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Stunning Bigotry In Texas: ‘No Muslim Parking’ Signs Posted In Shopping Center (Video)

Stunning Bigotry In Texas: ‘No Muslim Parking’ Signs Posted In Shopping Center (Video)

Shock, anger, and outrage were the reactions to some hand-made signs posted in a shopping center parking lot in the Spring Branch area of Houston.

Westview Shopping Center is located across the street from the El Farouq Mosque, where Muslims attend religious services. The signs were lining the street, Sauer Conrad Drive, that divides the shopping center from the mosque.

El Farouq Mosque

El Farouq Mosque

Employees of the stores in the shopping center said that the signs were erected in order to prevent worshipers attending services from parking there. No one would take responsibility for making the signs and putting them up – not even Steve Kwon, the owner of the shopping center. Although he did take the signs down and said that he would check to make sure the signs did not reappear.

While it is understandable that anyone who is not a patron at the shopping center should be allowed to park in the parking lot, it seems that the wording of the signs could have been different. Why not just say, “Parking for Westview patrons only, all others will be towed”?

The most obvious interpretation of the signs is that Muslims – even ones who want to shop at a store in the shopping center – are not allowed to park there, and it suggests that a hateful, bigoted person put those signs up.

Watch a news report, courtesy of Click2Houston, below.

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  1. Author Image

    Didn’t know who put them up my lily white a$$! This scum bag put them up and he knows it, he just doesn’t have the courage to stand up and admit his bigotry! It is so typical, the attitude of these people is that if you are not a clone of them complete with all of their prejudicial convictions you are not their equal and as a matter of fact have no right to even live in this country. “Don’t park on my street, Towel Head.”

  2. Author Image

    How do Muslims park anyway? This is outrageous and I am glad they took down the sign.

  3. Author Image

    I live in Texas and I hate the bigotry I see everywhere. I am not shocked, but I am saddened. I am a proud liberal, always have been. This guy knew about the sign and his response was so transparent,as to be laughable!

  4. Author Image

    Can’t you just put up signs that say “Customer Parking Only” ?

  5. Author Image

    I think this might be because of the Mosque across the street…. Let’s think for a second. If all the people from the Mosque park in the parking lot, there’s no room for people at the mall? I’m not trying to stir up some shit here, BUT there might be another reason. Yes, he could have said, NO CHURCH PARKING…. that would have been a little more sensitive.

    • Author Image

      No mosque parking is the equivalent of no church parking, yes that would have been “more sensitive” as you say. But, no Muslim parking?! That’s the equivalent of no black parking or no Jew parking! It’s racism and bigotry at its worst!

    • Author Image

      Melissa, assuming your name indicates that you’re a woman, how would you feel if a shopping mall across from a OB/GYN clinic said “No Vagina parking”?

    • Author Image

      But they didn’t. Did they? The person making that sign clearly wanted it to be known they did not want Muslims parking there. Had it been a Protestant religion, doubt that sign would have made it up at all.

    • Author Image

      So, the mall wants to turn away muslim shoppers? Who else? Catholic nuns, sihks and buddists?

    • Author Image

      Melissa, yes it was put up as if to say parking for customers only. But, it was written in an obvious extremely bigoted way, which makes it difficult to believe that that was accidental. It just appears the sign-maker wanted to make a statement, and then be able to say it was an accident, without having the guts to own up to it. He/she succeeded, especially with the story now going national.

      • Author Image

        I forgot to say, like others have, if the mosque had been a church, this jerk would not have written, “NO CHRISTIAN Parking,” or whatever the denomination of the church. Notice the words, “NO MUSLIM” is capitalized on the signs. There is no way to believe it was not deliberate.

  6. Author Image

    Teaching a Texan how to fart is really difficult. Trying to end their redneck racism I believe is impossible.

    • Author Image

      The owner of the shopping center is Steve Kwon, and I doubt any “redneck” would visit the “Doo San Kimchi and Ricecake” store. Yes, this is a Korean neighborhood. And to think that a redneck would actually take the time to create, print, and hang-up signs that weren’t drawn by crayon on a cocktail napkin is actually kind of funny.

    • Author Image

      Not all Texans are Rednecks or Racists, you are doing and saying the same thing that the idiot who posted the sign is doing….being ignorant…I am a Texan…and we are not all Redneck Racists….get you’re facts straight Terry Luoma.

    • Author Image

      You are an imbicile. I hope you were drunk or high when you posted this and not simply a moron. Let us know where you live so that we can steer clear of people of your ilk.

  7. Author Image

    I live in Kansas at the moment but was raised in Huntsville, Tx. It things like this that makes me embarrassed to be called a Texan. Not all of us are backwards hillbillies; however things like things makes people wonder.

  8. Author Image

    it’s great to live in the home of the free

  9. Author Image

    Is it just me, or does it seem like racism in this country is as bad now as it was in the 1960s? Its time for people to realize that no matter the color, we all bleed red…

    • Author Image

      It’s just you (and Texas). This country has made great progress since the sixties. Real change takes time.

    • Author Image

      Racism today is much worse than in the 60′s. Our excuse then was we were raised to be racist. Today, we know better and recognize the harm that it does. As a child 65+ years ago, I lived in a world of segregation and hate. It took many years of soul searching and thought before I changed my beliefs…

    • Author Image

      I have to agree with Douglass. Until Obama was elected, the racism in our country was not as open as it was in the ’60s, but it was still a big problem in our country. It has seriously “come back out of the closet” since Obama’s first election campaign through now. The one good thing is that it has now been brought back out, so that many can now speak about it, to hopefully try to fix this major problem in our country. Unfortunately, it will never be totally fixed, since hate and ignorance will always be around, but trying to completely eradicate racism may hopefully improve things to the best they can be.

  10. Author Image

    If I ever own my own business, can I put out a sign that says: “No BIGOTS” can park here!

  11. Author Image

    I’m starting my own business. There will be a sign that reads: BOGOTS NOT WELCOME!!

  12. Author Image

    Bigotry in Texas!?! You don’t say!!

  13. Author Image

    Funny that just a few miles down the road The Galleria celebrates and survives largely due to the “Muslim” and “Mexican” clients. I agree that “Customer Parking Only” is the way to go.

  14. Author Image

    Well, it IS Texas, so can’t expect much else. Even the Mexican drug cartels won’t have it. Mexico want to be paid big time to take it back.

  15. Author Image

    If from what I understand is the case, this is a heavily Korean neighborhood. The owner of the store Mr. Kwon probably does not have a full command of the nuances of English. So I hope he just screwed up and is to afraid to own up to the signs. If not then putting those signs up was nothing short of hateful.

    • Author Image

      This seems most likely. Of course he’s afraid. This is Texas. People will try and ruin your life at the drop of a hat.

      • Author Image

        Think again Suzanne F…I don’t know where you get you’re facts…but Texas isn’t any more racist than any other state, do you live in Texas…is that how you know?? If not, you should come visit, and you will find out Texas isn’t all bad…..I am a Native Texan and proud of it, I wasn’t raised to be racist, I don’t believe in it and taught my kids the same….you can’t judge a state for one person’s actions…doesn’t that make you just as bad??? seems hypocritical to me.

        • Author Image

          Texas Lady, I have relatives who live in Texas, and they say Austin is okay, but wake up and smell the coffee. Your state elects the most extreme repubs, executes the most, and in general is one of the most repugnant examples of extreme right wing racism. Perhaps, as you have obviously not lived anywhere but Texas you don’t realize how bad it is in comparison to many other states. It’s why I was raised in Tennessee but don’t choose to live there.

          • Author Image

            What is right wing racism? Is it different from what those on the left display?

            This was not political until you made your comment. This is about bigotry and hatred. Of course then your comment would apply because it displays your bigotry and hatred.

  16. Author Image

    You can’t fight hate with hate. He/they made a mistake, move on. Punish with your wallets not tongues.

  17. Author Image

    I’m going to give this situation the benefit of a doubt… It says that this happened in a korean shopping center/part of town. When you have a language barrier it’s hard to be PC, sometimes, or even know that what you’re saying isnt PC. Most likely that’s what this was. But it’s still upsetting.

  18. Author Image

    I’m going to give this situation the benefit of a doubt… It says that this happened in a korean shopping center/part of town. When you have a language barrier it’s hard to be PC, sometimes, or even know that what you’re saying isn’t PC. Most likely that’s what this was. But it’s still upsetting…

  19. Author Image

    This is not just a Texas problem this is a USA problem look no further than the nut for a police chief in Pennsylvania, the crazy sheriff in Arizona, the rodeo clown in Missouri, the Governor in South Carolina, the Mayor of NYC, the jerks in Florida pick any of a couple hands full, Rand Paul in Kentucky, these lame racist bigot actions target people based on race, religion, age, sex, or political views. It’s a blacklash to the changing times as bigots continue the induration of their children to hate, it will be the communities responsibility to help educate them that hate based on lies and fear is just that….hate!

  20. Author Image

    Stunning? Like the bigotry of Christians towards atheists and gays? Or like Muslims towards all other religious groups?

  21. Author Image

    What do you expect from a state that had Bush and now Perry as a governor?

  22. Author Image

    I think we should post signs up north here that say “no Texan parking-rednecks will be towed”.

  23. Author Image

    i’ll start a new business. sign bigots welcome. because everyone is one!

  24. Author Image

    I went to school across from a shopping center and the sign in the parking lot said “Customer Parking Only, All Others Will be Towed.” Not “NO TEENAGER PARKING ALLOWED.”

    If (and this is a pretty big if for Texas) it wasn’t their intention to appear bigoted, they certainly could have chosen better wording for their sign.

  25. Author Image

    They could have averted this problem by simply stating that mall parking is for shoppers only, or if people filling up their parking lot during the mosque’s services has been an issue, adding the stipulation that parking for the mosque is across the street.

    The fact that they did not think to do so indicates that they are either really stupid or that they really were trying to “sneak” some bigotry in under the guise of parking control. I hope it’s just the former, but I fear the latter.

  26. Author Image

    Far be it from me to actually stick up for a Texan. They aren’t so nice in my experience. If I had to bet on it, I’d say they really should have put up some “Parking for Customers Only” signs. I’ve been in a retail job where we had to do that with the Elks Club using our parking lot on a Friday afternoon, a peak business time for us. So far no one has accused us of cruelty to animals. I’m thinking it was a combination of a legitimate need the keep parking available for paying customers and a little old fashioned bigotry, but I don’t know that for sure and neither do you.

  27. Author Image

    Poorly worded, but perfectly valid. Get over it you bunch of crybabies. You’re not fooling anyone. You don’t care about the Muslims. If it was Christians from a church parking in a business’s lot, and the owner said to stop, you’d all be giggling and high-fiving each other.

  28. Author Image

    Could have reasonably said “No mosque parking,” and that’s probably what the person who made them thought they were saying. Texans never did go for no book learnin’.

  29. Author Image

    Looks like the person that made the signs did not know to say “No Mosque Parking”. There is a Trader Joe’s market that I go to and their parking lot gets filled and people park in the lots of other businesses. Those businesses have posted “No Trader Joe’s Parking”. I don’t think that it was a racist thing.

  30. Author Image

    Nope, can’t park no Muslim cars here! We’z all fuckin’ bigoted racist, we iz.

  31. Author Image

    You can always tell a Texan, but not much!

  32. Author Image

    I cannot believe these comments. You have taken the act of a single person, in a single parking lot, and painted an entire state, and the people living in said state, with the same broad brush. Even worse than that, you dont see the hatred you put in your posts. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  33. Author Image

    As one who lived in Texas for 5 years, I’m inclined to see this as yet another example of how poorly educated some people are there. It could be the unfortunate choice of words by an immigrant mall owner, but in Texas it could just as easily been a native-born local. Having lived all over the world, I still find Texas as the exotic land where people have strange ways.

  34. Author Image

    LMAO! I cannot believe the number of people here railing against bigots while demonstrating their own bigotry against Texans as a group.

    So ignorant!

  35. Author Image

    This is so sad to see :( we live in a age of tolerance for other peoples beliefs, customs, culture and creeds…..how can we get respect for our beliefs when no respect is given to other peoples beliefs :(

  36. Author Image

    do Muslims have bumper stickers or something else on their vehicles that identify them as being Muslims?
    Sure do have a lot of fucking idiots and bigots in Texas, that’s for certain.

  37. Author Image

    Folks, before posting you should take a moment to watch the video. It answers a few questions, if not verbally, then via imagery. There are actually already “customer & tenant parking/all others will be towed” signs permanently in place. The homemade signs were taped over them, as well as being placed across the street at the church, and on the street in front of the shopping center. The owner seemed to have a decent command of english. And the tenants did have issues with church members parking in the retail lot. One retailer spoke up and told reporter(s) that it was, in fact, the owner who put up the signs. No matter what the issue was, I think this was a poor way to handle it. I have no idea if the owner is a bigot or not, but he certainly IS a poor businessman. Were I a tenant, I would not be happy with him.

  38. Author Image

    I do not think this is bigotry. Every place I’ve ever been to that is beside a church has ALWAYS had a sign up that says, “No church parking.” Problem with this one, is it came out and said Muslim. It would have been better if they had said, “No Mosque parking.” Most companies do not want people to park in their business’s area, especially a large church parking. I work in a downtown area and there are signs up that specifically say no church parking. There is a huge Catholic Church in the area, and unfortunately, when there are masses in progress, there’s no place to park, so almost every company posted no church parking signs. Nobody complained.

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