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Lunatic On Youtube Calls For The Assassination Of President Obama! (Video)

Lunatic On Youtube Calls For The Assassination Of President Obama! (Video)

A man by the name of David Andrew Christenson, who claims in his Twitter feed that he was classified as a terrorist by the United States Department of Justice in 2010, and who believes in conspiracy theories involving Hurricane Katrina and the BP oil spill, has posted at least five videos on YouTube in which he calls for the assassination of President Obama, former New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin, as well as senators and CEOs of private companies.

thats what he saidChristenson, who has been jailed for threatening the son of an FBI agent, claims that the people he wants assassinated all know that the U.S. military used bioweapons against New Orleans during Katrina, resulting in something called the “Katrina Virus” being released and killing losts of people.

(Cue Twilight Zone music…)

The videos do not hide his desires. In the titles of his videos, he “hopes and prays that (fill-in-the-blank) is assassinated”, in so many words. Despite a wide-scale campaign to get Youtube to remove the videos, and despite that surely someone – and more likely many, many people – has notified the FBI and Homeland Security about this lunatic, the videos are still up. The ones where he discusses the assassination of President Obama are posted below.

These truly are strange times that we live in. Why are the videos still up, and why is this guy not locked in a padded cell somewhere?

UPDATE: Apparently, Christenson’s videos will stay on Youtube. His account was frozen for a couple of weeks while they made the decision. At least according to Christenson’s latest video, seen below.

Let us know what you think about Youtube’s decision to keep this man “on the air”.


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    Why is this whackadoodle not locked up in a rubber room somewhere? The saddest part about this is that there are other nut jobs out there watching him as they clean their guns and prepare for “the revolution.” It’s only a matter of time before one of them takes a shot at the President. LOCK HIM UP AND TAKE THIS NONSENSE DOWN. The first amendment does not apply, this is incitement to murder, that is not protected speech.

  2. Author Image

    The videos are still up because people are viewing them and Youtube likes page views. Maybe we shouldn’t add to that by watching them here!

  3. Author Image

    This lunatic is definitely Glenn Beck’s greatest admirer. Im sure he would love a seat on Sean Hanity’s show. I cant tell his butt from his face listening to this load of BS. However I was surprised on the first video at 2:24 when he mentioned Bush and Cheney starting the Iraq war over false beliefs that there were WMD’s. The rest is all BS conspiracy theories of a lunatic, he should be locked up for making these death threats over and over.

  4. Author Image

    Why hasn’t the Secret Service arrested this nut yet? Also isn’t it amazing that someone “prays” for another human being’s death? I strongly suspect him to be one of those Christian hypocrites. His Jesus would shun and condemn him.

    • Author Image

      Great, at somebody has some balls to tell it like it is, this guy is correct. (on the video) He is not a nut the people going along with the dictator in the white house are nuts.

  5. Author Image

    People need to realize that this is not only an incitement to murder, but a call to revolution. Gun nuts are not the only ones with guns or necessary training to exact mayhem and anarchy. Don’t come to my neighbor with that because you wont be leaving by means you may deem appropriate. Watching and Waiting. Perpetrators will not survive their own mischief. The time to fight for supremacy has long past. Too many trained in armed services with access to let such a threat come to fruition.

  6. Author Image

    I would not wish violence on anybody, and taking someone’s life is violence. This man hoping that it happens is indirect violence. This video could spark someone to shoot the President just as about 2-3 years ago with the incident with Gabby Giffords being shot in Az. This guy realizes the terrible things that our government is doing and he hopes that an assassination will solve this problem. He sites Ghandi as being nonviolent and this is the route he wants to take, yet it contradicts praying that someone assassinates Obama. I usually would not agree with some of his theories, however our government has done some terrible things to others and our own people. I have to agree that our government has allowed us to be poisoned in multiple ways.

  7. Author Image

    What scares me further is that this guy has over 1.9k subscribers.

  8. Author Image

    Didn’t Katrina happen on Bush’s watch? How is President Obama responsible for this idiotic conspirancy? This guy needs to be jailed. All he is doing is adding more fuel to the fire of the right wing nuts.

  9. Author Image

    kartina virus? This man is typical of teaparty members. He is batsh*t crazy

  10. Author Image

    I took an oath to protect the Constitution too, I’m a lawyer. This dude 1. doesn’t understand what the Constitution says (not all his fault, some judges don’t either); 2. Doesn’t have a firm grip on reality; 3. Should be a case study for psychology candidates; 4. Should probably get a little closer attention from those law enforcement agencies he mentioned. I do however appreciate his anti suicide stance.

  11. Author Image


  12. Author Image

    Orapup is sponsoring this video. Their site has a comments box. Here’s their URL if you care to discuss the matter with them: http://www.orapup.com/

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    Good thing his world is ending! This is the gene we need to identify. So women will be given the chance to abort this defective fetus. I feel so blessed to have a normal Son! Thank You Jesus! We certainly want to control his population. The Tea Party is over……….There will be no vaginas for parting gifts!

  14. Author Image

    A sad and confused man. I’m sure he’s on the CIA watch list in regards to his wishes on those to die and live. Its sad that he has lost his mind this far and needs psychological help. Unfortunately we can’t choose those who should have that freedom to speech and who shouldn’t…..welcome to the U.S.A.

  15. Author Image

    I think he may have called me asking for a 5 dollar donation to take out Obama! Turned the scam operation into the FBI.

  16. Author Image

    I wish this bastard would, i will find and kill him myself

  17. Author Image

    This Guy needs to have a visit from the men in black…SOON he is totally insane…as a matter of fact I’m going to post his name on the FBI page..

  18. Author Image

    Please go to the YoutTube video on the website and flag it for Hate speech.
    If enough people do this, it will be taken down.

  19. Author Image

    I bet this guy is just so much fun at parties!

  20. Author Image

    This man is a whack-case! Totally delusional! David Andrew Christiansen…KATRINA VIRUS?!?!?!?!?!?! WTF!

  21. Author Image

    This video must be stopped & U-Tube authorities should be asked to deactivate this video..!1 This Person must be located & arrested for questioning him..!! Why has he brought this Video..and whats the perpose of this ….?? Now onwards President’s Security must be strengthened further ..!!

  22. Author Image
    Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes

    My main question for these type of people I want them to answer is, What is the end game they think the government wants? Dead, slaves, what? Who do they think this army is going to be thats going to take our guns and enslave us? I look outside and see that its about as damn good as its ever gunna get for these “evil men”.

  23. Author Image

    Treason ???? Please someone arrest him

  24. Author Image

    NO, it’s Alex Jones he is emulating. google him.

  25. Author Image

    This paranoid nut-job is just aping everything Glenn Beck and Alex Jones are saying. He is very dangerous.

  26. Author Image

    He says he took an oath to protect us. Miltary personnel take an oath to defend the constitution against enemies foreign and domestic. Is he scrampbling this or what? Anyway leave him up for the flies the shit attracts. Watch them.

  27. Author Image

    It is unsettling just how normal he looks.

  28. Author Image

    Sad, sad, sad we live in in a country where people openly want someone else dead.

  29. Author Image

    This guy could be on the payroll of the Communist Chinese, to get rid of President Obama. However President Obama will out wit the Communist regime and this Communist lunatic.

  30. Author Image

    One of the key words here is “pray.” Do these crazies think that God is on their side? Is this guy from New Orleans? He looks kind of like David Duke in his younger days.

  31. Author Image

    The only way you can tell the severely mentally ill from the rest of us is when they open their mouth…bring back the institutions and treat these unfortunates

  32. Author Image

    Good idea. I actually felt sorry for him until he called not just for the President to be assassinated but his family as well. Even if you’re delusional enough to think Bush and Obama are poisoning us with this “katrina virus”, I’m pretty sure none of their offspring helped. This guy needs meds.

  33. Author Image

    Just sent this link to my senators and house representatives. Want to know why a YouTube allows sedition to be posted by a domestic terrorist.

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