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Republican Oklahoma Lawmaker: Customers “Might Try To Jew Me Down” On Price (Video)

Republican Oklahoma Lawmaker: Customers “Might Try To Jew Me Down” On Price (Video)

This past week, Oklahoma State Rep. Dennis Johnson was talking about small businesses during a floor debate, and said that sometimes customers will “try to Jew me down on a price, that’s fine. You know what? That’s free market as well.”

Johnson continued speaking, apparently unaware that he had made the remark, for a few seconds before someone off-camera passed him a note. Johnson replied, “Did I?”

The phrase “Jew me down” is defined as “negotiating a lower price” and is considered to be ethnically offensive.

Johnson then jokingly added, to laughter from the room: “I apologize to the Jews. They’re good small businessmen as well.”

Somehow, we don’t think those who were offended by the remark would be satisfied with that apology. Especially when they watch the flippant way that he did so.

Oklahoma has no Jewish members in their legislature.

Watch it below!


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    OMG! This moron is so clueless that he doesn’t even realize that his “apology” was another offensive remark! Is it me or do these Teapubs get dumber with each passing day?

  2. Author Image

    Is that a new approach to apologizing? Apologize for an insult with an insult, nice and Scalia asks if there is really bigotry in this country, yea there is it has spread not diminished!

  3. Author Image

    Worse than being a Teapub, he is an Okie. And in my experience Okies are a special breed of moron

  4. Author Image

    NITCH MARKETING! a double OY VAY for this stoopid guy! It is getting so you cannof find a smart, well educated bigot these days,

  5. Author Image

    I’d leave a longer comment, but I’ve got to go to the bathroom and take a Dennis Johnson.

  6. Author Image

    LOL check out the guy in the background after he says “jew me down” grinning and looking in both directions.

  7. Author Image

    I don’t think this is the right guy to be lecturing on marketing.

  8. Author Image

    When I moved to Florida from New York as a 10 year old in the early 70s, I heard this term for the first time, my first day in school. The next 12 years proved to be little better.

  9. Author Image

    Well, I might be from a long line of Okies, but I’m not a stupid anti-Semetic blob of snot like this rotund bag of hog droppings.

  10. Author Image

    Good article, but the last sentence should read “in their LEGISLATURE,” not “legislation.”

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    Very rapidly this website will be famous amid all blogging people, due to it’s pleasant content

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