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Crazy Alex Jones Claims Boston Marathon Bombings A “False Flag Operation” – FBI Involved! (Video)

Crazy Alex Jones Claims Boston Marathon Bombings A “False Flag Operation” – FBI Involved! (Video)

Right-wing conspiracy nut Alex Jones claimed in a tweet today that the Boston Marathon bombings appears to be a “False Flag” operation, meaning of course that somehow the government is involved.

Alex Jones false flag


Jones then tweets a bit later that the FBI is behind “virtually every domestic terror plot.”

Alex Jones FBI

… and then he asserts that the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) will use this event to frisk even more people at even more events.

Jones then goes on to claim in the video below, among other crackpot theories, that a bombing drill conducted by the “Boston Bomb Squad” earlier in the day planted the bombs that later exploded that killed at least 3 people and injured dozens.

And of course, there are people out there who believe everything that comes from his deluded, paranoid cranium.

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    People believe everything Rush Limbaugh spouts, too!

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    Insane shitting Christians trying to position themselves to where they can claim it’s an Obama conspiracy once it’s known that the terrorist was a Christian.

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    Here’s my theory: A couple of Jones’ psychotic, Right Wing listeners took his advice on using a scheduled bomb drill to plant actual bombs. That would give Osama Bin Jones the ammunition that he needs to simultaneously feed the anti-government fear machine AND paint his Right Wing extremists as persecuted freedom fighters. Does that sound unlikely to anybody, at all?

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    When is this asshat going to cross the street against the lights (because traffic lights limit his freedom to move when he wants and where he wants. It’s his right as an American. All else it tyranny!), slip under a bus, taste his own blood and die? Either that or be carried off to the loony bin where he belongs!

  5. Author Image

    mentally ill patsy?! oh wow, this guy needs help.

  6. Author Image

    alex jones is a dirt ball along with all the other kooks that listen to him human waste move to a sewer alex hope you get a rash on your asss that never goes away call me sometime dirt bag 315 657 3241

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    Just because Alex Jones is basically a jerk doesn’t mean there isn’t something wrong here. I don’t like the man, either, and I’m a socialist. The FBI has a long history of these types of operations, and this wouldn’t be any different. I’ve smelled a big rat here from day one and, like 9/11, I bet my suspicions will prove right.

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    You are quite right to suspect something is wrong my socialist friend. Alex Jones isn’t nuts. He is paid to act nuts. nuts. Thats his job, controlled opposition. His role is to keep you from looking into anything that might lead you to the truth. The truth is that there is no left. There is no right. It is divide and conquer. The power elite run the show and only give you the illusion of choice. Why do you think Obama has carried on so many of the same policies as George Bush who carried on the same policies as Clinton etc. It doesnt cost very much for the world elite to fund one side of a campaign. A couple billion. That is nothing to these people. Guess what, they always fund both sides. What we get is more globalization and fewer and fewer liberties. Finally the world govt that is there goal will be anything but democratic.

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