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Tea Party Protesters Distracting Drivers On Overpass Fail To Leave, Get Arrested (Video)

Tea Party Protesters Distracting Drivers On Overpass Fail To Leave, Get Arrested (Video)

One of the newest idiotic fads that Tea Party bozos have come up with as an outlet for their Fox News-fed delusions are overpass protests calling for the impeachment of President Obama. They even have a Facebook page with over 30,000 likes called Overpasses For Obama’s Impeachment.

Over the weekend in Missouri, near St. Charles, things didn’t go very well for one group of these patriotic protesters who are bravely standing up for our freedoms and liberty. As you will see in the video below, the moron (named “Mark M”) with the “Tyranny Response Team” shirt on argues with Missouri State Highway Patrol officers and then refuses to comply with their requests to, like, get the hell out of there and quit causing a distraction for drivers on a damn interstate highway with people traveling at a high rate of speed.

He also did not place his hands behind his back when asked to, so he was arrested for resisting arrest. Watching the video will have you asking yourself why the hell this dunce bothered to question the cops, and was it really worth it?

Take a look at the pictures, which are actual pictures from the scene, and tell me that these are not unnecessary distractions. What if these stupid protests were allowed on every overpass in the country? Before we know it, we’ll have signs and banners draped on thousands of highway overpasses across the country, along with people milling around. And this applies to both sides of the political aisle. Good idea?
overpass protesters remember benghazi

Of course, the Tea Party nut jobs who support these daft protests are up in arms about the arrests, whining about First Amendment violations, police overreach and abuse of power, the cops were Democrats or Obama’s henchmen, and a whole bunch of other complaints that basically equates to a steaming pile of dog excrement.

Here is a sampling of some of their whining, just from the comments in the video…

crybaby1I hope you are seeking a civil suit against the officers involved in These arrests before the statue of limitations runs out. they falsely arrested the 2 individuals and infringed on their rights, so, could also be sued under (42 USC, 1983). I hope you sue them to show them that US citizens will not tolerate the abuse of power by government and law enforcement officers!!!

This was total bull they must have been the democrats minions. We must not stand for this! We have a right! To protest whether they agree or not. Isaw nothing in this video to just arrest these men I say sue them!

crybaby5You are a complete idiot !!! The first amendment is what these cops violated. They are the ones that violated the law. You libtards sure don’t know jack about the constitution or our countries law. You are all traitors wanting free hand outs and socialism. I hate you all, I really hate you liberals with a passion. Obama has broken several laws actually but he also has a corrupt regime supporting him in Washington that are simply ignoring the law. Fast and furious, Benghazi.

The person (“Survival Doc”) who shot most of the below video was also arrested. They both spent 24 hours getting familiar with a jail cell in the St. Charles County, Missouri slammer.

Watch the video and tell us what you think. Police overreach, or justified?

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  1. Author Image

    Isn’t it interesting the way these idiots are so defensive of their rights when they are so dismissive of the rights of anyone who disagrees with them? They can’t possibly be so stupid that they do not know that the police have the authority to ask them to move on when they loiter anywhere, can they?
    I wonder what the impetus was for obtaining a letter from his attorney prior to coming out to the overpass. Could it be that he has been told to move on before? I can’t believe that any lawyer told him that he could loiter anywhere he chooses and the police cannot do anything about it, everyone knows that is not true, I need no lawyer to tell me that I must move on when a cop tells me to.
    What we have here are a group of semi literate anarchists who think they are libertarian and patriotic only because they do not know the meanings of those two words.

  2. Author Image

    I have seen protests like this near my home, and they are a distraction. The police officers in this video were absolutely professional and I applaud their work.

  3. Author Image

    “So defensive of their rights when they are so dismissive of the rights of anyone who disagrees with them” perfectly said, Mr. Cull!

  4. Author Image

    Is it not illegal in most States to do this, never mind dangerous?

  5. Author Image

    It looks like the protesters were in the right.

    Full disclosure – I despise these adolescent antics.

    • Author Image

      how were they in the right? You must know it is against the law to loiter on a public overpass after being asked (extremely nicely) by a police officer to move along. If these people were black they probably would have been tazed and beaten for not listening to the officer, and people like you and these “patriots” would see nothing wrong with it. Despicable.

    • Author Image

      It doesn’t matter where you are, Kevin, if you are loitering, which they were, you can be asked to move along. That “asked” is merely rhetorical, in this case when the cop says he’s asking he is really telling. They were in the wrong.

  6. Author Image

    As much as I disagree with their message, I stand by their First Amendment rights to this activity.

    • Author Image

      I too stand for their First Amendment rights, but this was a safety issue, not a First Amendment issue. They were causing a distraction.

    • Author Image

      Would you continue to stand by their First Amendment rights if the distraction they were causing above a highway caused an accident in which motorist were injured or killed?

    • Author Image

      I agree. As much as I hate Teabaggers and their illiterate agenda, I do support the right to public assembly. Immigrants Rights Activists have strewn signs on freeway overpasses as well and it was great. Doesn’t matter what one’s politics are, people have a right to protest in the U.S.A.. Laws against loitering are nothing more than tyranny against the poor and politically oppressed.

    • Author Image

      This is not the same as protesting downtown, Kay. These idiots are distracting drivers traveling at a high rate of speed. I used to drive truck and believe me the last thing a trucker wants to see is something that is distracting the amateur drivers even more than they are already, they don’t pay enough attention to the road as it is.

      • Author Image

        How about the arrests in Madison? What about the “Overpass Brigade” and their lighted signs? We may not agree with them, but they are the other side of the coin…the police were very professional, but so what?

      • Author Image

        Don’t billboard do the same thing? What about the digital signs next to the freeway which give traffic information?

  7. Author Image

    Facts really do mean nothing to these people. I’m WATCHING him resist arrest while another person is arguing “he’s not resisting arrest!” As its happening RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM. Facts and logic be damned! Every day I’m reminded that being as far away from these people is the best place to be.

  8. Author Image

    It was a hazard, I don’t have an issue with someone protesting. But do it where it doesn’t have the potential to cause an accident. It’s common sense for all sides.

    • Author Image

      They should have told them to move their protest about a mile away, like George W. Bush did to protestors at his public events.

      No one has unlimited First Amendment rights. These “fine, upstanding” citizens should learn about the Constitution they think they were defending.

      And, Bengazi? Give me a break!

      U.S. Embassy and Consulate Attacks Under George W. Bush

      January 22, 2002: US consulate at Kolkata, 5 Killed
      June 14, 2002: US Consulate at Karachi, 12 Killed
      February 28, 2003: US Embassy at Islamabad, 2 Killed
      June 30, 2004: US Embassy at Tashkent, 2 Killed
      December 6, 2004: US Compound at Saudi Arabia, 9 Killed
      March 2, 2006: US Consulate in Karachi, 2 Killed
      September 12, 2006: US Embassy at Syria, 4 Killed
      March 18, 2008 US Embassy at Yemen, 2 Killed
      July 9, 2008: US Consulate at Istanbul, 6 Killed
      September 17, 2008 US Embassy at Yemen, 16 Killed

      TOTAL DEATHS: 60

  9. Author Image

    Sad these guys have so much self importance especially with their Bengazi outrage. Where were they during the Bush Cheney era? They sure weren’t around during “yellow cake uranium” or WMD lies.

  10. Author Image

    First time I’ve seen the police go after Tea Partyers. Usually they can do no wrong. Tongue completely in my cheek when I typed the first sentence.

  11. Author Image

    I’ve seen plenty of progressive groups do this-
    particularly the Overpass Light Brigade in Wisconsin.

    • Author Image

      As I stated in the article, I don’t condone either side doing it. It is a distraction and just opens up a big can of worms that doesn’t need to be opened.

      • Author Image

        Big can of worms that doesn’t need to be opened? Oy vey. The same thing is said whenever people protest anything. Again, I hate Teabaggers but equal rights are for everyone.

        • Author Image

          It was a safety issue! Why is that so hard to understand!?

          • Author Image

            I understand what you are saying but I don’t believe it to be true. If the arrest were a clear cut case of the protestors endangering public safety then there would be a law against standing on a freeway overpass with signs, don’t you think? But there isn’t a law against doing so. Those cops were not able to cite a single law which was being broken. The arrest came down to the fact that the protester was ignoring the police officer’s commands to disperse. In fact, the actions of these cops do amount to unlawful harassment.

          • Author Image

            There had already been an accident! Did you not listen to what the cop said? Bubba and crew tried to claim it had nothing to do with them because someone had missed the exit and tried to back up to it. Of course it was their fault, the guy missed his exit because he was watching them. It was a safety hazard and they were asked to move and refused to do so, ergo, they were in violation of the law. When you refuse to obey the LAWFUL order of a police officer you are violating the law which requires you to do so.

  12. Author Image

    Oh noz! Sick “on” his stomach and “deadly exhaust”! The sky is falling! The epitome of ignorance. Ben-gazzzzzzzzzzi!

  13. Author Image

    It’s called Public Nuisance. I have no problem with them exercising their freedom of speech however doing it on an overpass can cause distractions and accidents to the people on the road. And lest we forget, we had people shooting from overpasses several years ago.

  14. Author Image

    They claim they know their rights but don’t realize that there are limits to free assembly. You can not stand on an overpass and distract traffic on a busy highway. As for a bunch of people saying sue them … if those people had caused an accident they could be arrested for something far greater than what they were. Although I am surprised the officer didn’t charge them with creating a public nuisance and endangerment. I am all for anybodies right to protest, but they should have read what the procedures were before endangering the lives of innocent people.

    On a side note, don’t they think that if the republicans could impeach the President … they would have by now? Get over it.

  15. Author Image

    As fucked as tea partiers are, I happen to know that the St Charles police dept is corrupt, they patrol for profit and use snitches to steal and sell drugs confiscated by their officers and pocket the money.

  16. Author Image

    As an extreme, left-wing liberal, I deplore what the police did in this particular instance. If these folk were breaking a law, the police officer should have been able to cite it. If there is no law against their protesting on overpasses, then they are covered under the first amendment to the Constitution. I disagree with the content of the Tea Party’s protest, but they should be allowed to express it openly. Rational Americans can decide for themselves whether or not Tea Party ideals are valid or not.

    • Author Image

      Ed, this wasn’t a first amendment issue. This was a nuisance/distraction/loitering issue. If the cops feel that they are hindering the safety of the public in their judgement, they have a right to do what they did. If the guy had just left, he would not have been arrested. But by being an idiot and not leaving, then he got arrested for resistance. The Tea Party is free to express their thoughts openly, as they have merely been doing since they first came about, but this was not a first amendment issue.

    • Author Image

      They were creating a hazard, Ed, therefore not in compliance with the law. This is NOT a first amendment issue.

  17. Author Image

    If Teabaggers had their way, not only would they be able to do their stupid protests where ever they want to regardless of how big of a distraction or a nuisance they are, but they’d be doing it with AK-47s strapped on their shoulders.

    Because, you know, they are patriots, and are merely fighting for our freedoms and liberty, and protecting the rest of us from the government. ;-)

  18. Author Image

    Retired LE, what makes the Tea Party think theirs is the only side that has rights. I see the southern United States act like a bunch of children with their cookies denied for bad behavior. These Police officers were professional, made a legal request that was ignored. They gave them three times to comply by which time the cops could have been shot by their friends.
    Do the Tea Party-poopers even know how to read? A bunch of spoiled white boys hell bent on destroying our country. The South takes more money than it pays into the Federal Gov’t. And they whine whine whine. The rest of the country thinks you are uneducated idiots. Why weren’t these guys at work instead of loitering on overpasses and making a childlike tantrums. Oh yes, rich republicans like Romney shipped them all to China, and China it seems didn’t want these guys to go with the jobs…

  19. Author Image

    Where were these ‘patriots’ when Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin had peaceful protesters (mostly veterans and seniors) arrested for standing in the State Capital rotunda. The State Capital buildings in every state belongs to the public and people are allowed by law, to gather there. Oh, wait, they weren’t Tea Partiers so that was justified.

  20. Author Image

    The officer cited a public safety violation. We saw similar protesters on an overpass in Maryland over the weekend, and yes, it could easily distract a driver.

    If they can ban texting while you drive, they can certainly ban overhead protesters. The detainees “compromise” to move “where no traffic accidents had been today” was absurd, as if you need a daily accident to justify safety regulations.

    I have no sympathy for these fools. They want to impeach a president for no specific crime, and then they cry and whine when they are arrested for an obvious violation of public safety laws. The letter from the lawyer was meaningless except to show that they were welcoming a fight with the local authorities.

  21. Author Image

    They are lucky-they should have been tazed-at least warned 1st, then tazed if they would not comply.

  22. Author Image

    I actually thought the video was funny, when I saw how ridiculous these protesters were acting. Hope they enjoyed their Sunday in jail.

  23. Author Image

    It’s a bit scary to have people hanging out on overpasses above Interstates. Some people a while back made that very clear when they were dropping cinder blocks and rocks on passing cars. Unfortunately, you can’t let the general public hang around on overpasses distracting and scaring the passing cars below. It is a safety hazard. There’s lots of good places to protest and try to gather the attention of our fellow Americans, and overpasses are not among them.

  24. Author Image

    Good point. I’m still nervous about driving under an overpass because a cinder-block could come hurling down from the opposite side where I would have no view of the person throwing it. And to tell the truth I don’t trust these tea-bagger nut jobs to be dealing with a full deck to begin with. Keeping everybody off the overpasses is a safety issue. They have no gripe, get a permit to protest like everybody else and protest at the state house.

  25. Author Image

    Progressive populist my ass. What is this, we only complain when our civil liberties are infringed on, but when the opposition gets it, we make fun of them and call them idiots? Also, these guys are probably using a different analysis than progressives (and probably wrong for many reasons), but I think it’s perfectly appropriate to demand Obama be impeached. In fact, I maintain that it’s unreasonable to claim he should not. See: http://danfromsquirrelhill.wordpress.com/2013/08/15/obama-252/

    Cops don’t like overpass protests, but if you no different from a road sign, they won’t have any grounds to say you’re a hazard to traffic. You’re no more a hazard than the road signs. Waving flags and stuff puts you at risk of this sort of incident. Occupy light brigade has figured that out, and have been able to protest on overpasses unmolested.

    • Author Image

      Apparently you weren’t listening, Michael, there had already been an accident. Bubba tried to say that it had nothing to do with them because someone had missed the exit and tried to back up to it. Of course it was a stupid move on the part of the driver, but what do you suppose made him miss his exit in the first place…oh, that’s right it was watching the idiots on the overpass!

    • Author Image

      Obama should be impeached? Um, for what? He’s committed no impeachable offenses. Duh.
      1. Exceeding the Powers of the Office in Derogation of those of Another Branch of Government
      2. Behaving in a Manner Grossly Incompatible with the Proper Function and Purpose of the Office
      3. Employing the Power of the Office for an Improper Purpose or Personal Gain
      Or, do you think he deserves to be impeached because he is black?

  26. Author Image

    Other than the safety of motorists, how did they not notice that their own safety was at risk? And who cares if an accident hasn’t happened yet? Obviously it could still happen. They have no common sense. Police are supposed to protect everyone from harm. Whether they typically do that or not is up for debate but those officers were trying to protect everyone.
    These Regressives need to go away for good.

  27. Author Image

    Yes I believe that protesting on an overpass is dangerous and that does give the officers a right to tell them to leave that location. At the same time, I believe these protestors have the right to stand on the side of the road with their signs – just like every single other protestor is allowed to do – as long as it doesn’t cause accidents. Heck at election time, every single street corner has people waving signs on it.

    But one more thing – if this town has an ordinance that says you must get a permit to do something like this then these protestors would have to abide by that ordinance.

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