 1/4 of these are trolls or brainwashed children.”….But why delude myself? There is too much delusion already out there. I feel like I need a special Magneto-esque helmet to prevent the stupidity from entering my head.

    Except that sounded incredibly stupid…shit. It’s already started! Aiiiyeeee!

    • Author Image

      I don’t know why I’m so late to this particular thread, but just now reading this and LOVED your comment, “shit. it’s already started! AIIYEEEE!” You made my morning.

    • Author Image

      I’m afraid I can’t agree with your assessment of those quotes being “funny”. To me, they are pathetic, embarrassing, and tragic. It’s not just what these ignorant people say… it’s the incredible level of ignorance itself.

      What kind of future does this country have if we continue to produce adults with this level of abject stupidity?

  3. Author Image

    Lennon was in on it with Stalin? Imagine that!

  4. Author Image

    The stupid is so strong in these posts that I have to now put myself into a coma to combat the PAIN in my head from reading them.

  5. Author Image

    I have seen just as much craziness and misspellings from the left side.

    • Author Image

      Sure, Scott…SURE you have…you obviously are one of these people, who wouldn’t recognize intelligence if it bit you in the ass..

    • Author Image

      No you haven’t. Unless the vast majority of material you’ve read is from left threads, blogs and tweets, and the above collection of comments is one of the few packages of right-wing nut-job statements you have ever read. The left are generally a lot more well educated, well read, well spoken, well mannered, and well-minded than your run-of-the-mill right wing wing-nut. I’ve read a few whacked out lefty posts and thousands of whacked out right wing post, and I read far fewer right wing text than left. I’m juss sayin’, yo!

    • Author Image

      Great use of grammar there…

    • Author Image

      Keep pretending you and your right-wing cohorts aren’t any dumber than the lefties, Scott, if it makes you feel better. Of course, you’d be wrong… but lying about indisputable truths seems to be the conservatives’ main tactic these days.

    • Author Image

      That might e true, but at least the word “ain’t” is not in our vocabulary.

      • Author Image

        Of course, how stupid of us liberals to use the word ain’t. Using the word ain’t is probably the most egregious spelling and/or language usage any God-fearing American can commit. Any lib who uses the term ain’t should be shunned at the very least and probably incarcerated for this horrifying misuse of the English language. By the way, the word ain’t can be found on page 28 of THE AMERICAN HERITAGE COLLEGE DICTIONARY, 3rd Edition with the definition “am not.”

        • Author Image

          “Ain’t” is also defined as a colloquialism, meaning that it is only an accepted word in certain parts of the English speaking world. Just because a word is in the dictionary doesn’t mean that it is acceptable to use it. Case in point: the word “nigger” is in the dictionary.

      • Author Image

        Actually, the word “ain’t” was incorporated into our vocabulary many years ago already. It certainly is an improper usage, but, sadly, it is part of our vocabulary.

      • Author Image

        But the word is actually in my Webster’s Dictionary that was published in 1984. Go figure that one out!

    • Author Image

      Of course you have, because there are only 15 comments here. The right is about as good with comparisons as they are with spelling, grammar and facts. There are idiots on both sides, but with the distinction that the left doesn’t choose leaders who are morons. The morons on the left don’t see themselves represented and, therefore, are less likely to shout their idiocy from the rooftops.

    • Author Image

      No, you haven’t. Studies have shown that liberals are markedly better-educated, more intelligent and, of course, more rational than conservatives. You pulled that out of your ass in a lame attempt at false equivalency.

    • Author Image

      Every side has stupid people because stupid people cant really think for themselves and will follow what ever side is easiest for them.

    • Author Image

      Wow, Scott. A 13 word sentence and you spelled every word correctly and stated with such articulation and eloquence.

  6. Author Image

    It is hard to believe I spent a career in the military defending these peoples right to be this stupid

    • Author Image

      Phil Taylor….you wrote the only thing on here that was worth reading….from either side of the fence.

    • Author Image

      Many of us have defended the right to freedom of speech and that also means the freedom to say stupid things, No one said that our freedom encumbers only smart people. If it did, we would have almost complete silence in this world. Of course, the right would definitely have a problem in keeping their STUPID silenced,

  7. Author Image

    And these butt monkeys are the future ruin of the republiCOn party

  8. Author Image

    This just proves that our education system is failing us as a nation. I should have saved some posts that a former friend of mine published. They would have fitted in with these perfectly.

  9. Author Image

    I thought this was satire, meant to be funny!! And it worked, It was!

  10. Author Image

    All that homemade moonshine!

  11. Author Image

    Scott Brady, You may have seen some misspellings from the left, but I doubt you have seen the extreme ignorance or racism that is above. I worry about the education institutes in this country when I read such drivel.

  12. Author Image

    You would think that these folks do nothing but sit in dark rooms and come up with crazy shit about our President.

    • Author Image

      No, I don’t think they have to concentrate too hard to come up with this stuff. It just flows out in a never-ending stream of ignorance. What really gets me is that these people can actually use a computer (or drink water without hitting their heads on the toilet seat). It never ceases to amaze me how these people have enough brain power to keep their lungs moving. But yet, they drive cars, have jobs (I’d like to think at least some do), own guns, and vote. It suddenly becomes incredibly clear why george bush was president for 8 years. He WAS the king of the idiots.

  13. Author Image

    Religious schools are obviously failing too, since none of these people seem to know what socialism actually is….

  14. Author Image

    talk about brainwashed,myopic,uneducated wow are we still in america! surely these people have absolutely no education period! they take this country back to the 1600′s i hope no one from a foreign country see’s this my god they’ll think we are all this ignorant and racist 15 in a row man hard to digest.@ the boxing cannabyte you are right nothing you or anyone can say would be funnier!

    • Author Image

      That’s almost an insult to the Pilgrims. They probably had quite a bit on the ball to get over here in the first place. I would put these neanderthals back a bit further.

    • Author Image

      Sorry, too late (Sweden).
      But don’t worry we already thought you all were so…
      Naah just kidding, not all of you. Just most of you.
      Naah just kidding (again), we know it’s a minority but still.. ignorance seems to be quite rampant over there. And arrogance… not the best combo.
      But don’t worry (again), we kind of like you anyway.
      I mean it’s kind of entertaining if nothing else. (And, granted, a bit scary.)

    • Author Image

      If it makes you feel any better, Canada’s just as worse sometimes (check out the Toronto Sun’s web-page when you get a chance.)

  15. Author Image

    These are just further proof of the idiocy of the far right. Just goes to show that the uneducated, the illiterate, the STUPID tend to be racist, homophobic, religious fanatics who don’t have a clue. Wake up, America! These morons are exercising ‘way too much power in our country!

  16. Author Image

    These are just further proof of the idiocy of the far right. Just goes to show that the uneducated, the illiterate, the STUPID tend to be racist, homophobic, religious fanatics who don’t have a clue. Wake up, America! These morons are exercising ‘way too much power in our country!

  17. Author Image

    I love these right-winged MORANS. Especially the MORAN who says that Facebook is censoring him. Uh, this is capitalism/free market? Mark Zuckerberg has every right to censor you or anyone, as this is his site. The Constitution prohibits the government

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    When is Facebook Congress? Can anyone answer my question?

  18. Author Image

    There’s plenty from the left side as well. I humbly submit the following as evidence: http://politicalhumor.about.com/library/bl-left-wing-quotes.htm?PS=978%3A1

    The Left and the Right are simply opposite sides of the coin.

    • Author Image

      Jody, that’s not even close to the same thing. That site leads to a bunch of gaffes or goofy statements by politicians and celebrities – absolutely nothing like the “voice of the typical American voter” represented above. FAIL, FAIL, FAIL.

    • Author Image

      Sorry, these don’t compare to the ones above. I just read a list of supposedly “dumb Obama comments,” and all they were, were a list of Obama, tired from traveling, mispronouncing a word here and there.” No comparison.

    • Author Image

      There are differences between the two parties and lets see which you stand with.Libs are for freedom of choice and respondsible gun ownership.SS and Medicare and Medicaid and feeding hungry children, and rebuilding the countries infrastructure, raising minimum wage etc etc
      The Conservatives hate nearly every thing ,they hate anything that has Public in the name such as Public Transportation, Public schools, Public housing, abortion and women’s choice, they gays, they hate taxes unless it’s on the middle class and poor, they minimum wages as they’d soon there be none, they hate unemployment benefits, they job bills they hate SS /Medicare, Medicaid,they pro-life until a child is born than they could care less if it has a safe warm place to live and food to eat and loving parents and access to health care they hate they hate they hate………
      Here’s what they don’t hate offshore bank accts to avoid taxes yet claim to be such God loving and patriotic Americans, they love wars as it’s their solution to all international problems,they love sending jobs overseas, they trade agreements that take away our jobs and makes Corps and wealthy richer, they love prestige, they love power and money=GREED ,, they love subsidies to corporation and wealthy on wealthfare, but you tell me something they like that benefits you ? and not them only

  19. Author Image

    My great-great-great-grandfather was killed because someone wanted to make a banana split.

    I think I was adopted, though, because I’m more of a cucumber than a banana…

  20. Author Image

    This collection of GOP ‘wit and wisdom’ fairly screams that this country needs to increase funding for education, from Pre-K on up. The opinions expressed are bad enough, but to express it in a manner that would shame an illiterate is truly disgraceful. I’m not one for eugenics but these knuckle walking, drooling, cousin marrying morons should be castrated for the good of the country before they breed any more of their kind.

  21. Author Image

    I think I lost some IQ points just ‘redin’ this crap!

  22. Author Image

    Sheep…not a thinking cell in their brains,,,just what the right in this country wants. And by the way, idiots, it was your beloved George W. Bush who took away rigths in this country with his brilliant Patriot Act. These comments would be laughable if not real…these people are the ones who are of grow up to be our very own homegrown terrorists.

    • Author Image

      Absolutely right. Isn’t it funny how they rail against terrorism when there are right wing terrorists in our own country. It’s what happens when cognitive dissonance reaches fever pitch. When you can not except something so badly you must destroy it completely.

  23. Author Image

    Humans and bananas are technically cousins. Very distant, but definitely related.

  24. Author Image

    Learning “what to do when someone pulls a gun or coping with STD’s, bullying, and drugs” sounds like they are learning very useful information that they will use in the adult world.

  25. Author Image

    why are the names deleted? After all, they posted on public forums and all that would happen is it is forwarded to 50 million people who can mock them mercilessly?

  26. Author Image

    Gotta love the first one, “Obama is a Muslin.” I guess that means he is not a linen-ist?

  27. Author Image

    There is a weakness n the force here…

  28. Author Image

    I wonder though, with all the threats made against the President, I wonder if the Secret Service is letting this go, because, their English is so poor, that they can’t prove intent: http://progressivepopulist.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/stupid-fb-post-country-girl-kill-obama.jpg.

    In all honestly, her English is atrocious, and she writes worse than people like Gary the Retard, Wendy the Retard and Bigfoot Junior from the Howard Stern Show…it is.

    But since the three people from the Howard Stern show are mentally disabled, they cannot be held criminally responsible, I wonder how the Secret Service can prosecute teabaggers?

  29. Author Image

    What i find even less educated than these posts is that right and left believe there is a difference between them! Both are trying to tell people how to live their lives and both are willing to use violence to enforce their policies! I see two groups intent on ruling my life through violence. They are the same. I’m sad that they are both too blind fighting each other that they can’t find enlightenment.

    • Author Image


      I’m proud to be a free-thinking American. I’ve been officially labeled a “libertarian”, but I really just want to see our country return to the prosperous and free nation that once made it truly “the greatest nation on Earth”. Based solely on facts and history, I’d honestly say that our country needs another Reagan. I’m only a few years too young to remember his presidency, but I grew up during a stable time… A stable economy, with a far smaller government.

      Pro tip: A government that is too large is no good. More government, less freedom.
      Tip 2: We’d have a llt more money to put into our educational system if many of the government leaders were not receiving their salary UNTIL THE DAY THEY DIE. They should make a good wage while they are in office, but afterwards go back to the life of a normal American citizen… Normal job, normal wages, etc… NOT maintain a sort of supremacy over us that is undeserved. You know who should be cared for for life? Our troops. Our soldiers, who fight and die for our freedoms. Those who are forced to bear the burden of maintaining peace, fighting for the country… The family they love. Maybe they should be the ones on a steady, comfortable income, instead of having their benefits cut and forcing them to struggle to find a way to survive. But I digress, I should move on to the final point that I will make.

      Tip 3: THE GOVERNMENT IS SUPPOSED TO SERVE THE PEOPLE, NOT VICE VERSA! To quote a certain famous American, “a man who gives up his freedom for security deserves neither.”… But what do you think the sheep (on BOTH sides) are walking right into? They want security, so the give up their rights. I wholly believe in the right to keep and bear arms, so does that make me a nut job? NOOOO. I believe that, in order to purchase a firearm, you must first take a safety class and pass with a certain score. You must take a maintenance course, as well as getting a mental evaluation… Just to own one. In order to obtain a concealed carry permit, you must also take classes pertaining to awareness and basic social psychology. It would be easily obtainable for those willing and able, and would greatly cut down the possibility of accidental deaths. Sadly, there is no cure for gun crimes… Illegal firearms will still be in circulation. Ergo, taking away that right isn’t making anyone safer. Furthermore, our founding fathers believed that every man should keep sufficient firearms and ammunition to eliminate ANY THREAT TO HIS OR HIS COUNTRY’S FREEDOM, INCLUDING THE GOVERNMENT. If they take away the guns, it’s done. Even if they did go radical, there’s nothing we could do but comply or die. Now I do NOT believe in or condone violence of any kind, save for sport (boxing and the like), but I will not remain complacent if the incompetence of the average American citizen endangers my rights and freedoms… if the greed of the American government takes away my livelihood. And so I will fight, the best way I know how; education of myself and others. I hope you all take something from here, as I have from you.

      Have a wonderful night.

  30. Author Image

    The Bible says we have the right to “bare arms?” Maybe she is talking about Adam & Eve. I do remember the Bible says THOU SHALL NOT KILL.

  31. Author Image

    Actually, mega-paranoid guy made some good points.
    The police have become militarized, and we should be aware and concerned.

  32. Author Image

    Lennon and Stalin? I bet if he was still alive, John Lennon himself would have had a big laugh with that one!

  33. Author Image

    I laughed as I read through these. Why? Because while I am horrified that there are actually think this way, I am not surprised. And I have to tell you these are funny to me. Oh maybe not the threats, but I don’t really take that one woman very seriously. I think she is saying what she did because she wants to APPEAR serious, but is seriously demented. Among the things I thought were funniest: Lennon and Stalin; the one where the writer capitalized every word except the word God and Holy Spirit, and Jesus. And perhaps the funniest of all, the one who ranted about the use of the word ain’t, and then proceeded to explain it is in the dictionary and means am not. Very funny. Altogether a very funny few minutes, and even some of the comments struck me as funny.

  34. Author Image

    Okay, who gave South Carolina the Internet?

  35. Author Image

    Lots of left wingers out there making stupid statements.

    Like Obama is reducing the nation debt, unemployment is down, the economy is recovering, spending more money on failing public schools will help them get ter, our borders are secure, illegal immigrants will help this nation economically………….

    Liberals sing his praises because he won, without effort or work, the Nobel Peace Prize, while doing more to spy on Americans and other people, while killing them without due process.

    None so blind as they who will not see.


  36. Author Image

    Oops, I forgot, the dumbest political statement involving the Benghazi cover up, the denial of Muslim terrorism and his statements that his green energy programs work. (Most have raised the cost of energy to taxpayers, accomplished no goals except squandering money to his supporters).

    Also, Obama said he would promote transparency in his administration (not happening) and build a “post racial” America. He has divided us more than any other President.

    Liberals…..go back to La La Land.

  37. Author Image

    The sad fact is that these are commonly held beliefs. The right wing propaganda machine is quite efficient. They can count on their constituents to have ADD and to only hear part of the story. Just like the 2nd amendment. They remember “shall not be infringed” because it almost sounds like a Bible verse. The first part about keeping a “well regulated militia” must just sounds like something Al Gore might say and is naturally ignored. They are becoming predicable, easily picking up the latest buzz talk and quickly repeating it like the telephone game. A good example is the Abortionplex post above. A lot of this stuff comes from Onion and Huff-humor. They are so easy to laugh at. But the conservo-machine is counting on this too.

  38. Author Image

    this isn’t surprising at all. all you have to do is go to the comment section of any online news article to see these types of rants, some word for word.

  39. Author Image

    I used to think that the people who listen to FAUX news and listen to Rush Limbaugh had to be batguanostupid now I know they are. And what really scares me is they are breeding. O.o

  40. Author Image

    We’re focusing on the wrong thing. No American is less human because he is less academically-inclined. The thread connecting many of these posts is the obvious non-scholarly, non-informed lingo–yet they are saying similar things: our constitution is being ripped to shreds; our President is a foreigner; the youth are wild and being brainwashed by a liberal-agenda.

    How can so many people who are obviously not well versed in decent grammar and basic history all come to the same conclusion? The real villain is their news source. It’s not them. They care about their country and about their “values.” These are probably hard working people who never intended to become news-junkies, but did–but with limited sources. Fox News calls itself “fair and balanced.” It calls itself “news.” There was a time when Fox News was a little less obvious, but now that it is the “only source of real information,” and that “all the other stations have been tainted with liberal bias,” this is what feeds into these people’s real, honest fears. One doesn’t have to be a Rhodes scholar to be a valuable person, so picking apart the scholarly aptitude of these posters is a waste of time. They’re probably decent people who have been subtly strung along and sideswiped by what was once a kind of newsy source, but is now a psychologically manipulative media outlet.

  41. Author Image

    LOL the stupid stuff that liberals say would fill a library, hell the section on Harry Reid would fill a wing. How many states did Obama go to in his first election? 57 right?

  42. Author Image

    It’s not so much the poor, and atrocious, spelling. It’s the lack of thought, and inability to reason that stands out. None of these examples show the least bit of original thinking, just a repetitive recital of Fox (it’s NOT the) News talking points. Despite the accusations of “Communist” “Socialist” “brainwashing”, these thugs exhibit classic signs of exceptionally CLEAN brains, and a complete lack of effort to better oneself. Which could easily be construed to indicate they are getting a free ride on a society that tolerates stupidity and lack of purpose! Oops, that would mean they ARE the enemy they fear most, wouldn’t it? Not the first time “we have met the enemy, and he is us!”

  43. Author Image

    Thank God for our right to bare arms. Otherwise we’d have to wear long-sleeved shirts all summer like they do in Russia,

  44. Author Image

    After reading this comments I can’t help but to think of Jeff Foxworthy. You might be a redneck if……..lmao

  45. Author Image

    The commenter who is complaining about his “free speech” rights being abridged by Facebook and worries he will be kicked off needs to understand that Facebook is a private sandbox, not a public forum. They can kick out anyone they like. Free speech has nothing to do with it. There are plenty of other websites in the blogosphere that will gladly put up his crap, bad English usage, misspelling, and all.

  46. Author Image

    I’d like to offer a #16 to your list. This guy (I did remove name) actually is claiming the entire first family is fake. Really. They aren’t his kids it’s some crazy coverup. I don’t know how else to forward this post but the guy continued to be bat shit crazy and even the Republican facebook page called him a troll!


    As far as obama’s “kids”… I personally don’t believe those are even his kids. Just like everything else about him IS FAKE… I believe his Family is also FAKE… NEITHER of those girls look ANYTHING like obama or his Swamp Donkey Wife. I think EVERYTHING about them IS A LIE. The youngest daughter looks more Saudi Arabian than she does Black… I would NOT believe EITHER of the girls are theirs until I seen a DNA Test done by somebody that could be totally trusted 100%. His Birth Certificate, Colleges, Social Security Number, NAMES….. ALL ARE A FRAUD…. It wouldn’t be to much more to invent a FAKE FAMILY also, since there has never been a SINGLE UNMARRIED President EVER. Gotta Play The Part to a “T” all the way even if that means making up a Ready Made FAKE Family as well~!

    IF the REAL TRUTH EVER comes out about obama and his Origins and family it WILL shock the WORLD, because it will ALL BE A LIE and the BIGGEST FRAUD in American HISTORY~!
    Like · Reply · 13 · June 15 at 6:17pm · Edited

    • Author Image

      To the paranoid idiot that got away with writing such garbage!!! What I cannot believe is that you were allowed to breathe and be so stupid but guess what, here you are, Breathing and being stupid. It is people like you who are and create problems that the rest of us have to figure out how to repair.

  47. Author Image

    Now, this would be more effective if real Facebook pages were listed, along with any OTHER identifying information, and dates of these posts. Otherwise, I’m tempted to believe someone at this web site had the afternoon free and made all these posts up and then deleted their Facebook account. Not saying that happened, but where’s the real links?

  48. Author Image

    i feel dirty after reading some of the stupidest people i have ever heard from i feel dummer just reading this crap

  49. Author Image

    So now we know the truth-that ignorance, inbreeding and extreme political conservatism are all somehow related. This must be the ‘ vast rightwing conspiracy’ to which Hillary Clinton once referred. Turns out she was right. At the time, we just didn’t realize how stupid they all were!

  50. Author Image

    As I’ve said before, these people say these things in a public forum, don’t hide their names. They aren’t afraid to say these things publicly, don’t give them any anonymity! Let everyone know who they are.

  51. Author Image

    Oh dear . . . . Now go find and watch the 2006 film ‘Idiocracy’ . . . The time has arrived

  52. Author Image

    I just deleted one of my “friends” from facebook for posting crap like this. Her deal was that Obama was going to put us in concentration camps. I told her to put down the crack pipe. I can’t stand this stuff.

  53. Author Image

    This stuff is so funny, Reading what stupid people write is more entertaining
    then car full of clowns. I wander if they write it from inside the car or outside the car.

  54. Author Image

    I was really surprised to find out from this that John Lennon helped Josef Stalin take over Russia . When did he find time to write all those songs too ?

  55. Author Image

    Nice – I responded to the Planned Parenthood lie that Congressman John Fleming posted about and got banned from his page. I told him it was very misleading to talk about an $8 billion Abortionplex when this was only 3% of their budget. I posted a link to a site showing the PP budget to support this. Less than 5 minutes later my posting was deleted and they blocked me from making any other postings. Guess they couldn’t handle the truth?

    Here is the link to their budget:

  56. Author Image

    White people paying their taxes is patriotic, but corporations paying taxes is stealing? There is so much stupid in those statements I think they gave me cancer.

  57. Author Image

    ROFL … Americans will either be smart or dumb. An average America is too hard to catch these days. All smarter ones are engineered by NSA/FBI long back with their secret child drug affinity programs. Well for the dumb ones – the pills didn’t work.

  58. Author Image

    Scary thing is that these are merely a tip of the iceberg of stupid remarks, not just posted on FB, but twitter, HuffPo, CNN, Faux News, and multiple other sites. When they say they want their country back, was it ever that dumb? Oh, elected GWB twice, so I guess I answered my own question.

  59. Author Image

    That dude said “Lennon and Stalin took over Russia.” And all this time I thought Lennon and McCartney took over Russia…since they were back in the USSR and all…

  60. Author Image

    An Onion website, I hope. Do any of these people have gums? Teeth?

  61. Author Image

    And you people oppose literacy tests to vote?

  62. Author Image

    I don’t think this is funny at all. I think it’s so, so sad. I feel like crying over an education system that allows for it’s people to end up hardly able to spell their names. For a religious system built on capitalism, corrupting it’s leaders and motivating them to extreme measures to control their herd, and thereby their cash flow. For a political election system alowing funding by corporations (corruption), turning politicians into prepaid puppets. For politicians so desperate for power, that they’re willing to say and do almost anything to get elected. But most of all for us, the people, allowing this to continue.

  63. Author Image

    Hopefully these people are not breeding.

    America is certainly not a christian nation, and thank goodness for that. I refuse to worship a supposed “all powerful” sky daddy that sits on his fat, lazy butt and allows pedophiles to rape and murder children. I refuse to believe in a god who is the primary cause of conflict in the world, preaches racism, sexism, homophobia, and ignorance, and then sends me to hell if I’m ‘bad’. .

    Do we actually believe in the phrase liberty and justice for ALL, or is that just a load of b.s. to make bigoted, hate filled “christians” feel good about themselves.

    When I see “christians” quit promoting hatred against the glbt community, then I will say that we might actually be getting to the point of liberty and justice for ALL.

    I see an awful lot of hate filled clean shaven “christian” men disobeying Leviticus 19:27. So before you tell us that homosexuality is a sin because of what some primitive superstitious cave dwellers and goat herders wrote in the babble, how about obeying ALL of the babble, er, bible for once, not just cherry picking the few phrases that suit your hate filled agenda?

  64. Author Image

    Just trying to decipher those gave me a skull splitting headache.

    The KKKons are right about one thing though. Our system of education is a mess. Their misspelled rants are prime examples.

  65. Author Image

    The best part is that most of those morons don’t even vote.

    • Author Image

      Kind of true, I had someone tell me the other day as we were discussing some political things, which I rarely do with them “you know I’m a Republican”? So I said “Oh, have you registered now to vote”? which I know they don’t and she said “Oh no, it won’t do any good anyway”…I wonder how can you call yourself a Democrat, Republican, Independent or whatever if you don’t participate in the system and VOTE?? I asked that question of her and she gave me the same answer “won’t do any good anyway”. I gave up at that point and we talked about something else, should probably count my blessings here, at least she won’t cancel out my vote and have one more stupid vote for a Teabagger. Sad really…

  66. Author Image

    I’m as appalled by the ignorance and racism of the quoted posts in the page above as anybody. And I am a total Spelling Nazi, too, so the misspellings gall me as well. But I think it is a mistake to mock people for lack of education. It reinforces classism, and plays into the hands of the highly educated high ranking Right Wingers who seek to cast progressives as elitist.

  67. Author Image

    We clearly know these people are smart, because they can spell so well!
    **We cleerley no thez people R smart bcuz they can spel so wel! :D

  68. Author Image

    I try to laugh at this stuff. But these people scare me. There are lots and lots of them and I’m actually worried they out number those of us who are sane and rational. The mistake is to just think of them as “powerless and ignorant rednecks.” Revolutions and horrible regimes have been built using the momentum of peoples willful ignorance before. So yes part of me laughs at their stupidity and part of me trembles.

  69. Author Image

    You people are wacked!!! To get off track like this and attack each other. You are not even talking about what the original topic was about. You all need to get a life!

  70. Author Image

    What a bunch of douchewagons….are all these people from Oklahoma and Mississippi?

  71. Author Image

    I love the fact that John Lennon took over Russia. Imagine that!

  72. Author Image

    This is a perfect example of why America under Obama isn’t a dictatorship in that a dictator would take everyone who talks like this behind the barn and shoot them.

    • Author Image

      If they lived in Russia as some of these right wingers have recently been siding with because of their stance on LGBTs ….they would be taken behind the barn and shot or imprisoned as the Pussy Riot girls have been. Matter of fact heard in the news that ne of them is sick and not getting the help she needs…wish these right wingers would move to Russia, would improve things here in America for sure.

  73. Author Image

    Do we have the right to arm bears?

  74. Author Image

    I think this is one example of why we were told that our children don’t need college. Those who do not think are better sheep.
    However, do not dismiss these. For whatever Fox and spin doctors they are parroting, however badly they write, they are expressing something that forms a composite. These posts are from those who do not research, except through the media they will accept. They have very, very strong feelings about this, and they feel manipulated. Ah, they are indeed being manipulated, but from sources they trust, not the sources they fear. They have rage, helplessness, and great, great fear. What I see is that rage and fear being manipulated.
    Doubtless, they’d say the same about me.

  75. Author Image

    I’m going to straight away pick up your current rss feed because i can not to find the e-mail monthly subscription website link and also e-newsletter program. Complete you could have just about any? Please make it possible for my family understand making sure that I was able to join. Cheers.

  76. Author Image

    What a sad, sad group of people all you liberals are. No offense.

    Just think of the good you could do investing your time and energy into NOT talking smack about the 15 people- who, I agree, seem to be a few bricks short of a load- who are highlighted in this “article”. There’s WAY more than 15 of you engaging in what can rightfully be called “hate speech”.

    Are you one of them?

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