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UPDATED: Blacks Asked To Leave South Carolina Restaurant Because White Customer Felt Threatened (Video)

UPDATED: Blacks Asked To Leave South Carolina Restaurant Because White Customer Felt Threatened (Video)

A group of 25 African Americans waited two hours to get in a Wild Wing Cafe restaurant in North Charleston, South Carolina, only to be asked to leave almost immediately after entering the restaurant because a white patron felt “threatened” by them. One member of the group took his complaint to Facebook when the corporate office of the restaurant did not call him back.

wild wing

Michael Brown was one of those 25 customers. They were there to send off Brown’s cousin, who was leaving the Charleston area. After finally being seated after the two hour wait, the shift manager came to the table and told the group that there was a “situation.”

According to Brown:

She (the shift manager) said there’s a situation where one of our customers feels threatened by your party, so she asked us not to seat you in our section, which totally alarmed all of us because we’re sitting there peaceably for two hours. Obviously, if we were causing any conflict, we would have been ejected out of the place hours before.

A member of Brown’s group then begin to videotape the situation. That’s when the shift manager asked them to leave and refused to seat them.

As Brown explained:

I asked her – I want to be clear with you. I said, so you’re telling me I have to leave. She said I have a right to deny you service. I said so you’re asking me to leave because you’re upset because he was recording you, after we’ve waited for two hours, and after you’ve already pretty much discriminated on us, and she answered yes.

Brown said that he called the Wild Wing Cafe corporate office several times, and did not get a response. That’s when he and others in his group decided to publicize the racial discrimination that his group received on Facebook.

On Mike London’s Facebook page, this was posted:

I will never go to Wild wings cafe in N. Chs again! We (Party of 25 family and friends) waited 2hrs, patiently and were refused service because another customer (White) felt threatened by us. This type of racial discrimination is un acceptable and we have to put a STOP TO IT. The manager looked me dead in the face and said she was refusing us service because she had a right to and simply she felt like it. DO NOT SUPPORT THIS ESTABLISHMENT… PLEASE SHARE THIS POST.. We need your help.

racial discrimination wild wings

Someone from Wild Wing Cafe finally responded when they were alerted on Facebook. “We got alerted through social media, so we always encourage our customers to respond to us or to comment on our social media pages,” says Debra Stokes, the chief marketing officer for Wild Wing Cafe.

On the Wild Wing Cafe North Charleston Facebook page, the following status was posted:

In light of recent discussions, we would like to make clear that Wild Wing Cafe welcomes and caters to customers of every background, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or age. We are proud to be a place where people from all walks of life can meet, relax and have a good time. Our corporate policy and ethics won’t stand for anything otherwise. We have been in contact with the person who has made us aware his experience was less than satisfactory, and are continuing to speak with him to reach a solution.

Nearly 300 comments had been made in response to the post as of press time.

Brown said that an apology was issued, as well as a free meal for the entire group, but he says he’s not satisfied.

We weren’t coming there for a free meal. When we came there that night, we were coming to patronize the business. This is not a situation where you can just give us a free meal and everything is ok because it’s deeper than that.

Indeed it is deeper than that. There was NO REASON for these people to be refused service and otherwise treated this way. Please share this, and feel free to respond on the Wild Wings Cafe North Charleston Facebook page linked above.

And you can contact the Wild Wings Corporate Office as well.

UPDATE: An employee of the restaurant who was working that evening provides her viewpoint on what happened. She preferred to remain anonymous.

Watch the local news story below from WNEM.


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  1. Author Image

    If the woman felt threatened by these people, why didn’t SHE leave? The manager could have suggested that solution to her. I’ll make it a point NEVER to patronize this establishment.

    • Author Image

      Because the woman felt that she had White Privilege and so did the shift mgr. Why else would you eject 25 African Americans’ patronage for 1 White women?

      • Author Image

        “White privilege”?? Is this a term that you’ve made up? I’m about as white as they come (thanks to my Swedish-German heritage) and I have never thought of myself as being deserving of privilege because of my pasty skin tone. We don’t know enough about why the woman felt threatened, but rather than it be her fault, or the fault of the group that was asked to leave, I would say that it was TOTALLY the fault of the ignorant restaurant employees who handled the situation all wrong. The woman should have been moved, if she chose to be, or told that she was free to dine elsewhere. Period.

        • Author Image

          Hi Sandra,

          Yes, there is such a thing as white “privilege.” I really am surprised that you have not heard of it somewhere. I was first exposed to the concept in my Junior year of college in one of my sociology courses. I learned so much that for one thing, most white people do not consider themselves privileged because they have never been confronted with the fact that they do, and do not know it or take privilege for granted so much it’s as though it is not (taken for granted). I understand that and have seen it most of my life. There are very good peer-review articles about the concept, which I’m glad I read and also I am glad I had to study it.

          • Author Image

            Nice. And extremely true.

          • Author Image

            Ask Delbert Belton about white privilege, Cynthia. One hick restaurant doesn’t equate to racial privilege.

          • Author Image

            You are a complete @sshole. White privilege? You should be ashamed of yourself for repeating such garbage. Your parents should be ashamed that they raised a lying sack of crap. White privilege is just whyte guilt from libtarded idiots.

          • Author Image

            I’ve heard about white privilege only from black people. Caucasian people don’t feel that they have any privilege over other races. As a matter of fact, many of us feel that there is black privileges and other racial privileges against “white” people. I resent being called white. My skin is not white. I might be from European descent and my skin lighter than African, etc. but it is not white. You all need to learn that white and black are not “colors”. I’m American, period. Stop looking at the color of the skin. I see lots of shows that are predominantly black with no “white” or maybe one “white” person on the show but if it was reverse, we wouldn’t hear the end of it. They have associations for “black only” but the ones we used to have for “white” had to be changed to include people of other colors. Now can’t you see some privileges there? I call that “racist privileges”.

          • Author Image

            mck you live a life of privilege because of the color of your skin period. there are tv shows and movies that have no blacks in it and if it a black person in it they are light bright and damned near white. blacks had to start black only organizations because they were excluded from the white only organizations. HBC’s are now forced to develop groups that would bring white students to their schools or lose federal funding.

          • Author Image

            This is just a reminder of the phsycology of racism in america and until people stop looking the otherwa, it will stay the same

          • Author Image

            its clear the person who works at the service is damn racist too; until they dont stop this racist foolish attitude in Amercia. i wonder if Obama was there with those 20 add ppl if they would hae thrown them out at her request;

          • Author Image

            Yes, Mary, and that is from what oppression arises and deepens across the board–including not only blacks and whites, but gays and straights, men and women, and a whole new and growing category called oppression at the top of the higher academic and professional education. Surprised? So we were, are and will continue to be until Human Rights takes privilege and wraps it up into a great big ball to throw into the great big bonfire of awakening more consciously and more conscientiously for the purpose of humane evolving. And if it takes revolution to begin anew from all the old wisdom in our human history, then the wind will remember the heroes of the past who cared so much for The People that they risked their lives, not as freakin’ martyrs, but as well-focused warriors of respect, dignity, integrity and Life. We began to rebel in the 1960s and 70s. Anyone who thinks we’re done would be well-advised to watch Medicare with deep honest loving care <3

          • Author Image

            So – is it Black privilege to receive a scholarship that is set aside for being black? My kids don’t qualify for a number of programs that are targeted for minorities. I in fact have been denied the opportunity to participate in programs in the military because I’m not a minority. Is that the privilege your talking about?

          • Author Image

            I’m white but I’m also disabled and gay. I know what discrimination is. If you’re not aware of white privilege… Then you’re probably either an idiot or a racist who benefits from white privilege and are protecting it.

          • Author Image

            Idiot OR racist, Lazerhaze? By definition a racist IS an idiot!

          • Author Image

            @Sandra Cardoza. No its not a “made up term”. It’s a well known term and just because YOU might not know it doesn’t mean OTHERS don’t. That’s like saying YOU are not racist so it doesn’t exist. It does…everywhere.

        • Author Image

          I completely agree. If SHE felt threatened, why not remind yourself from the situation? Is she really felt threatened, did she think having them kicked out would make her safer?

          • Author Image

            SC is a ‘stand your ground’ state, I mean technically she could have just pulled uzi’s and mowed them all down in the name of ‘not backing down because she felt threatened’, so not shocked they felt the right to not leave, but instead make them leave.

            I am very much a white guy, and white privilege is a very real thing. I know people like to keep there eyes closed on there own subtle social racism, and I feel for you, for you are the people that have not yet come to terms with the reality that White People act every day in ways to assert there control over minorities to keep control of there own place in society.

            The fact that someone is ignorant enough to claim a black scholarship as ‘black privilege’ shows they have no real grasp of the world around them. Glass ceilings, social oppression and active undermining of minorities social condition, and thus acts of White Privilege are why things like ‘black scholarships’ exist.

            When everyone comes to term with there own passive racism and moves beyond it, and stop blaming others for your own problems, will you see things like black scholarships and the like be lifted, but until equality exists, these things are needed to give minorities some ability to break the gravity well created by White Privilege.

            Also, white guilt is also a thing, but do not confuse the two. White Guilt is actions of people responding to things in the past, and if you feel liberals are the only one with hearts and souls to regret 100′s of years of slavery, than maybe you need to look in a mirror really hard. That being said, I do not conform to White Guilt, what is done is done, I believe in moving forward, not backward, and my stance of racism is based on what I see around me right now, not what occurred in the past.

            I mean you really don’t believe in White Privilege? I mean it IS the founding principle behind Voter ID laws after all.

        • Author Image

          Sandra all you need is a black friend, together they can point it out to you every time it happens. Trust me.

          • Author Image

            That’s right, get yourself a black friend – they’ll find racism EVERYWHERE. That’s what they do.

          • Author Image

            white need to understand they will never be victims of racism because they are the only ones who are afflicted with the disease called racist.

          • Author Image

            I agree with you on that cityrecdeb. I was adopted my mom and dad are black and every time I go somewhere with them I see the stares. It saddens me that racism will never go away:(

          • Author Image

            Cityrecdeb/Rastus – I scrolled down to see comments and yours had to have been the dumbest I’ve seen, but in truth there is an irony in that, you could also get a *ignorant* white friend (and yes there is a difference *one that when you try to educate them about race issues, and they when see actually the shit happen, pretty much downplay the situation, and act like it’s not a big deal when a person of color gets disrespected based on the color of their skin. Because hell it’s just life – I mean, what’s the big deal? I’m black and gay – I don’t actively look for people to talk shit about me, or look for people to bash me for either of those things…

        • Author Image

          “White privilege” is a concept first explored by Peggy McIntosh. She examined the sometimes unrecognized advantages that whites have in a society where white culture is considered the norm and everyone else is considered “other.” Many times, whites look at some of the difficult experiences they have in life and question their privilege without seeing that, despite these difficulties which may be the result of socio-economic differences, there are still advantages that they will have over a minority in the same circumstances. If you would like to know more, please visit http://www.amptoons.com/blog/files/mcintosh.html or google her article “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack”

        • Author Image

          Dumbass…privilege isn’t dependent on whether YOU, as an individual, see or acknowledge it. White privilege is conferred on a class of people who appear white. Way to not see past the end of your nose.
          Contrary to the impulse social media seems to be nurturing, everything isn’t all about the individual.

          • Author Image

            PMc C-
            You are disrespectful to Sandra. Does she deserve enlightenment, yes? But if you want to raise conscience of white people like here–about their privilege, (and we do have it!) you need to get them to listen. Calling them names does not advance this. If you want to just put them down, keep it up.

          • Author Image
            LC: response to treehugger

            @treeguy: tone argument. irrelevant. Anger is an appropriate response to wilful ignorance, and it’s not the job of everyone to be a “nuturing educator.”

            Thinking that it is? More evidence privilege. It’s caused by the internalization of the idea that, because white people can speak calmly about these issues (usually because they don’t affect them), everyone not only should do so too, but is mandated to.

            Even if you yourself are a POC, you’re not immune to displaying this internalized WP (how you’ve been told to respond to these issues by a racist society).

          • Author Image

            that just spoiled all of the positive comments. THANKS

        • Author Image

          The term “White privilege” does exists. Please look up Peggy McIntosh.

        • Author Image

          Your white privilege exists whether you acknowledge it or not. The fact that you can’t see the real issue at hand is inline with your privilege. If we could all be so lucky.

        • Author Image

          “white privilege” is not a new or made up term, its a term that has existed historically in the U.S. you can research it. Otherwise I agree with the rest of your post. You cant have people wait 2 hours then turn them away. I know when Im hungry I can act a fool! I wont support any place that doesn’t treat people with common courtesy and basic customer service!

        • Author Image

          White privilege is very real and a term that is in common use. It is so much a part of our society that those who benefit from it often don’t even know that it exists.

        • Author Image

          I agree with Ms. Cardoza. The complaining patron shou;ld have been encouraged to change her seat and escorted to the table. She could have been asked to leave the place after the manager explained the store policy of non-discrimination. I’ll be interested to learn all the facts of this shamful incidence.

          • Author Image

            I see. So you already know what happened and know it was “shameful” without having the FACTS. Typical knee-jerk reaction from a bedwetting lib.

        • Author Image

          I agree. I am African American and this issue should be the responsibility of the restaurant. Obviously, the white patron has the problem. You can not control how a person feels about another race, but in this case, the manager should have given the patron the option of moving elsewhere in the restaurant. You don’t make an entire group leave because of one person.

        • Author Image

          sandra Cardoza, This message is not meant for any disrespect. If you have not heard of white privilege, I suggest you get online or go to the library and catch up with history. You are either showing your age or lack of exposure to cultural events.

        • Author Image

          I totally agree with your comment on how we see a situation and handle it makes a world of difference.

        • Author Image

          Since many white folks will only acknowledge “truth” that comes from another white person, here are articles on white privilege by a white male antiracist essayist, Tim Wise. Sigh. http://www.timwise.org/tag/white-privilege/

          • Author Image

            “There ain’t no more a “White Privilege” than you have privilege in your own house. ”

            Wow, it only took one sentence to establish you as an ill-educated back-woods nimrod.

        • Author Image

          There ain’t no more a “White Privilege” than you have privilege in your own house. I’ll tell you were you can find some privilege: Zimbabwe. Black Privilege!!! This is the United States of America. A European country founded by European men based on European culture. The problem is blacks want to be different and not assimilate and then wonder why nobody likes them or wants to be around them. It is only human nature to want to be around like individuals and to not want to be around people who are vastly different. If they weren’t a pack of loud ghetto hooligans (and you know they were… look at em) there would have been no issue. And if some negro wants to say it’s their house too, riddle me this: How somebody else gonna have privilege in YOUR house? Why you always talking bout being a third class citizen in YOUR house? Why you always begging the white man for this and that in YOUR house. It’s YOUR house too, right? Why you gotta march and plead? Why did the white man have to GIVE you your rights? Either assimilate, go to Africa or deal with so-called discrimination. Because human nature is not going to change. The King is not going to step off his pedestal, lower himself and give you half to make you equal. No more than any rich black is going to share his money out equally among the poorer blacks.

          • Author Image

            Uncle Ruckus: It’s good to know that you read other web sites other than the Root. It gives others an opportunity to be exposed to your ugly vicious stupidity. I have to admit, however, that no matter how vile your posts, you are one consistent son of a gun. Remember, though, that ignorance can be cured with education, but there is no cure for stupidity, particularly, the low level type that you display. In effect, you have told everyone who is not of European descent to go back to their homeland wherever that might be. I would like to tell you to go back to where you come from, but, unfortunately, you come from here just like the rest of us, neighbor.

          • Author Image

            Amen. Well put. You can take one look at that pack of blacks and easily know that there would have been NO peace within that restaurant, had they been allowed to snakes their way in and have their way.
            This is why we have rules, and people in charge.

          • Author Image

            If you so strongly believe this racist garbage you are spewing, Uncle Ruckus, why don’t you share your true identity with us? It is always some cowardly tool hiding behind a false persona often with an icon or another’s photo who spits this kind of venom and misinformation. None of you has the true courage of your convictions you just want to sit behind a screen and take pot shots at others who are your superiors in every way. Why don’t you turn off Faux News, Glen (of the phony tears) Beck and complete lunatic Alex Jones and read something a little deeper than your Archie Comics? Contrary to what ignoramuses such as yourself believe education is not evil, it is a good thing, of course in the case of those who, like you are in possession of only one or two functional brain cells it is difficult to learn anything, in which case you should just shut the hell up and sit down.

          • Author Image

            It is truly sad to read this comment and to understand that you truly feel you have the right to tell people to ‘go back to Africa’. a) if someone’s great grandparents, grandparents and parents were born here; if they were born here, they are as much Americans as you are, b) unless you are 100% native american, YOUR ancestors came here to live as well (and probably were NOT dragged here to be someone else’s slave), c) we ARE living in America where everyone has equal rights isn’t that true? If YOU were told to leave a restaurant my guess is that you would probably complain bitterly. Interesting that you are telling people to go back to Africa when they weren’t born there. And just where are the Native Americans supposed to go if they don’t like our treatment of THEM? Please check some history books out of the library. If we don’t learn from history, we repeat it. Mankind has proven that over and over.

          • Author Image

            You dumb mother fucker the USA is not a European country! Go smoke some more meth with your kids you ignorant POS.

          • Author Image

            Uncle rukus or uncle dick what ever you want to be called or even worse no matter what way you want to see. But you are totally blinded to the fact there are just as many white people or Spanish besides black who go around begging or being loud so please before you responsed with such an uneducated and unresourced response, please go back to school. I am white European and I always hang with people of African decent whether it will be Jamaican Haitian and so fourth and they are no different whether there is 1st 2nd or third class group of people from white people. I speak from education and watching history programs that there is such thing as white privilege and still exists today because African americans and other minority groups are still fighting to be treated as equals no matter the poverty level. goes the same for the lgbt groups and womens rights.

        • Author Image

          Sandra, one would think that you might look up a term prior to questioning its legitimacy.

          As a college teacher of English, I tell my students that wikepedia is not a credible source; however, they can often find references there that would be considered credible sources. With that being said, here you go. Feel free to share this wealth of knowledge with others who might also be ignorant of it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_privilege

        • Author Image

          YOU don’t feel like you deserve such special priviledge, but if you had ASKED for it it would definitely have been offered to you. Just because you didn’t ask for it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

        • Author Image

          White Privilege is rampant in America and the world. Maybe you can look up the theory. We all know 25 White patrons would have never been asked to leave bc 1 patron felt threaten. It would NEVER happen NEVER. I will never eat at anything called Wings.

          • Author Image

            Not any white people I Know, and trust me, lm a lady with high morals and manners, but I think what you two above said is a total dodo, oh n forgot to mention, Am a white lady too.

        • Author Image

          I’m an African-American woman. I agree that the situation was handled wrong by the employee of the corporation and the woman who felt threatened should have been questioned further to specifically state what she was threatened by.

          • Author Image

            Great answer! So I’m assuming that when the majority of a state wants to keep the Confederat flag on their state flag, and only a few negroes oppose it, the flag should still have the Confederat Flag on it? No? why shouldn’t the majority rule and the negro be overruled.

        • Author Image

          we agree you aren’t “deserving of privilege,” that doesn’t mean its not extended to you. Why not read something on the subject before becoming outraged that someone would enter the subject of white privilege into the discussion. you might start with this…http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-500395_162-57346617/bank-of-america-settles-discrimination-suit-for-$335m/
          Minorities steered into higher risk more expensive mortgages, than whites with the same financial backgrounds. Let me get this straight: You haven’t heard of it (and you know everything) so it doesn’t exist?

        • Author Image

          Yes, you have white privilege, and the fact that you’ve never heard of it is part of the problem. You’ve got so many things you can turn a blind eye to and ignore — your life is easier as a result and that’s a privilege. And you’re white enough to be individualistic and think you won what you got through your own efforts. No, querida, walk in those other shoes a while, or try waiting for 2 hours for a seat and then get thrown out ‘cuz somebody “feels uncomfortable.” Wow!
          Welcome to the 21st Century where “You make me feel uncomfortable” (because you’re different from me) is enough reason to commit violence on somebody else. Grow up already!

        • Author Image

          There is a good reason you have only heard the term from non-whites, MCK. It is because you and the rest of the boys at the Klan Klubhouse call it “keeping the n****rs in their place.” Who reads these posts to you and types up your answers? You are surely way too ignorant to actually be able to read and write.

        • Author Image

          I love when white people are indignant because someone dares to suggest white privilege actually
          exists. It’s just so cute of them–like pre-teens who say, “But I’m not a brat!!!”

        • Author Image

          White privilege is real and it’s pervasive in this country – and the fact that some white people go ballistic or into deep denial at the very mention of it is just a measure of how entrenched white privilege really is in America. But just because some white people refuse to recognize it, doesn’t mean it isn’t real.

        • Author Image

          Wow, please take a basic class in sociology.

        • Author Image
          Christine Edwards—Farrow

          the woman should be offered a free meal instead

        • Author Image

          Very common term:

          “White privilege (or white skin privilege) refers to the set of societal privileges that white people are argued to benefit from beyond those commonly experienced by people of color in the same social, political, or economic spaces”

          And, no, no one thinks of themselves as privileged. Part of the problem is that it’s difficult to acknowledge from within.

        • Author Image

          I agree whole-heartedly with Ms. Sandra Cardoza, that the management should have simply just moved the offended party or have suggested to the offended party, that she/he move, and seated he patrons. This IS about business and a business descision and not race motivated.

          • Author Image

            Business decision? Are you high? What kind of “business decision” is it to ask 25 customers to leave in favor of 1? This was BLATANT racism and I refuse to use that title that you give yourself! If you are defending this racist rag then you are not entitled to use that title, there is nothing “Godly” about you sir!

        • Author Image

          The fact that you feel like there isn’t a “white privilege” is a good sign that you suffer from it. It is nearly impossible, when you are treated differently from other people, not to feel special (or not special, depending on how those people treat you.) As a white woman, I see myself being treated differently from my black peers, and it takes a certain amount of self-realization for someone to realize that you are treated differently based on race, not personality. Sadly, the opposite is often true for people that are not white. Treat someone like they are unworthy, stupid, or criminal puts that person at risk for internalizing those feelings, just as you have.

          Just remember, the first step is ALWAYS admitting that you have a problem. The next step is to try to address the problem rather then standing a soapbox screaming that there isn’t a problem to begin with (oh, and can someone call the cops in case those black people over there get uppity?)

          Good luck to you.

        • Author Image

          Being a white person I am embarrassed and sickened by your bigotry Sandra. Why do bigots like you think that your right to be a bigot should be tolerated?

        • Author Image

          Its not about you thinking you deserve more privileges. Its about the privileged this society regularly awards whites over other races. The fact that white people generally aren’t followed in stores, or the fact that whites who kill blacks face a way less chance of getting the death penalty as opposed blacks who kill whites, etc. There are so many advantages one receives simply by being white that you people have your own term. White Privilege!

        • Author Image

          LOL…LOLOL…i know this is REALLY a black person making a joke…this can’t really be an admittedly white person saying white privilege isn’t real b/c they’ve never heard the term…LOLOL…oh man…whew…that was one of the funnies things i’ve read in a WHILE!

        • Author Image

          I totally agree, its the employees fault, its a business 25 to 1 are you serious…

        • Author Image

          Yes, it does exist. I’m half-black, and grew up in parts of Canada where blacks are treated pretty much equal. For most of my life, I would have said that there’s essentially no racism in Canada.

          Then I started spending time around Natives…. and saw how they get treated. It’s a world of difference. Natives are Canada’s ‘Niggers’. The thing is, until you live in the space of the non-privileged crowd you won’t know what your privileges are — or even that there’s a difference. The privileged world is simply what you’re used to, and you presume that everybody gets treated the same as you.

          Not true.

        • Author Image

          I’m sorry that you live in a cave and have never heard of the term “White Privilege”, or maybe you are just joking. Yes it was really stupid of the Shift Manager to refuse service to 25 customers because of one! That’s what should have been on her mind but it wasn’t! She would rather satisfy the one white customer to exact out their “White Privilege”! These young people deserve the respect that each and every customer is given. This is out right racial discrimination. The owners of the company should have answered sooner than they did and let that shift manager go!

          • Author Image

            Growing up in the Northeast, I have never heard the term “white privilege.” I’ve seen discrimination practiced or exercised openly by people of all colors within the urban setting. Thanks for your blog. That manager should have been fired and the store chain should have paid for a whole party to do their thing right!

        • Author Image

          The “offended” patron should have been asked to leave. You need to understand that that “feeling threatened” comes from slave times–that traditional need of white society to break up any gathering of black people not specifically perceived as gathering for entertainment (“they might be planning something—a white person might get hurt…better do something soon…”). The question that needs to be asked is, “why is it a random white person’s business to care what black customers are doing if no negative social interaction between the individual and the group is occurring?” Answer: It’s none of the individual’s business. and not the individual’s business to play the “white privilege” card and claim personal (and falsely racial) threat when there clearly was none.

        • Author Image

          If you don’t understand white privilege, and I assume you have been cognizant and living in America for a considerable period of time, then you either aren’t paying attention or aren’t intelligent enough to grasp the concept of racial discrimination. Therefore, sit back, take the cotton out your ears, insert it into your mouth, shut up and listen.

        • Author Image

          Seriously, it was completely the fault of the manager. It was also not money smart either. They have the right I believe, but it was handled horribly. I believe they have the right to be racist, but I would not go there and neither would my friends, Racism is bad for any reason period. That includes affirmative action, because it is racially motivated and that is the issue

        • Author Image

          White privilege is not a made up term. Ever heard of Google?www.racismschool.tumblr.com/post/17004629556/white-privilege-now-what-other-such-fallacies

      • Author Image

        I do believe that you do not correctly understand the term “White Privilege”. It is not something invoke, or necessarily feel entitled to, it is something inherent in being the controlling race.

        “The term denotes both obvious and less obvious unspoken advantages that white individuals may not recognize they have, which distinguishes it from overt bias or prejudice.[1] These include cultural affirmations of one’s own worth; greater presumed social status; and freedom to move, buy, work, play, and speak freely.[2] The concept of white privilege also implies the right to assume the universality of one’s own experiences, marking others as different or exceptional while perceiving oneself as normal.”

        • Author Image

          I didn’t realize I as a white person had a special privilege to move anywhere, buy, work, play, and speak freely. I guess my black neighbors and black boss are somehow at a disadvantage to me. I thought the years of hard work is why I got to where I am and just assumed that years of hard work is why my black friends co-workers and boss got to where they are. I never knew that I was just given everything and that everyone else around me is is not white is working harder. Thanks for the update.

          • Author Image

            You and your friends probably did get where you are from hardwork, and no one should discount that… but that does not negate the fact that there are situations where you will have an advantage over a minority simply because of your skin color whether you choose to acknowledge it or not. You would understand if you ever applied for a job, had an outstanding phone interview and resume, and then walk in the door to see the shock that your skin is brown. Is that your fault no…but if we don’t address it and deal with it to change it then it becomes ALL of our faults

          • Author Image

            ask yourself this, honestly, if it had been one lone customer sitting when 25 people wearing all white, or confederate flags behaving peaceably, had come in, and they said they felt threatened, would they have asked the all white party to leave?

          • Author Image

            “friedly white person”, I do hope you really are friendly, because the simple fact is that yes, many of the non-white folks around you DID have to work harder to get as far as you did, at least if you came from most parts of the U.S.

            There’s a pretty good chance your resume was never dropped in the round file because your name sounded ethnic. Chances are you’ve never had someone follow you around a store watching to catch you shoplifting just because of the color of your skin.

            One time a friend and I visited Vicky’s near our college. I’d never been there before, and couldn’t afford their prices. Diane bought from the one near her home all the time and was there to buy some more. I was greeted with friendliness and treated with respect and courtesy. Diane, because her skin is olive, was ignored. When she asked the price of a bra/panty set, the answer was “oh, YOU couldn’t afford THAT”.

            Before that day, I’d never “seen” my privilege. Growing up poor, I’d have sworn I had none. Until I saw someone with money get treated like trash JUST because of the color of her skin.

          • Author Image

            Friendly White Person, hard work does matter. But it isn’t why your Black friends and co-workers get followed in stores by clerks who think they’ll shoplfit, or why Danny glover has been refused cab service in NY, or why the black woman I shared a room with in a hotel was aksed for her ID when she lost her room key, and I, a white person, was not asked for my ID when I, too, lsot my room key (by the same clerk). That’s all about white privilege. It;s hard to see unless you have a comparison of being with a Black person who is treated differently than you under similar circumstances.

          • Author Image

            Ask your black friends if they could ask a white person leave a store to make them comfortable.

          • Author Image

            Also, check out the study done in Chicago (you can google it) that proved that white people WITH prison records were offered jobs that black people WITHOUT prison records were denied.

          • Author Image

            Here’s an example. You got to where you are in life because of White Privilege. Your black boss, got to where he is because of racial quotas and affirmative action.

          • Author Image

            “friedly” white person:
            I am sure that you worked very hard to get where you are now. I am even more sure that the black person who shares your social and financial position worked three times as hard as you did to get there. Please realize that not everyone in the world has had your experience, just because you had an easy time at it doesn’t mean I did to. By the way, “friendly” has an ‘r’ (so does “racist”.)

          • Author Image

            “Nate Higgers”: racist comments like that are the reason that we need affirmative action in this country in the first place. Thanks for that, by the way.

          • Author Image

            Blacks working harder is the norm, and if they don’t to prove themselves they do not even get any consideration. My family migrated to Boston from Greenville to escape Jim Crow, and I see it hasn’t gotten much better in the 70 years since.

        • Author Image

          Honestly, how dose anyone know what is going through another person’s head when you or your friends are being ‘discriminated” against? Is it possible you are projecting?

          I do know what it is like to be followed around a store as a suspected shoplifter. Why? Well because I have been caught shoplifting – in fact it was a black lady who caught me and had me arrested. At no point did I think race had anything to do about it. I instead decided to act right, get college degree followed by a MBA and then do something with my life. I see many other people do that white/black/asian etc. I could claim racism by the simple fact that Asians make more money than whites do (this is a fact btw unlike the “facts” listed above. Please feel free to verify this with http://www.bls.gov) However Asians tend to also be more educated and hold higher degrees than whites. This has nothing to do with skin color and I know this. I don’t get worked up over it and instead decide to work harder rather than complain. What is complaining going to do anyway even if the it is true someone is racist? Just know that you are better than a racist and move on. DO you want to work for someone who discriminates based on skin color?

          It is highly offensive to say that a group of people are where they are in life because of their skin color. By doing so you have just grouped an entire group of people based on their skin color which is by definition racist. It is not our (people) job to right the wrongs in the world. If people want to be ignorant then let them be. Don’t combat ignorance with more ignorance. Please spend some time reading literature from the great MLK jr and see people as people and not as groups. Labeling people as white/black/african american does not create unity, but separation. Saying things like “white privilege” is another way of labeling. Why does white privilege not apply in the NBA? Just be better and more qualified and racism can’t touch you.

          Some people think that life happens to them while others think that they control their destiny. Ask yourself which type of person you are. One who controls their destiny or one who is simply as result of outside circumstances?

          • Author Image

            I can’t decide if friendlywhiteperson is ignorantwhiteperson or bigotedwhitetroll. There’s all sorts of studies showing disparate treatment of whites and blacks. You can Google for Ian Ayres on car prices, or the study on resumes with black-sounding names, or even the Wall Street Journal, which discovered when it transferred a black journalist that his old house got better offers when his family pictures were replaced by a white family’s.

            Now, you may think somehow these are all tales where a well-hidden work ethic is involved. But then, you may think there’s a Santa Claus.

            (Incidentally, I’m white.)

          • Author Image

            White privilege is not about getting where you are just because you are white. What it means is that it never hurt you that you are white. And the fact is that some non-white people have been, and continue to be, hurt and disadvantaged because of the color of their skin. Everything you have achieved is due to the hard work you put in, I’m not saying it is because of your skin color or anyone handing you anything, but the fact is that if your skin were black or brown you would have had to work even harder to achieve the same results. That is not just. And it is not acceptable. Yes, people can overcome disadvantage and ignorance with extraordinary effort, but when some people have to work harder than others to get to the same place, just because of their race, gender, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, or whatever it means that something is broken, and it must be fixed. Ignoring the problem does not fix the problem, and talking about it is part of the solution, not the cause.

          • Author Image

            I have a B.A. and a Masters Degree. I can say by definition you haven’t walked in our shoes. A proud African American. Take your blinders off there are many African Americans that have degrees. There’s always an excuse not to hire qualified African Americans. With all my “paper” I found that I was “over” qualified. There are companies, stores, and corporations that will not hire African Americans. Where have you been the last 100 years. I’m sure it was much easier for you to get in college and get funding to do so. If our ancestors hadn’t taken those beatings, lashings, and hangings we’d probably still wouldn’t have had some of the opportunities that we have now. Need I add most whites and some African Americans came to America for a better opportunity. The rest African Americans and whites came on slave ships against there will. How many African American, Hispanic, Asian, African friends do you have?

          • Author Image

            Andrew Lazarus, I never said the world was fair – in fact I pointed out how Asians make more than whites on average. “Asian Privilege” maybe?

            I have seen many of the studies you were talking about. Read freakanomics and you will see much of this. Like I said the world isn’t fair all the time. But grouping all white people together is ignorant and also not fair. Where is white privilege for all the white junkies at the methadone clinics? Where is white privilege when 2 homeless people are sitting on the curb together – 1 white and 1 black?

            Saying that I worked hard but deserve more is bs. Someone who has truly worked hard is proud of what they have and if they are not happy then they move on.

          • Author Image

            Friendly, you continue to miss the point, probably on purpose. There are (bad) things that happen in this country to non-white people that do not happen to white people. That’s just a fact, and you seem to have read enough to know that. This is true regardless of personal actions or merit. It is also true that YOU benefit by NOT getting stop-and-frisked in New York, or asked to leave a restaurant, or given marginal traffic tickets WHETHER OR NOT you are a racist and WHETHER OR NOT you even want this to happen. I suppose you could wear a sandwich-board saying “Treat me as if I were black”, but is that practical long-term?
            Now, it’s of course possible that the facts of this incident are being misreported, but it certainly has a ring of credibility. This wouldn’t be the first food chain with such a practice; Shoney’s got fined a boatload of money for race-based hiring.

          • Author Image

            There are some of you who are speaking on this issue based on the last few decades. There are some speaking on several decades. It is a proven fact that Blacks and other people of color are discriminated against and watched when in stores. Denied jobs because of the color of their skin. You could not claim racism because you were caught stealing. That is the difference in when racism is shown just because you entered the store verses getting catch with your hand in the cookie jar.
            There are some of you who thinks it is ok to say what you thought happened just because it was more than two people in this group. No one has said the obvious point. The restaurant worker obvious thought the same as the white guest.
            The other thing is there are some white people who feel privileged and have demonstrated it to many of us. Some of you question whether Blacks feel treated unfairly or think they are mistreated is again the point all the other people posting feels the way they do. People march for their civil rights just like some of you would rather march for the rights of animals before you march for another human being.
            Until some of you experience the same as minority people you will always have the opinion you have. Some of you are hostile with your response because you too have discriminated against blacks and others. If you are so tired of blacks complaining why are you posting, just ignore it and live your life since you don’t feel anything wrong happened.
            Who are you to tell someone else how or what they should feel. If the group felt mistreated or discriminated against it is their rights as American Citizens to feel that way. Which is no different than you saying they were doing something wrong.
            This message is answering this post and another post I read.
            For those of you who have been and will be discriminated against, hold your heads up, walk tall, pray that God bless your heart, and move on. There are some people out there who will never be what GOD wanted them to be and they will answer for it. This is from someone who lived in a city where black men were accused of something a white man did, thrown in jail, or hung. Where one of the most prejudice governors ever lived until he was shot. So there are some of us who can speak on racism because we have lived it. And when you see it still going on in some aspects of life, you show them they cannot hold you back.

          • Author Image

            Blacks can claim all they like that White people are where they are today through White Privilege instead of intelligence, hard work, and determination.
            But we reserve the right to point out the fact right back in their face that they are only where they are at because of racial quotas and affirmative action, put in place throughout America.

          • Author Image

            I’ll tell you morons why negroes are followed around stores, have trouble getting cabs, face greater scrutiny that whites do – because they are more likely to steal, assault, and deceive. It isn’t your skin color people, it’s your actions and your refusal to do anything to change your community. Even other negroes will tell you they’ll change sides of the street if they see a black thug wannabee coming down the street.

          • Author Image

            You can’t even spell friendly correctly, hard worker my ass. You’re just a typical lazy white privilege denying piece of shit. Paul mooney said it best, the only way to end racism is to kill all white people including the women and children. He said it as a joke but, that’s real talk.

          • Author Image

            Andrew Lazarus, you and everyone on here keep saying “it is a fact that …” but I haven’t seen you or anyone else back any of their claims up with any factual reference. If this was a college term paper you would fail for making unverifiable claims. It is so convenient to just blanket every bad thing that has ever happened to a group of people into a single cause or reason “being black”. How can a black person determine if something bad happened to them because it was just bad luck or because they are black? Don’t get me wrong, I know some things happen because of racism – I understand it, seriously I do. But it seems like every bad thing that happens to a black person is due to racism. Back to my question if you dare to try and string a cohesive sentence together to answer it – I dare you – how does a black person determine if something bad that happened to them (traffic ticket, being frisked, being stopped by the police, etc) is because of their skin color and not some other random circumstance? How do you know for sure that what just happened was because you are black or for some other cause? Is it just a gut feeling?

            Your ignorant statements blanket every white person into this category into a racist. Its a really clever why to indirectly call everyone racist without the balls to just come out and say it.

            This article is race baiting and her’s why. Title: “Blacks asked to leave because white customer asked them to”. Never once in the article did it ever say who the white person was. It just said the manager asked them to leave because a customer said they felt threatened. I am pretty sure the manager did not walk up and say “hey you need to leave because that white person over there asked us to make you leave”. The manager would have never thrown the other person under the bus especially if they felt “threatened”. So how does anyone really know the skin color of the person who made the complaint? Even if the person was white then how do we know the person made the complaint because they were a racist? I mean did the person say “make them leave – I am a racist and I feel uncomfortable”?

          • Author Image

            “So how does anyone really know the skin color of the person who made the complaint?” Do you have any idea how asinine that statement sounds, Friendly(?)? What so you think the odds are that another black saw this group about to be seated and called the manager over to complain about it? You have exponentially better odds of winning the lottery! If it wasn’t racially motivated why is it that the restaurant hasn’t once stated that? They have made excuses and half assed, back handed apologies, but not once that I have seen has anyone from the restaurant or corporate said that there was no racism involved. Do you know why that is? They have not tried to deny it because the whole world, well those of us who, unlike you, are not racists, would know that it was a lie and they already have their hands full with the damage control as it is.

          • Author Image

            A simple example: When Obama ran for President, the first time, there were innumerable articles questioning whether America was ready for a Black President. — during both the primaries and the election.

            Similarly, Hillary Clinton had to deal with questions about whether a Woman would be electable as president.

            Notice that there were no questions about race or sex for the other candidates. (Palin was in a field all her own — mostly it was questions about her intelligence and sanity).

          • Author Image

            Grouping people by the color is not racist, and if it is we as blacks did not develop that system. Your forebears invented it. Nor do we perpetuate it as the manager did. Racism by definition, and you should try an unabridged dictionary so abridged dictionary change to reflect what the status quo feels is politically correct at the moment. Nevertheless, racism has to do with the accumulation of wealth and resources for a specific group of people while excluding other groups of people. Last time I checked, blacks collectively have 1% of the wealth and resources, and therefore, are not in a position to be racist. Are you not projecting because the group being discussed is your group and you do not want to rationalize how disgusting that group behaves. I have yet to hear you assess the situation. Rather, you want to analyze peoples comments, That says a lot about you.

      • Author Image

        Whatever “white priviledge” anyone felt they had should have been corrected by the shift mgr. So-called “white priviledge” belongs back in the ugly pages of history books where it belongs. The shift mgr. created the white priviledge this paranoid delusional customer thought she had. I’m proud to say, something like this would not happen in NY. She’d have been fired & the ignorant customer would have been the one asked to leave. As I travel South on occasion, I will be sure never to eat at this pathetic restaurant, where it appears, this little idiot still works when she should be fired. Immediately. Shame on them. They’re an embarassment to white ppl who find this level of ignorance & hate, appalling, disgraceful and unacceptable. I have a dream … it is to be given the opportunity to bitch slap this little snit of a manager. Then give them both sensitivity training & send them on their miserable way.

        • Author Image

          White Privilege isn’t going anywhere. It is installed across the world, not just America. Embrace it, because it is here to stay, forever.

          • Author Image

            I wish more black people would do THIS SAME THING when white people show up in schools, usually with guns. Keep your violence TO YOURSELVES.

          • Author Image

            Your dreaming of course. Lucky they are not a national chain because they would be boycotted nationally. Last I checked, businesses want a piece of all markets and pander as such. When profits are threatened, businesses change. So keep dreaming if you like. By the way, I don’t hate white people or racist crackers, pink folk (your not white,but the color of a pig), etc. as some I know call your kind. I consider all people humans. It’s a shame that all humans do not act that way. By your name I can tell your one that fits the latter category. If you look up the definition of (H)igger you will know that means an ignorant person, and you would probably find your photo next to it.

      • Author Image

        I heard on FB from another customer there, that the group waited 2 hours because they insisted on sitting together and had to wait for the busy restaurant to be clearer. IN which time, they used a lot of joking language in their group- using the N word and obviously talking together, but this N word repeatedly used, offended people. I hate that word and I would have been offended to hear it. They also ( according to the customer’s review) laughed at a deaf girl in the cafe ( she didn’t hear them so they made a joke about it). Byt the time they got seated, there were issues of course. I think the two hours of waiting had ended up being the issue. They had to sit and be waiting, during this time got happy and boisterous enough to be using this language. That is the report I read on FB. I despise racists and I also dspise people who go to a restaurant to eat animal arms, it’s nothing more than slavery- using and abusing other living creatures as food, so I am not biased here on either side. I only read this article because I was outraged at the initial news of the group being asked to leave. Then I had to go to FB to discover more.

        • Author Image

          Did it ever occur to you, Rachel, that this person on FB who professes to have been “just another patron” who was present at the time of the incident just might have been the party who initiated the situation because he/she did not want to have “those” people seated nearby? You are so happy to accept this person’s word for what happened and dismiss the word of those who were discriminated against that I have to question whether or not you are just as racist as the complainant, you seem to be looking for a way to excuse the managers bad behavior.

          As for your sanctimony about eating meat, just shut up! If you want to destroy your health by not eating the foods that we have evolved to eat naturally (we do have the dentition of an OMNIVORE, NOT A HERBIVORE) by all means feel free to do so, but you have no right to denigrate all who do not choose to follow your self righteous path.

      • Author Image

        Yes. White Privilege. White people…start seeing it, it’s a path to forgiving yourself.

      • Author Image

        Why on Earth are so many people talking about “White Privilege”?!? OMG! Anyone who uses that term is EXTREMELY RACIST!!! If you use the Color or Ethnicity for anything except to identify someone in a crowd or to police, Than You Are RACIST!!! I Can’t Believe How Many Racist People there are on here talking about “White Privileges”. You Make Me SICK! and Obviously most of the People that Talk about it are Extremely Uneducated due to there lack of Grammar. Half of what you Ignorant People are Writing is Completely Misspelled or Horrible Worded!
        It’s a Very Simple Situation, 25 African Americans walked into a Busy Wild Wings, Obviously they didn’t have a RESERVATION, Or they would have been Seated Immediately!
        So Right of the Bat the Group of 25 are Already being Ignorant about Honestly Believing that they can Walk into a Popular Restaurant with No Reservation and a Party of 25 and just be Seated with out a Wait…
        (Personally I would have made a Reservation, but if I was so Ignorant not to, I would have gone to a Different Restaurant instead of Waiting Two Hours…SMH…)
        Now I don’t know about you, but There’s No Way I could sit Completely Peacefully and Calm for TWO WHOLE HOURS!
        Now 25 People Tend to get VERY, VERY LOUD just talking to Each other, Not to mention the Aggravation of waiting Hungry for TWO HOURS. Its Statistically a Guaranty that one or more of the 25 people made Extremely Rude, Threating, or even Racist Comments to Each Other about the Restaurant Staff.
        (Especially since iv Seen So Many Ignorant Comments about “White Privilege”)
        If Any Staff member Heard anything of the sort, that gives the Restaurant More than a Sufficient Reason to Absolutely Refuse Service to That Group.
        The Restaurant Reserves The Right to Refuse Service To ANYONE for No Reason What So Ever.
        But It’s Completely Outrageous and plain Ignorant to think that a Restaurant would Turn Away a 25 top because of an Unconfirmed complaint from a Concerned White Woman, or Because of Race, Especially When the Manager there is an African American himself.
        Now Lets Say that the White Woman did Complain about the Group of 25, She Probably Complained about there noise level or there Practically Guarantied Threating or Possibly Racist Remarks they were making While Waiting for Two Hours…
        I’m Sure the Restaurant was Already Considering to Refuse there Service, but a Complaint from a Customer just made it Necessary.
        (Not that any Restaurant Would turn down a 25 top because of 1 Customer’s Complaint…)
        Now If you Actually Read the Article, Not One Racist Word was Said to party of 25, they were asked to leave due to a situation, then they were offered a free meal for there entire party of 25 another day, That’s at least $250 worth of good Food!
        Now the Party of 25 Claims that they were kicked out due to the Color of there Skin… SMH… This is Completely Untrue, In-Fact by Falsely Accusing the Restaurant of being Racist, Makes The Accusers Racist Themselves!
        This is Just another Story of Ignorant Racist People who think just because someone has Different Color Skin Than Them, that They are Racist due to a Simple Disagreement…
        Now Just Statistically Speaking here, But Statistically More African American’s are Racist Towards White People than the Other way around…
        For Example, There is Biker Week, Who Welcomes All Bikers, but then African Americans Wanted there own “Black Biker Week” So Racist…
        Other example, that Are Not as Racist but still prove that African Americans want to be Treated and Seen Differently than other Races are websites like “Black People Meet.com”
        You don’t see White People Meet.com
        And Finally, This is not Racist but Why is there only a Black History Month, and no other Ethnic Groups Month? And why is It Black instead of African American?!?

        Just Keep in mind that even Thinking differently of people due to there Color or Ethnic Backgrounds is Racist.
        *end rant*

      • Author Image

        lol one white woman did all tht. Dam wonder wht black man beat thm thives up an dipped.. Thts how thy act whn thy get hit and dipped on…

    • Author Image

      The woman should have left if she felt threatened, not the group of people that had been waiting two hours.

      • Author Image

        It is acceptable to feel threatened and not want to be around blacks, 80% of them or more are documented violent criminals. That’s how they behave, so that’s how they shall be treated.

        • Author Image

          Are you using voice recognition software, Nate? I find it hard to believe that anyone as stupid as you even knows how to turn a computer on let alone read and write! Go to the cleaners, pick up your robes and hood and head out to the cross lighting ceremony, hopefully you and your buddies will be caught and arrested before you carry out the attendant lynching.

        • Author Image

          Good god you’re a racist fuck. Your mom and Uncle Dad did a terrible job of raising you.

    • Author Image

      Exactly! If I feel threatened, I exit the place where I feel threatened. I don’t ask others to leave. Who would do that?

      Obviously she didn’t feel THAT threatened, or she would have just left.

    • Author Image

      I concur with you and will not patronize Wild Wings either. This ‘white woman’ makes a bad name for all of us white people who would have congratulated Mr. Brown for the celebration. The manager should be fired. Wild Wings will never get my business. This is just wrong!!!!! I am sorry and saddened that this happened.

    • Author Image

      The apology was inadequate, it was not about having a customer experience. More insulting was to think that offering a free meal would resolve it. They ignored the formal complaint until it went public. This will be on the list of places not to go when I visit the USA next. You know, if they were regulars to that restaurant, I am sure the shift manager would have encountered them before. Her first response should have been to challenge the person who complained and confirm to them that there was no grounds that the restaurant to refuse service.

      • Author Image

        apology and 25 free meals was extremely generous…. now that all the true facts of this case have been brought to light. Cries of injustice need to be reserved for truly unjust cases so that you don’t devalue the need for honest defense when it is needed.

        • Author Image

          Keep spreading your lies gail, I am sure the other members of your KKK group will be so proud of you

        • Author Image

          No. It was a single free meal for each of the 25 people who were insulted and GREATLY inconvenienced.

          Consider: You arrive at a restaurant for a celebration at 6:30.. It’s 8:30 before you get seated, and then — before you have an opportunity to order your meal, you get asked to leave because somebody at another table didn’t like you.
          By the time you get organized to go to another restaurant, it’s now 9:00 and you now have to start the whole wait thing all over again — presuming that you’d even find a restaurant now able to feed you before midnight..

          Race aside — I’d be royally PISSED.

          You then call the restaurant head office multiple times about the insult. They don’t reply until your complaint becomes front page news .. more than a MONTH later, then all they offer you is bland platitudes and a single meal voucher.

          I wouldn’t dignify that ‘offering’ by showing up at the restaurant to pick it up.

          A free meal ticket is worth .. what .. $10-20 dollars? How does that compare to the 2 hours of my precious time WASTED, not to mention the numerous attempts at getting a private response from the restaurant, and the inability to celebrate with the cousin who has now left town.

          Given that the chain waited until this whole thing went viral before they deemed it worth responding to, they should have offered to fly the cousin back home, and made arrangements for them to get a free meal at the restaurant of THEIR CHOICE.

          The free meal would mean nothing to me. The mealy-mouthed apology of blank platitudes to get the press off of their backs wouldn’t mean anything either. I’d be looking for a sign that they care about the experience of a group of customers having been first insulted, and then ignored.

          I’m not holding my breath.

    • Author Image

      Exactly. I agree this would have been the proper solution.

      That said, it’s a shame anyone would “feel threatened” by people whose skin happens to be a different color.

      One day, one day….

    • Author Image

      Call Obama and Eric.

    • Author Image

      The one White person who felt threaten will leave a bigger tip than 25 negroes

      • Author Image

        “REALLY”! Are you kidding. You are just as ignorant as her. If she felt threatened then she should have moved to another area or OUT the DOOR. The manager was insensitive and I’m sure made the group wait 2 hrs. hoping they would leave. If the owner is willing to loose that much money, an the possibility of public boycotts of his restaurant possibly loosing thousands of dollars. Keeping it real there are other restaurants out there that intentionally discourage minorities and I don’t just mean African Americans. IJS you get what you! get.

      • Author Image

        And this is the truth, whether you like it or not.
        This is why blacks are not welcome in restaurants at all. The employees as well as the managers dread having to deal with feral negroes.

      • Author Image

        I hope you were being sarcastic when you made that remark, Tremley. If you were serious then you are one truly ignorant racist POS!
        Let me tell you a true story from my own experience. A group of us went out to breakfast one morning after third shift, there were six of us two of which were black. When we got ready to pay our checks and leave everyone laid money on the table for tips, three of us white guys left three dollars each (the average check for breakfast at this place was at that time about $7) which was high but we all had good paying jobs and always got great service when we ate there. The two black guys left $5 each. The fourth white guy had laid a quarter on the table and after he looked around at what the rest of us had left he picked it up and put it back in his pocket saying, “she’s already getting more than she should, her boss pays her anyway so why should we leave ANY tip. This is the reason no one really wanted to go to lunch or breakfast with George, he did this regularly just as our black friends regularly over tipped.
        To assume that a persons race determines their generosity or lack thereof is to prove oneself to be an ignorant racist POS.

    • Author Image

      I agree with u. She should have left if she felt like that.

    • Author Image

      The article states that “a white patron felt “threatened” The only place that the female pronoun is used is when they speak of the restaurant manager. Why then is everyone saying the threatened patron is female?

      Read further down in the article:

      “I said so you’re asking me to leave because you’re upset because he was recording you”

      HE was recording the manager. That’s right, folks. The “threatened” patron appears to have been a white male.

      • Author Image

        No, LEH, the “he” who was doing the recording was another man in the party that was being told to leave. He was gathering EVIDENCE of this blatantly racist act!

    • Author Image

      Thank God for Facebook and the company itself standing up for what is right. However, as Chick Fil A learned some months back, the few do not spend enough dollars in their restaurants to let the few make the many unfriend their business and go elsewhere.

    • Author Image

      We all know 25 black people can’t gather “peaceably”…..

      • Author Image

        If ignorance is bliss, Jenkum, you must be ecstatic! I have seen even larger groups of blacks gather peaceably many times, as a matter of fact 50 years ago today 250,000 of them did just that on the Mall in D.C. Why don’t you crawl back under your rock?

      • Author Image

        I have two major problems with this woman’s account, Knight. First of all I NEVER put a lot of faith in someone who will not stand up and openly say what they have to say. If you are being truthful you do not need the veil of anonymity, you have the FACTS on your side.

        Second, if what she alleges is true, then why did the management and corporate bring it up? Neither of them said a word about any of this and if it was true then they could have ended all of this almost immediately. The fact that corporate did not deny that racism was the reason is as good as an admission. No business is going to endure the negative publicity that they have if there is nothing there. If there was a defense they would have employed it by now.

    • Author Image

      Is the term “whitey” supposed to be anything but insulting and threatening? By your logic I should be able to go into any restaurant, insult and threaten another patron, then expect them to get kicked out if they don’t sit back and take it, so that I can have their table. I’m not quite sure I get the civility in that scenario you’re setting up.

    • Author Image

      If anyone thought they were allowed to start filming the management and other patrons then they have to get their priorities in order .. Freedom of speech is one thing, but freedom to film you to make you look bad is against the law and I’m glad they were ousted .. There are always two sides to every story, especially when blacks feel they are discriminated against.

  2. Author Image

    Would like to see a response, or list of other establishments that support this type of discrimination, and I’m sure there are several, so I could expand the number of places I choose, or choose not, to patronize. Glad there at least was an apology, but the large party was celebratory in nature and the reason for that celebration was spoiled. An apology doesn’t make up for that. There remains a toxic atmosphere of racism in this city, which needs to be addressed whenever it rears it’s ugly head. Not as overt as when I was growing up in the 50′s and 60′s here, but the fact that young people can still be denied an enjoyable evening and be singled out because of their race is inexcusable, in every instance.

    • Author Image

      this story was proven false. how many are humble enough to apologize to the restaurant for the injustice they’ve suffered?

      • Author Image

        Proven false? Wow, the only thing proven is that there are still many racist bigots out there

        • Author Image

          Shame on WNEM for posting this story without getting all the facts first. Race baiting is hurting the cause for people who truly do suffer injustice. Crying racism needs to be reserved for truly unjust circumstances so that we can jump in and help when someone is truly suffering.

          If this is a gospel group, they need to revisit the scriptures and tune into Jesus’ Words “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth (as well as the restaurant seating!)”. And Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the sons of God…. and Love is patient, love is kind… does not vaunt itself (or demand it’s rights). God’s favor is upon the those who walk in humility.

          • Author Image

            Keep speading your lies gail, your other KKK members will be so proud of you

          • Author Image

            Having read your post, you would be the last person I would want help from. Racism is like sexual harassment in that the perception of the victim is the key factor. Humility is what got us right here. Had we been a vicious warring people with our creative energies focused on the destruction of others we would not be in this position. That being said, favor doesn’t overcome adversity, conflict resolution skills are the appropriate recourse as those exercised to resolve the incident. As you say making peace, and the company would have none of it until they got called out in public. Peace is a process, and America has been denying that process for many years now. We have been waiting on God for far too long, and we don’t plan on continuing to be humble and mistreated.

      • Author Image

        Okay, we get it Gail, you don’t like black folks! How many times are you going to copy and paste the same comment to tell us how much you hate them?

  3. Author Image

    Feels threatened. “We reserve the right.” Assholes are on the move.

  4. Author Image

    Please SUE THEM! That’s the only way corporations respond positively. They need to have diversity training, as well, as morals and ethics to do the right thing. If they did the right thing, they would have more customers…Next time, bring 50 people!

  5. Author Image

    I`m white, but it still seems the simpler and best (financially) solution would have been to ask the lone white person (that felt threatened) to leave and come back another time. 25 customers lost is a big mistake.

    • Author Image

      That’s true, in fact I would terminate the manager because she is causing the company to lose money because of 1 customer. That’s not good management, that’s foolishness.

      • Author Image

        I agree, the manager should be fired. There was no reason for her to become belligerent and allow a group of 2 or 25 to walk out of a restaurant because another individual felt some kind of way. If patrons are allowed to wait for two hours only to be asked to leave, training is definitely required or the business will soon close. STOP THE RACISM NOW!!!!!!!!!

    • Author Image

      I’m going to have to agree with you on that one. My first thought did not go to Black vs. White. I immediately thought that they are losing 25 customers! I would have told that lady that if she was uncomfortable then I could move her to another part of the restaurant (probably easier than moving a party of 25). If that solution wasn’t satisfactory, then she could either a.) finish up her meal and leave or b.) take a carry out. Letting 25 customers leave (especially on bad terms) is bad for business!

    • Author Image

      They weren’t going to tip. They were going to run that server ragged for nothing, be loud, and disrupt the whole restauraunt. And put all the humans off their meals.

      • Author Image

        So, Jim, because they’re black they’re not human? Can you cite scientific evidence for this statement or are you simply pulling something out of the clueless air that surrounds you?

      • Author Image

        That is such an ignorant statement ! I am white and have served African-Americans for most of my business life and have only on one occasion had such an experience. You are a RACIST, PURE AND SIMPLE ! Those customer, Amerians, one and All, deserved Better treatment !!!!

      • Author Image

        Jim, you are one of those pathetic coward – plenty of you out there. Why not just come out and say you wish you had done and be done with it? You drag of a clear stereotype and use it as a prop for your lack of character. You threaten yourself and anyone in your environment.

      • Author Image

        You’re obviously ignorant to restaurant protocol, among other things. A minimum 15% gratuity is automatically added to a party if this size.

      • Author Image

        WHAT? are you being sarcastic? I hope so. How can you assume such behavior? This comment is a racist as the action that took place in the restaurant.

      • Author Image

        Jim. What you just did is called Pre-Judging someone and lends itself to the word prejudice, or the act of pre-judging. Youve already pre-judged these black folks. Had I been there, you have no idea about me except that I am Black. You dont know that I am in Grad School, hold two degrees and served 23 years in the Army with 6 combat tours and multiple awards. I tip generally in the 20-40% range because of Black folks having such a rep as bad tippers by folks like YOU. I do what I do, but my response is, dont get a job where you rely on tips only unless youre a student. Go get a career instead. The crappy thing about it is, all you see when you see me, is a Black male that you think isnt going to tip..

      • Author Image

        You, Sir, are an ignoramus…

      • Author Image

        Jim you are one of those people who make such crass, bigoted remarks to draw the attention to yourself. Now all the comments are about Jim’s remark instead of the subject that matters! As a behavior specialist I’m so sorry Jim that you are so needy and feel you need to control the conversation. Now can we get back to real purpose of this subject and leave you out of it for you don’t give a damn about it anyway. You got your 15 mins. of fame.

      • Author Image

        Just a tip: include a <sarcasm&/gt; tag.

    • Author Image

      Let’s see the party of one white customer buying one meal and a drink, feels threaten and ask to have a party of 25 not to be seated and gets their way.

      Now manager refuse service to a party of 25, who would buy appetizers, drinks, meal, desserts plus with a large party I’m sure they’ll at an 18% gratuity.

      The manager tossed out a group in favor of 1/25th of the profit to satisfy someone’s white privilege. Bad move on the manager and worse the bad PR the company is getting.

      Let’s see manager in unemployment with 25 other people waiting to submit her claim. Claim denied since she can be refused her claim for being fired.

    • Author Image

      Well, at least 26 if you count me.

  6. Author Image

    It is amazing how dismissive people can be about this sort of behavior. They casually tell a group of people “you can’t eat here with us white folks because we are your betters” and then have the nerve to be shocked that their racism is not well received. Hell, it is so much a part of their being that they don’t even see it as racism, to them it’s just the way it is, whites stay with their own and so should blacks.
    I have never been to a Wild Wings and I can assure you that with this disgusting incident having been brought to my attention I never will.

    • Author Image

      Great comment. Nuf said.

    • Author Image

      I agree 100%. Where do these people get off. We are all human beings, with different color skins, red, white, brown and yellow. Isn’t it funny how they just pick on one ethnic group. I am a white person and so fed up with these white folks that make the rest of us look bad. In my old age I am seeing all Conservatives only believing in one race, the white race. Do they not get it? The United States of America is the Melting pot of the world. People came from all over the earth and planted themselves here. This is not a white country or a Christian nation. We have freedom of religion and the freedom to eat and live where we want. I would be boycotting that restaurant. These White Conservatives talk about how they are good Christians? Love they neighbor, they abuse thy neighbors. Do onto other , They abuse onto others if they are a different color. I didn’t make color plural because they only discriminate against black persons. I know it would be hard for all of the rest of the people in the United States to boycott the southern states until they change their ways. The South has got to get over themselves and stop being predigest. We are all free in a free nations. We don’t have black eating places or white eating places. I am just fed up with all this BS. I wish I had a way to mend the divide. The biggest problem we have it Fox News channel and others like them. The only thing that comes out of these channels is hate and bigotry. As long as we have propaganda BS being spewed over our airways things are not going to change. We as a Free Nation have got to get the people out to vote in all up coming elections. We have got to get these Republican Nazi Tea Bagger Bigots out of office because if we don’t our country will be run by a bunch of dictators. Congress has done nothing for the American people since they took over Congress. 40 times they have voted to end Health Care Reform. Why are they not bring to the floor President Obama’s Jobs Act Bill they would put people back to work. Instead of them passing that bill, Nevada is going to add more taxes to gasoline to fix the roads and highways in this state. They also want to add more sales tax. Have we not been taxed a lot already while the rich people in this country are not paying their fair share. George W. gave them all tax cuts without the monies to pay for the tax cuts so that means the rest of us has to pay higher everything so the rich can keep their tax cuts? We The People have got to get out the vote and get these bigots out of office and make our Country well again.

      • Author Image

        JJ, this was about racism, pure and simple. I’m not sure what the atmosphere is where you are but in the Midwest we don’t feel this way. This had NOTHING to do with political or religious affiliation. I am white, Conservative, and a practicing Christian and some of my close friends happen to have skin a different color than mine. So what!!!! It would be a very boring world if we were all clones of each other. What is on the outside doesn’t matter, it’s what’s on the inside that makes us who we are. Please try not to fall into the same trap as the ‘frightened’ patron. By says Conservatives and Christians are playing into this despicable behavior, you are being just as much a racist as the patron. Racism isn’t just against ‘blacks’, it can be against any group that is different than those around you. Black, white, Conservative, Liberal, Christian, or non-Christian, we are ALL Americans and that should be what matters.

        • Author Image

          I don’t mean to be contrary, but you are in a little niche where you observe what you do. You are not all over America. Another thing, when we allow people to tell us that out points of view are just as … as the other one, that kind of puts one on the defensive because he or she knows it is not true. However, to speak up would be to feed the fire – so I will feed it with love. Sure, all one has to do is study what is going on in America, and if one comes away with anything but who the conduits of racism are is deceived or even trying to deceive, deluded or something not quite right. No one can deny where this venom is coming from, has been coming from for many, many years, and will continue to come from until its mouth is stuffed shut with anti-venom. One reason this country is so restless and paranoid about “The Others” is a need for peace because it has no peace (within).

        • Author Image

          There is a difference between being predisposed to think, feel and behave a certain way as compared to being racist. We all have certain biases, however, biases rarely manifest themselves as racism. It is true that bias can become institutionalized and socialized through experience. However, racism is a system by which, wealth and resources are collectively reserved for a particular group while other groups are denied the same access. In regards to the pursuit of life, liberty and freedom in America, the only group that is denied equal access are so-called blacks.

          So, I agree with your idea that something is wrong with someone who applies a broad bias, but if that person is responding to that system that denies them equal access, that is not racism or being racist, that is being predisposed to behave a certain way given the stimulus. The stimulus is racist or racism. If this is not so, then I could say one could be injured by another and the injured party who has been wronged is as culpable in their injury as the person who injured them.

    • Author Image

      So true. I agree with you Bob Cull.

    • Author Image

      BOB, You are so right with your comment. Even tho’ this is definitely Racial..The manager was thinking that this is the way of the South ! ( White is always right and no need to consider others ! )
      Normally, A good Management decision would be to never lose 25 paying customers ! I guess the only thing she noticed was, “THEY’RE AFRICA AMERICAN”.

      • Author Image

        Just as their blood is the same shade of red as ours, their money is exactly the same shade of green and the difference in those two bills (theirs and the bigot’s) was in the hundreds of dollars. Not a very good business decision, she should have told the guy who was “uncomfortable” that he could leave if he wished but she wasn’t going to turn away a party of twenty five, that’s what a good business person would have done, even one who is racist herself.

        • Author Image

          yes our POTUS,is continually disrespected,from name calling to being sent poison letters! this behavior shouldnt and cannot be ignored or hidden any longer! every one whom disrespects the POTUS and his family should be subject to punishment of some sort! @Bob Cull my sentiments exactly!

        • Author Image

          I totally agree Bob, an act of STUPIDITY!!!!!!

    • Author Image

      We will be in North Charleston next weekend for a wedding glad I saw this, we will not be visiting that plac, reminds me of the movie the butler.

      • Author Image

        Once went to Hilton Head for the USGA Amateur Golf Tournament and the group of blacks that I was with were treated so poorly we have never gone on another golf excursion to NC since. They group consisted of 63 golfers who all paid $225 green fees to play 18 holes. The on course marshall followed our group the entire round. 13 of us played the course under par. All the marshall could say when we finished the 18th green was he did not think we would play as well as we did, and followed us because he was witnessing remarkable ball striking from a group of amateurs.
        We thought he was following us because we were black and was following orders, but that wasn’t the case. We all apologized to the guy and checked ourselves because we allowed the way we were treated at check in to color our opinion toward the marshall.
        Instead of tipping the biased individuals that checked us in, we tipped the marshall every dime we would have tipped the check-in people. Happy guy I tell you. We still go to Myrtle Beach, Robert Trent Jones Trail in Alabama, and many other place, but never NC again. Now that’s $14,175 that Hilton Head doesn’t see anymore, and it would be more than that because the group has become much larger. Add food and lodging to that, and that becomes a tremendous loss of tourist revenue. Now I know some racist is glad that we don’t frequent NC, and that’s okay. But, they probably don’t not work in the tourism industry and loss of revenue doesn’t affect them one way or the other. Interesting how the ignorance of others can effect the very livelihood of those they think they are protecting. Now that’s karma for you!

    • Author Image

      I totally agree! An apology is not enough. This should have never, ever happened and is a disgrace. This restaurant should be boycotted and the whole pack run out of town.

    • Author Image

      May the white patron had a baby in a stroller and was fearful that her child was going to get murdered in cold blood.

      Maybe the white patron was an 88 year old WWII survivor and was afraid that he was going to get beaten to death with Maglite’s.

      Maybe the white patron was here from Australia, and was scared that some gang initiates where going to gun him down.

      Who knows why a solitary white individual would fear a group of blacks?

      • Author Image

        Your race baiting is the reason people are afraid. Should I fear my children are unsafe in school because a white male may come in and spray paint the walls with their blood? Or should I fear for my husband walking in Texas because a group of white males will beat him and drag him behind their car..Do you see my point? There are bad people everywhere. Also the young Aussie was killed by 2 blacks AND a White boy! I know, you don’t want to hear that because all you see is evil and hate when you see a black person. This is blatantly wrong and the white lady had no right to feel threatened unless someone said something to her directly at which time she should’ve contacted the authorities and it would’ve been understandable. Otherwise, this is a FREE country and people of all colors, creeds, and ethnicities have the privilege and right to go and eat wherever they choose. God Bless you my friend…

      • Author Image

        What idiocy. God laughs at fools the Bible says.

      • Author Image

        If I saw a group of folks going into a Buffalo Wild Wings..Im going to assume that they are hungry and probably celebrating a graduation about this time of the year. All that other crap youre talking about didnt even make my radar. Btw, Im a 46 y/o Black male. Im very professional and highly educated. You appear to be a bit jaded for some reason. Maybe you should move, if you can afford to. Your outlook is very encapsulated. If thats what came to mind, you do live in a bubble.

  7. Author Image

    It would be nice that they terminate the services of the manager.

    • Author Image

      My sentiments exactly. I’ve never heard of this particular establishment, but you can believe that I’ll never patronize it if I ever come across one. I’ve heard about a lot of racism in Charleston and in S.C. in recent years, but this takes the cake. I will also be on the lookout for any other establishment affiliated with this company.

  8. Author Image

    Just unnecessary. Maybe the one wasn’t worth loosing 25. I’m thinking. STUPID PEOPLE!!!! REALLY THOUGH. U LET 1, 1,MAKE U LOOSE THE WORTH OF 25. LIKE I SAID, STUPID!!! Ignorance is taught not birthed I was coming to SC in a week. Glad I found out about this one before I came. Y’ALL JUST LOST A KOT OF MONEY!!!!

  9. Author Image

    America is not a post racial society. This place is totally depraved.

  10. Author Image

    Call Al Sharpton…calll the NAACP! a simple facebook post is bullcrap thats not an apology thats a COVER UP! bull crap! this so called estsblishment should be fined and taken to court!! Please someone reach Al Sharpton!

    • Author Image

      please don’t call Al Sharpton…..ever…..for anything.

      • Author Image

        Why not you ready to step up. Rev Sharpton and the others are old, so why don’t you step up and take their place. I hear this negative stuff about Rev Al and Jessie, but i never see the ones displeased with them do anything. They have put their lives on the line for decades, So until you take their place, you don’t have much worth listening to.

      • Author Image

        I heard the weak apology, but i heard nothing concerning what will happen to this particular manager and cafe. If the corporate office does nothing other than offer them free meals, they are as bad and complicit as the manager who told them to leave, because they would be putting the feelings of bigots over the rights of these 25 too.

        • Author Image

          I don’t have a problem with Sharpton or Jackson. Whenever I hear them speak, I tend to agree, they make sense. They get bad press for the same reason this party of 25 was asked to leave the restaurant. Racism. (I’m Armenian American, which is basically white, but if you knew the history of Armenia you’d know that I’m not that white. Not that it matters at all, but a lot of people seem to think it does). Peace to all Humans!!!

          • Author Image

            Damian, what most people in this country don’t understand is that who is considered “white” has been a constantly changing thing throughout history…

      • Author Image

        I agree! Al Sharpton isn’t the voice of the black community! He isn’t a bad guy, but I am able and willing to handle my own problems. I am intelligent and an advocate for myself as well as anyone regardless of race who has been discriminated against or treated poorly.. I don’t need Al Sharpton…Thank you..

  11. Author Image

    I agree with Bob, this is awful that customer that felt uncomfortable should have left. This behavior had to stop and stop again. No mans money is better than the next. That manager should have that put on her record and the business should be put shut down as a hate establishment

  12. Author Image

    We as a nation have come so far,yet not far enough. As a black woman, it saddens me to read such an event took place and that it was not immediately addressed by the Wild Wings corporation.
    Mr. Cull if more people thought like you and had your mind set, the world would be a much better place. Thank you for sincerely warming my heart this morning . Be Blessed

    • Author Image

      If I had been there, I would have made quite the production of deciding that *this* restaurant did not meet my high standards of clientele… and marched out with the rejected party. I will not tolerate bigotry toward anyone in my presence.

    • Author Image

      As a black man, I get so tired of these comment “We as a nation have come too far [add whatever you like here]“. Apparently, we have not come very far. The same “No service for blacks” policies of the 60s is happening, today. The same lynching policies of the 1860s is happening, today. The same political rhetoric of the Civil Rights era is still happening, today. Nothing has changed.

      • Author Image

        I think it’s fear. This myth of “inhuman” and “uncivilized” has been plaguing society for hundreds of years to a point where society doesn’t seem to be aware of it. How often do you hear people of one color described as “resourceful” and the other as “thieving.” The vocabulary is made to make people fearful.

        I was looking into that rodeo clown with the Obama mask… his actions were “monkey-ish.” And there’s a history there that dates back to slavery that gives the impression of “uncivilized and not human” like monkeys… which I suppose makes it easier to own a person. And that stereotype is so old that most have forgotten why it’s even a stereotype to begin with or that it even exists. But it builds this “wild man” fear into society that is reinforced with all these stories of violence. So when a kid walks down a street he must be “up to no good.” Which is complete BS!

        It’s embarrassing.

        Education may be key. I’m female, European descent… I took A LOT of minority studies in school. It also helps when parents don’t teach fear to their kids.

  13. Author Image

    I don’t believe this is a national chain (there are lots of restaurants with “Wild Wings” incorporated into their names (for instance in Indiana, and other places there are “Buffalo Wild Wings” restaurants. More to the point, this situation is just another case of Southern Hospitality at it worst. If a customer felt threatened by a group of people just because of their race, that customer should have been allowed to leave and seek a restaurant more attuned to his particular brand of racism! As for the restaurant management, they should be ashamed to allow one customer to cause them to be players in this unnecessary drama!

  14. Author Image

    I’m sharing this account. Racism needs to be exposed whenever and wherever it occurs. Looking at the photo of those 25 people, I see 25 people. What a shame so many people are so blinded by their racism, that they -evidently- see something very different from reality. I hope the restaurant employee’s employment is terminated. Too bad the (white) customer gets off scot-free.

  15. Author Image

    Tell those m.f. Nazi Radicals Assholes whit trash shot a fuck off we all coming for u! We love our African american who came right away made those whit trash minority than opened those m.f. barbarians hands and for fact they r following Muslim brotherhood law which low IQs GOP and KKK tea boogers created! Go Obama !

    • Author Image

      Im Black and I have no damned idea what the fuck you just said! Then you followed it up with “Go Obama?” What the hell???? Please….Go back to school. Do that for yourself, if for noone else.

  16. Author Image

    The bigotry in the south absolutely disgusts me. Only in the Bible belt do find this behavior to be the norm. Sickening.

  17. Author Image

    It is my wish that this type of thing soul stop. Lawsuit hits them in the pockets and therefore will make them more repentant..

  18. Author Image

    If I was there, I’d have pointed to the camera, and said to the Shift Manager, “you DO realize you just lost your job, right? You’ll be getting the call from Corporate by Noon tomorrow, and the Boycott will be in full swing by then.”.

  19. Author Image

    Oh, wow, is it 1959 already? The manager should be fired.

  20. Author Image

    Its sad that we are still allowing a small few to determine the outcome for the mass majority. One person felt threaten, why? How could one person determine the amount of business lost as a result of this incident. One person. Why didn’t management inform the one person who felt threaten? Why didn’t the group take a picture of this one person who works with African Americans, possibility lives in a neighborhood with African Americans and or their children/ grand Children attend school, sporting events and other activities with African Americans. So sad for a beautiful City with such rich history. Now the manager will be unemployed , cooperate sued and the “I’m so afraid person leaves untouched” Sad day in the Beautiful City of Charleston, South Carolina.

  21. Author Image

    I am from Columbia, SC, now living in NC. I have relatives in Charleston, SC. I would NEVER set foot in a Wild Wings Restaurant even if I were starving and they were the only alternative!!! This is completely unconscionable!! If the corporate office truly is apologetic, they will fire that employee/manager immediately without severance of any kind and print a public apology in the newspapers of the area. An apology to the group as well as to all of their race!! That is the very LEAST they can do for these people. I can’t even IMAGINE how this kind of treatment made them feel. It just is NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!

  22. Author Image

    How can something like this happen in this day n age. Terrible I would never set foot in a Wild Wings, disgusting. That manager should be fired. I am going to share this all over the country. You should be closed down.

  23. Author Image

    This is the very type of behavior they expect today which shows there thoughts of us today I say shut the establishment down and show the company that our money is green just lke everyone else so no free meal no apology just take there business down.

  24. Author Image

    Outrageous! I have, from time to time, been offended by others around me in a public place. I leave. This is such blatant racism and discrimination I can hardly believe, not that an ignorant customer might complain, but that a restaurant manager would refuse service!

  25. Author Image

    I am utterly disgusted. There is nothing whatsoever intimidating about this family group. If one person felt uncomfortable, he/she needed to hike their posterior out the door. Were I the manager, that is precisely the suggestion I would have made. I might even have offered the slimy bigot a discount to get it out of my business quietly.

  26. Author Image

    I have never been to wild wings and I will never ever patronize that place if I am ever in the area. This is 2013 and racism still exists. I dis not capitalize the place for a reason they are low life’s and low life’s deserve nothing. I will post this disgusting crap on my Facebook page!

  27. Author Image

    Where was it mentioned that a WHITE CUSTOMER was complaining?? The manager did not get upset until they started to record. She has the right to decline being recorded, and if they were still recording I could understand. I am just trying to know the FACTS not the FEELINGS.

    • Author Image

      d—read the article. the white woman asked for them not to be seated in her section because they made her feel threatened. Now do you understand????

    • Author Image

      It was a white customer. I live down here and it was all over our local news.

    • Author Image

      If you are trying to get the facts straight, she had already asked them to leave. Someone then decided to record the incident as proof that the manager was “REALLY” asking them to leave the restaurant because another patron was afraid of the group. Got it now! No, the manager did not tell them the color of the patron. I’m sure she wasn’t African American.

  28. Author Image

    This makes me incredibly sad. I certainly hope the manager is taken to task on her behavior.

  29. Author Image

    And some say bigotry, prejudice and discrimination is over? It is alive and well in huge segments of America today! Shades of counter sit-ins of the 1960′s and the whites only water fountains! And Paula Deen stands in front of the Confederate flag as she is exonerated from charges? This same Confederate flag that goes flying when bigots waving the Confederate flag and singing the Ballad of Curtis Lowe while listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd or Ted Nugent. Stand your ground when voting. DO NOT ALLOW OTHERS TO KEEP YOU FROM VOTING. REGISTER OTHERS TO VOTE! GET OUT THE VOTE! DO NOT ALLOW OTHERS TO KEEP YOU FROM VOTING. V.O.T.E.(Vote Out The Encumberance)

  30. Author Image

    Corp America does not call back because they are not TRAINED to respond to these kinds of situations. Shame on you Corp America.

  31. Author Image

    Will never eat at wild wings that’s for sure.

  32. Author Image

    is this 2013 or 1963?
    seems there are still some back ward people living in SC
    and this is the most uneducated group of country people I know.
    Reach out and show some kindness.

  33. Author Image

    @bobcull I go where I want. GROWUP, wings reeeeaaalllyy!!!!!

  34. Author Image

    Doesn’t look like Bobs ever seen the inside of a barbershop either.

    • Author Image

      How I choose to wear my hair or whether I choose to wear facial hair is relevant How, Mike? Better yet it is of concern to you why? Just because you are an ignorant redneck jerk who feels entitled to tell others how to live their life. As a point of fact long hair and beards have been considered to be masculine throughout history, it is a very recent development to erroneously equate long hair with femininity or facial hair with undesirable character.

  35. Author Image

    Now that’s a lawsuit in the making…

  36. Author Image

    i can’t believe i am reading this. this is 2013 haven’t white peoplethere grew up or faced reality. i am white and i live in ont. canada and have 5 neices that are black and i love them. why are so people afraid of color. god bless the family that were removed.

  37. Author Image

    What video? All I see is a photo.

  38. Author Image

    I am not surprised that the potential african american patrons were asked to leave. It seems that this country is digressing instead of achieving progress. Our President, Barack Obama has been disrespected to the utmost. The abberation is that this lack of respect is fueled by racism. As an African Amrican male, I am saddened, angry and intolerant to this ignorance. After all, If the President of this country is continually subjegated, then how am I viewed? Futhermore, I pray for my son. I pray for the next gneration. I pray that this nation is healed and that God forgives her for her sins.

  39. Author Image

    I cant beleive they were actually kicked out. So they just gathered up all of the people in the restaurant that had a darker complexion and gave them the boot for what again? I always thought the person that felt uncomfortable was the one to leave…….

    • Author Image

      Joe I so agree with you. There was a lost teachable moment on the part of the manager. The manager could have nicely and politely told the uncomfortable patron that the restaurant and company does not discriminate against any customer that enters their business. However, if you feel so uncomfortable and feel you can’t enjoy your dinner here at Wild Wings, I will be happy to wrap your food and bring your check.

      If the party had learned about the customer, the manager could have apologize to the party, offer them either free appetizers or dessert after their meal and hope that they enjoyed their time with them.

      This would have been a lesson to those sitting around the uncomfortable patron and to the party and may have lost one patron who might never return back but gain many loyal patrons in return.

  40. Author Image

    Are they offended when we teach their children?

  41. Author Image

    Ummm well no video and no text…. what’s up? Or is this a bunch of BS

  42. Author Image

    Oh I believe that Racism is alive and well in the Democratic Party. That’s the reason that you all want to feed, cloth, house, protect, educate, health insurance, and welfare. Because democrats believe that minorities need to be kept they cannot take care of themselves. They must be fed because they aren’t capable of feeding themselves. They must be given a home or they would live on the streets. They must be educated because they cannot go out into the real world and get an education. They must be given welfare because they cannot hold down a job. The Democratic party is the party of racism. The GOP believes that everyone no matter the color or their skin has a GOD given talent and left alone they world find, nurture, and grow that talent into anything that they want. The GOP believes that anyone can do anything they they want in life even become President no matter what circumstances they are born into. Not like the Democrats that tell minorities it’s not your fault it’s the our country that holds you down, so yes there is racism in our country and it belongs to your party the one that wants and needs a permanent under class THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY!

    • Author Image

      First of all, whatever education you stopped at, you need to go back and pursue further because that whole rant was so grammatically awful I’m embarrassed for you. This situation has nothing to do with any political party. This has to do with right and wrong. Imagine if you went to a foreign country and they were uncomfortable with an american(assuming you were born here, which I doubt looking at your last name) eating at their restaurant. You would be totally offended. I’m sick of hearing about black people pulling the race card. Other people are throwing it in our faces.

      • Author Image

        April Y. Brown, shame on you. First of all, you are criticizing a man because his grammar is “grammatically” awful. Okay, you already suspected he is NOT from this country, why would you expect him to have perfect grammar.
        And why would you post something like this on this site: I’m sick of hearing about black people pulling the race card. Other people are throwing it in our faces. Uh, did you NOT read the freakin story? The people were thrown out of a place BECAUSE THEY ARE BLACK! Why else would black people say I didn’t get the job because I am black. IT MAY BE BECAUSE IT’S TRUE! Every single race on the planet including black people are prejudice against black people. So why would it be crazy for him to say that THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY is racist, sweetheart? Do yourself a favor and look up the wiki for Willie Lynch, that’s what kind of thinking EVERYBODY has. It was prgrammed in EVERYBODY over 300 years ago. Time to stop the stupidity!

      • Author Image

        They might as well have been slapped in the face. The blame game is on. Tell me you would have not been offended if a customer didn’t want you sitting near them because you “looked” gay or you had “tats” all over or because your hair was red or purple. Be for real. Bigots should not be allowed to rule over innocent people.

    • Author Image

      You’re an ignorant idiot if that’s what you believe

    • Author Image

      Eddie Montero, you’re right that there’s racism among democrats as well as republicans; it’s found in the north and the south and in cities, suburbs, towns, and rural areas. Once upon a time everyone believed in a social safety net but it’s become increasingly unpopular among conservatives. Social Security and Medicare are socialist welfare programs by republican standards even though they’re wildly popular even among their constituents. In bygone eras, progressivism was a philosophy that crossed party lines. The racist conservative Woodrow Wilson held to that philosophy as did republicans and democrats, liberals and conservatives of the era. They all knew that government spending could transform lives. Now there’s been a divergence based upon party affiliation. Democrats still believe that individual lives here in the USA can and should be improved with government aid while republicans believe that government aid should instead be used to transform the governments that we disagree with and also be used to create environments where corporations can thrive and transfer the wealth of nations (including ours) to whatever outposts they desire to. I agree with you that Americans have an unhealthy dependency complex. It’s not limited to democrats, but it is brazenly apparent among conservative republicans as well. For years now republican airheads have worshiped and extolled the virtues of “the job creators,” the barons of Wall Street. Unfortunately, these corporate titans don’t exist to put Americans or anyone else to work. Contrary to the views of the tea party republicans, corporations aren’t people and they have no moral codes. They exist simply to enlarge themselves and to accumulate more capital. A corporation is more content to have five employees than it is to have five million if the five are able to get the same or similar results. Robotics, computers, and free trade are all good things in and of themselves. However, they’re weapons that are used against us by the “job creators” to decrease employment where environmental protection is a consideration, where worker safety might be an issue, or where workers dare to expect a livable wage. Industrialization was an evolutionary change for societies that shifted population centers from rural areas where people could conceivably feed themselves to urban and suburban areas where they became dependent upon the labors of a shrinking base of farmers. We became mere cogs in the wheels of society, no longer living holistically, but responsible for a minor operation within a complex structure. Our labor no longer had meaning in and of itself, but only made sense within the context of the consideration of completed products whose components might be constructed in many far-flung parts of the country or the world. Now very few Americans could ever be self-sustaining or even create his own means of support. Instead, we’re dependent on “job creators” and the rapidly disappearing social safety net. Your rant has nothing to do with the situation faced by the black people who this article speaks of. You felt the need to spout off some of the unenlightened “talking points” that Fox and Friends, Glen Beck, Rush Linbaugh, Sarah (no nothing) Palin, and others would be proud of. Take a bow.

    • Author Image

      Speaking of lack of education, here are some facts for you to ponder:
      White People Make Up 42% of the Poor, But Take in Whopping 69% of Government Benefits.

      To be more specific: Another finding of the study is that the distribution of benefits no longer aligns with the demography of poverty. African-Americans, who make up 22 percent of the poor, receive 14 percent of government benefits, close to their 12 percent population share.

      White non-Hispanics, who make up 42 percent of the poor, receive 69 percent of government benefits – again, much closer to their 64 percent population share.

      It’s called “researching” facts as supportive evidence before making blatant and ignorant comments. I learned that in college. I’m also African American and have my own business. Where did you get your information. I’d really like to know. Oh, maybe it’s Fox News! Such ignorance — geez!

    • Author Image

      You’re absolutely right, Eddie. If these crybabies would READ the story, the person complained of being uncomfortable with them being seated in the same section. They SAY they were sitting quietly waiting, but that would be contrary to what I usually see. According to the story, it was only after they started videotaping that the manager gave them the boot. Now, of course, the call goes out for the race pimps Jesse “Babydaddy” Jackson and that joke Sharpton. This is what the decades of creating an entitlement mentality has done to a group of people.

    • Author Image

      I am reading between the lines. Basically you are saying that Black people wants a hand out and not work for what they get. The US population is 63% white and 13.1% Black. So no way is the majority of the welfare recipients are Black. Blacks are always the last one hired and the first one fired. I have 4 years of college but didn’t get a degree. I was on the President’s List and the Dean’s List but I couldn’t past one teacher’s class. When comparing my paper to a white girl’s, we had the same answer but hers was right and mine was wrong. I had been a supv. for 5 yrs. on a job and asked to be cross trained for another position several times. They brought in a white girl that knew nothing about the business and after one month gave her the job that I had asked for. A Black female was the trainer for this company. She trained the white males how to be managers but when she asked to be a manager she was given the run-a-round. I invented a product and a white male, after signing a disclosure, stole my invention and made millions from it. White people get a lot of credit for the work and inventions of Black people. We have to be twice as good to be equal. How can Black people get ahead and do well when the whites, who has the power, are always pushing them down? All we ask for is to be treated fair and equally. We don’t get paid equally for the same work and we are over charged for services that we need. Yes, some need assistance because you keep taking everything that they work for. Black people built this country, whites only supervised. That tells me that they have a brain and are well capable of holding their own. So, tell me, why is it that when President Obama was elected a lot of the white people went out and bought guns? What were they afraid of?

    • Author Image

      Get it straight there are more whites on welfare than African Americans! I guess you and I both don’t mind cutting welfare and housing. Welfare was originally created because of World War II when white families didn’t have enough income and food. It’s a shame that it has been allowed to continue because it does encourage some people to sit on their a– and be about nothing. the system should only for those people severely handicapped and incapacitated. Education should be the road to success however there are so many GOP people, racist and Obama bashers that try and keep minorities down. You don’t know what it feels like to be a minority. Give PEACE a chance.

  43. Author Image

    I’m sorry, I thought we’d learned something over the past fifty years. I thought we’d made some laws against this type of behavior. Do I realize it’s still ridiculously skewed in the direction of white folks? I think that’s a no brainer. This makes my heart sink, though. I grew up with siblings who were mixed. I was with them to witness racial injustice as a small child, and I witnessed how it did not tumble over onto me, except that I was a “poor, dear child stuck with such siblings.”

    We need to stop a minute and look at what we’re doing to each other, all of us. This ridiculous hatred over melanin is only a distraction that is keeping us from dealing from the real issues as stake, like poverty and education.

  44. Author Image

    I live in a predominantly African American neighborhood in Flint MI, and attend church that is mixed. I’v heard lots of horrible stories from my A.A friends.how about suing the restaurant? Racism Ain’t dead,and lot’s of people need to be reminded……”No justice no peace”

  45. Author Image

    I am disgusted with this type of behavior. When I go to South Carolina, I will not eat where I am disrespected. Shame on the restaurant and that owner for allowing this stupidity.

  46. Author Image

    Not only is this racist of the couple that asked them to leave, but stupidity of the restaurant. If I had 2 paying customers complaining of 25 paying customers, I would apologize that they felt threatened, comp their check, and ask them to leave. I am sure you would have made that small pittance up quickly by the orders of the 25 still there. You may have lost 2 customers, but gained the loyalty of 25. Do the math!!!!

  47. Author Image
    I am James Edward Johnson

    I see a BOYCOTT in the future of this place….

  48. Author Image

    Why did they waste their time to eat at a restaurant that obviously is not good enough to take their money. Had I been sitting and watched a Black turned away because I and other Whites were seated… My family and I would have walked out in protest.

    Too many do take it as their due to not make waves, let the status quo ride. Speak with your feet and reporting unfair practices.

    We marched along in the dream of Martin Luther King and his belief that we’re all children of God, brothers and sisters, all colors of the rainbow. Now fifty years later, hard lessons learned by King, Malcolm X, the killed at Kent State, The early Kennedy men, and the plethora of other protestors’ of the unfair status quo of that day should not go down in History as a slight blip in gaining and then losing rights.

    it is time the populace get educated in what it means to be free and to legislate and vote for the right, not ‘whatever’ or ‘attractive’ or ‘christma’ for those lead into the loss of freedom and having to start over in the uphill battle.

  49. Author Image

    They should sue for discrimination. Maybe punative damages? I want to know who asked these people to leave, and was the owner a part of this decision? If not I would fire some shit-heads. these people should be paid damages, yes the country allows us freedom of speech but not freedom to act in a racist manner, it’s illegal.

  50. Author Image

    We have eaten many times in WIld Wings in Columbia on Bower Pkway. I can tell you that will stop.

  51. Author Image

    Never heard of Wild Wings—don’t eat meat or poultry BUT
    I am totally disgusted by the way some lily white folks seem to think
    that brown skinned people of any ethnic background are frightening.

    As I see it breaking bread with another person is an intimate act
    that fosters nurturing and understanding—what better way to bridge

  52. Author Image

    Well said. Went to a Wild Wings once. Never again. Tasteless food chuck full of grease and salt. Very bad bar food, and not cheap.

  53. Author Image

    A weekly visit to WIld Wings was the norm when we lived in Irmo SC. Even though we live in Florida now we often go back at least every 6 weeks to visit family and it was wild wing we went to, but with this disgusting display of “RACISM” that will not happen again. I hope the personnel responsible for having this group is terminated.

  54. Author Image

    What is wrong with these rednecks??? Were these locals who felt emboldened to show their racist colors just because the Tea Party encourages it? Were they visitors? If they were visitors to South Carolina then if they honestly find African Americans so threatening why the heck did they visit South Carolina? The demographics are pretty easy to find out. Just like, if you’re afraid of Native Americans and Mexicans, please don’t bother coming here to New Mexico. We don’t like you casting aspersions on our fellow citizens here, whatever their ethnic background may be. They live here, you don’t. But more to the point, why would a large group of paying customers be asked to leave because one cowardly paying customer found their skin tone “threatening?” if I owned that restaurant I’d have told the complainer he’s welcome to go eat someplace else.

  55. Author Image

    We are moving backwards faster than I thought. How disgusting. NAACP hopefully will step up, and there ought to be a boycott of this restaurant chain.

  56. Author Image

    I’m still waiting for the story…

  57. Author Image

    This is ridiculous! It’s shameful that something like this is still occurring in this country in 2013. However, in this state, it isn’t as shocking. A boycott of this company is definitely needed.

  58. Author Image

    It’s just that kind of thinking that keeps this kind of crap alive weather you like it or not the world is changing. No longer is this country just black or white it’s every color that you can think of under the sun it’s not OK to treat people like this just because you don’t want to be around them. If people want to act this way then my only answer to you is you might want to move to the moon because people of color are not going anywhere anytime soon. If we did this kind of thing to white people they would be so outraged about it you can’t have you cake and eat it too.

  59. Author Image

    Who the hell does that slug thinks it is? I have friends of all races and have never felt threatened by any group of AMERICAN people in a restaurant. Makes me wonder about your past. You did something to something to someone of a different color to make you feel afraid for your actions?

  60. Author Image

    My late wife and I bought a place outside of Augusta GA, planning to retire there some years later. The people there are outwardly genuinely loving and friendly. But after being there a while, I was not prepared for the relationship to the Blacks and really poor by those well off….and the animosity between some of the poor blacks and whites Of course this was 50 years ago. One would hope it has changed since then. BTW, I sold the place some years ago. Apparently it has not changed everywhere.

  61. Author Image

    If you want to think of this crap. Then think of where it all came from !! When that ship landed at plymonth rock in 1492 so did all this BULL SHIT , I

  62. Author Image


  63. Author Image

    The entire incident is upsetting, but if there is something that can be enjoyed about this, Wild Wings got ONE TIP from ONE asshole! And you know that assholes like that are going to leave a shitty tip! FAIL! Even if each person from the other party only spent 10 dollars, that would still be 10 time 25 not counting the tip “pooled” from 25 people.

    I promise you that corporate is thinking the same exact thing, and hopefully the manager will be FIRED for being a coward and loosing money for the company! FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Author Image

    I believe that this establishment has the right to not serve anyone for any reason like the Wild Wing Cafe in N Charleston SC. I will never go there and would recommend that no one go there either. That’s my option of that. Let the FREE MARKET put them out of business no more REGULATIONS needed. They are idiots.

    • Author Image

      Eddie M.: you need to read up on “public accommodations”. The free market is not always enough: if the bigots as a group have more money to spend than the people who “make them uncomfortable”, the “free market” alone gives them power to do horrible things.

    • Author Image

      You think that the free market of Charleston, South Carolina is going to put a restaurant out of business for being racist.

  65. Author Image

    Was it because they were black? Or was it just a big group of loud and overly active friends who were giving the customer a hard time? These people had eaten at the same restaurant a month earlier without getting kicked out. Maybe it was more about what behavior was tolerated last time than just the incident today. People need to stop calling racism everywhere or it loses its power when it really happens. Remember the story of the boy who cried wolf one too many times.

    • Author Image

      It may be that no one was offended by their presence when they were there previously. I feel that the response by the server was wrong. I’d have reseated the party that was uncomfortable and comped their meal. To turn away 25 people who had waited 2 hours to patronize your business is foolishness.
      Discrimination in any form is wrong… so are stereotypes and narrow minds. We just need to shift gears and mature as a nation.

    • Author Image

      Think about it, if they were being loud or disruptive, they would have been kicked out hours ago or the police would have been called. This is a gospel group and the man how filed the complaint is a church Elder. So, tell me again how this wasn’t racism.

    • Author Image

      “These people??????” Now that’s racist! And, “……it was more about what behavior was tolerated………” Why are you adding more to the story? Read the story. The writer said they were “sitting quietly for two hours.” Were you that customer that felt threatened?

  66. Author Image

    The residents of the former Confederacy who cling to “traditional southern culture” continue to prove why they’re STILL losers. Willful ignorance, belligerent arrogance and superstitious nonsense, and continuing snipes at “uppity negroes” in every avenue possible.

  67. Author Image

    To the lady standing on the left most of the picture. Why would you wear Looney Tunes pajama bottoms or whatever those are out in public. You’re embarrassing the group.

  68. Author Image

    Did any of the other customers get up and walk out? that’s what should have happened.

  69. Author Image

    I’m not eating out of this cess hole restaurant if my life depended on it. A Bunch of dumb racist jackasses that’s what these clowns are. I hope they go out of business. Anyone who is a racist has a very low IQ and the example in this scenario just proved my theory to be right.

  70. Author Image

    “I have a right to deny you service.”

    And she used the traditional slogan just to make sure everyone understood what she meant.

  71. Author Image

    SC has and always will be a state of oppression. This is totally unacceptable. I live in Indianapolis am 61 and am Italian. I went to Wasabi on 86th Street and the old woman , must have been the owner or his mother balled up her fist and punched me in my arm because, I found a long black hair in my food. My hair is Dyed Red. I was with (2) people of color. I should have called the police and sued the restaurant. I hope the police were called as you have to start with a formal complaint . I hate the tolerance people have toward hatred. Sue the bastards. It’s only a slap on the hand, boycott the place ask for firing of the hateful employee, a letter of apology and a date in court. However it sounds like SC will just turn their ugly heads. Sorry you had to experience this . Ya’ll go to see The Butler, realize you are still just Niggers in the South, to the White House. God Bless his precious children. SF

  72. Author Image

    The only acceptable solution here is that the manager be terminated from her position…only that action will prove ANY intent by this restaurant chain to do the right thing…IF they do not do so and do so publicly then they are saying they ARE racists and people should consider that before giving such an un-American group ANY money

  73. Author Image

    Eddie Montero
    Oh I believe that Racism is alive and well in the Democratic Party. That’s the reason that you all want to feed, cloth, house, protect, educate, health insurance, and welfare. Because democrats believe that minorities need to be kept they cannot take care of themselves. They must be fed because they aren’t capable of feeding themselves. They must be given a home or they would live on the streets. They must be educated because they cannot go out into the real world and get an education. They must be given welfare because they cannot hold down a job. The Democratic party is the party of racism. The GOP believes that everyone no matter the color or their skin has a GOD given talent and left alone they world find, nurture, and grow that talent into anything that they want. The GOP believes that anyone can do anything they they want in life even become President no matter what circumstances they are born into. Not like the Democrats that tell minorities it’s not your fault it’s the our country that holds you down, so yes there is racism in our country and it belongs to your party the one that wants and needs a permanent under class THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY!

    You’re an ignorant idiot!

    • Author Image

      The GOP is nothing but a bunch of ultra religious wingnuts who pander to the lowest common denominator. They are a bunch of do nothing morons who cant even pass a jobs bill, but can waste billions of dollars voting to repeal the Affordable Care Act, pass pro-discrimination laws, and cut programs for the poor. I am no Democrat, but today’s Republican party is a joke. Eisenhower is rolling in his grave.

    • Author Image

      Eddie Montero I can’t believe that you loved your comment so much that you posted it twice. I might as well post my reply to you a second time too. Eddie Montero, you’re right that there’s racism among democrats as well as republicans; it’s found in the north and the south and in cities, suburbs, towns, and rural areas. Once upon a time everyone believed in a social safety net but it’s become increasingly unpopular among conservatives. Social Security and Medicare are socialist welfare programs by republican standards even though they’re wildly popular even among their constituents. In bygone eras, progressivism was a philosophy that crossed party lines. The racist conservative Woodrow Wilson held to that philosophy as did republicans and democrats, liberals and conservatives of the era. They all knew that government spending could transform lives. Now there’s been a divergence based upon party affiliation. Democrats still believe that individual lives here in the USA can and should be improved with government aid while republicans believe that government aid should instead be used to transform the governments that we disagree with and also be used to create environments where corporations can thrive and transfer the wealth of nations (including ours) to whatever outposts they desire to. I agree with you that Americans have an unhealthy dependency complex. It’s not limited to democrats, but it is brazenly apparent among conservative republicans as well. For years now republican airheads have worshiped and extolled the virtues of “the job creators,” the barons of Wall Street. Unfortunately, these corporate titans don’t exist to put Americans or anyone else to work. Contrary to the views of the tea party republicans, corporations aren’t people and they have no moral codes. They exist simply to enlarge themselves and to accumulate more capital. A corporation is more content to have five employees than it is to have five million if the five are able to get the same or similar results. Robotics, computers, and free trade are all good things in and of themselves. However, they’re weapons that are used against us by the “job creators” to decrease employment where environmental protection is a consideration, where worker safety might be an issue, or where workers dare to expect a livable wage. Industrialization was an evolutionary change for societies that shifted population centers from rural areas where people could conceivably feed themselves to urban and suburban areas where they became dependent upon the labors of a shrinking base of farmers. We became mere cogs in the wheels of society, no longer living holistically, but responsible for a minor operation within a complex structure. Our labor no longer had meaning in and of itself, but only made sense within the context of the consideration of completed products whose components might be constructed in many far-flung parts of the country or the world. Now very few Americans could ever be self-sustaining or even create his own means of support. Instead, we’re dependent on “job creators” and the rapidly disappearing social safety net. Your rant has nothing to do with the situation faced by the black people who this article speaks of. You felt the need to spout off some of the unenlightened “talking points” that Fox and Friends, Glen Beck, Rush Linbaugh, Sarah (no nothing) Palin, and others would be proud of. Take a bow.

    • Author Image

      I would like to congratulate you for getting the name of the party correct–it is, indeed, the Democratic Party, which is the home of Democrats, just as the Republican Party is the home of Republicans.

      Unfortunately, the rest of your post was so full of bizarrely wrong details that I expect your accurate naming was more an act of a lucky guess rather than the cool reasoning of an educated person.

  74. Author Image

    It’s a darn shame how the corporate office only responded AFTER being publically called out! I know I posted this story on my Facebook page. That manager who denied them service needs to be FIRED! That’s what should have been told to Brown and his family the first time around; not offered some free meal.

  75. Author Image

    Nothing surprises me. Racism is alive and has never gone away. Look at the media and comments made about our President. Take whatever legal action you want to or deem necessary.

  76. Author Image

    What the hell? I am a white woman, and I go to places all the time where I am the only white person. I have never had a problem. The woman who complained is an idiot who should have left her damn self! I hope the manager gets fired, and this restaurant gets sued out of business.

  77. Author Image

    Wild Wing’s mistake was hiring a dumb-assed bimbo as manager and not setting proper guidelines which SHE clearly and vastly over-steeped.
    Just such an under experienced management employee such as this can ruin a business just as we are witnessing here. Promoting a waitress as manager without proper training because it’s cheaper than paying for someone who is qualified is asking for trouble.

  78. Author Image

    Maybe the manager forget about how money looks food has an expiration date on it after that it must be thrown away. This isn’t only RACIST its bad business fire the shift manager. Let the healing process begin with the Black customers.

  79. Author Image

    Racist scumbags!

  80. Author Image

    Who shows up at a restaurant with a party of 25? Do they not know to make reservations or call to see if the place can accommodate that big of party? Maybe the lone complaining customer was a story the manager made up in order to not serve the group. Maybe it was near closing time? Obviously the restaurant didn’t want to seat them but the group was persistent waiting two hours.

  81. Author Image

    That manager NEEDS to be fired!! Point blank. This type of behavior is unacceptable.

  82. Author Image

    I serviced 20 years for my country, and I did it for the LOVE of my country. I can up in the civil rights era. I do believe that we can make a change by voting, in “EVERY” election. Not when u feel like it, because this affects our community in every aspect. Now with this Wild Wings in North Charleston, it was a decision that the manager which was a “Personal” one. Bottom line is “Treat the other Man/Woman like you wanted to be treated! We will have haters no matter what color they are, so the PARTY of 25 did the right thing by not taking their free food gift so it can be all right. They should make that store feed the less fortunate to 25 weeks.

  83. Author Image

    I do not know where most of you have been, but racism has never went anywhere people just cover it up from time to time! We as a people (AA) should have never stopped Marching and Speaking OUR mind. That is exactly way the “Threatened Customer” said what she said and The Manager did what she did! WHITES (like them) FEEL superior and it has been proven that certain aspects of society Tell that they are. The punishment will not be what is deserved; it will be a slap on the hand and they will continue to treat people that way or just start KILLING again! RACISM in America is ALIVE AND WELL and will continue to be so as long as Racist train their offspring in that way of life.

  84. Author Image

    Just imagine how many people sat in that restaurant that day and overheard those comments and continued to eat and sing and lolly gag.. Just imagine how many people would sit by while a woman is raped, while a child is patted down by the police and then brutalized, while a teenager is shot in their front lawns, while journalist racially profile their leader, while their congressmen fondles the help.. How many people sit idly by and say and do absolutely nothing. I know everyone wants to rage over this.. but I’m telling you it’s not this alone that we are dealing with.. it’s those who have accepted the none sense as the norm.. these are the enemies of peace… these are the reasons there are so many willing to try these foolish methods.. just remember – the next time you are mistreated.. don’t say anything right away.. just look around and see how many have joined hands in the real tragedy of idle acceptance of your plight.. and you will then realized that the problem isn’t simply RACISM.. it’s actually IGNORANT CARELESSNESS. if anyone then offers you a meal for your troubles.. well if you take the meal.. count yourself among them.

  85. Author Image

    if i am ever in North Charleston, South Carolina i shall visit wild wings… order a water and spend 2 hours looking at their menu before leaving.

  86. Author Image

    This really ticks me off! I am a white woman and I can’t believe how truly ignorant people are. If you feel threatened by someone or a group, get your @ss out of the situation. Don’t have hard working people that are looking for a good time and wanting to have some quality time with each other get thrown out because you are a weak person. And why in the world would the manager anger that many customers to satisfy only one customer. It’s totally bad for business to lose 25 people and now it has gone public. I wish people were raised like I was, don’t see the color, see the person. I am sick of ALL colors having this Willie Lynch thinking as well. If you do the wiki on Willie Lynch, maybe you will get a new outlook on why EVERYBODY thinks the way they do. We have our own brains, don’t let somebodies thinking from 300+ years ago define who you are today!

  87. Author Image

    I see a lot of discussion in this thread about racism and calling out the management of Wild Wings Cafe. But one thing that no one has pointed out is that two of the four partners of Axum Capital Partners, who purchased the company last year, are Black. One of them is Muhsin Muhammad, a former Carolina Panthers football player.

    I doubt if they are going to let one ignorant employee bring down their business. The situation will probably handled correctly.

  88. Author Image

    I am sorry these peoples’ celebration was ruined by the selfish and thoughtless racist actions of a couple of over-privileged white people. To have their party wait TWO HOURS to be seated is bad enough. I would have been annoyed enough just for that so that I’d think about going to a different place. That’s just bad business and rude. But then to be turned away on the say-so of one ignorant customer is completely unacceptable. She must have arrived and been seated after the large party was was waiting to be seated, and known they were going to eat there. If it was going to bother her so much SHE should have left to go somewhere else, Otherwise she should have been out of there in two hours.

    Sometimes I have been in a place, and a large bus full of rowdy teen-agers on a field trip all pile into the restaurant. Or a big table full of little kids having a birthday party. Or even just a family with a crying baby that won;t stop screaming. If I feel bugged by it, I ask for a doggie bag and take my food and leave. It’s not for one person to lord it over a bunch of other people, or to call in the management to turn the other party out to please me.

  89. Author Image

    I am a PROUD BLACK woman who WOULD go back in there again & see HOW they treated me the 2nd time around. I would especially let the manager see me, THEN I’d have some city official, or TV station follow me in, STANDING to see how they’ve improved. I’d secretly have my TAPE RECORDING READY. I wish I was coming that WAY SO I could clown them right back.

  90. Author Image

    I live in the Philly suburbs and I would feel weird eating in a restaurant that didn’t have 25 black people in it (like I did the last time I was in Boston).
    I have been to Charleston and it was a beautiful city but it definitely had an ‘old south’ feel to it. It looks like the conservatives won. It’s 1952 again. ‘MERICA.

  91. Author Image

    You guys can’t be serious, naw chalk this one up to the game, should’ve talked to manager first to see who is making your food and who you were giving your money too, only rights you got in my opinion is take care of biz or accept whatever happens

  92. Author Image

    This is a DISGRACE!!!! These people came to your establishment to have a celebration… how dare you refuse 25 people service who you made wait two hours because of one prejudiced person who did not like them. That one person should have left if he/she was unhappy with the patrons. SHAME ON THE SHIFT MANAGER for acting so horribly. If there was a Wild Wings Café here in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania I would NOT go there having read this! I hope that EVERYONE sees this and boycotts your restaurant!

  93. Author Image

    never going here and finding parent company to never patronize any of their establishments -

  94. Author Image

    Geez…! This is so sad.. the 21 century and this dumb stuff is still happening.. I had planned to move to Charleston in the near future.. I guess I will re-evaluate that move.. We are all people of the United States of America… We have bled and died, made strives in the sciences, arts and other endeavors… GIVE IT A BREAK… NO JUST STOP… SO MUCH IN MY MIND RIGHT NOW.. JUST SICKING.

  95. Author Image

    Why is everyone assuming the customer was a woman?

  96. Author Image

    This article is sensationalistic crap. Feeling uncomfortable and “racism” are two VERY different things and nothing in this article indicates any evidence of actual “racism”. Has it dawned on ANYONE that perhaps it was the behavior and conduct of the party that made another guest feel uncomfortable. This kind of self-righteous misplay of the “race-card” is getting old and tired. It only makes it more difficult for people who experience REAL racism. Grow up.

  97. Author Image

    From a sheer business point of view, this was stupidly terrible customer service and a wonderful way to lose significant amounts of a potential customer base. I mean its customer service 101 that any bad service a customer recieves at your place of business they are going to tell at least two friends, and those friends will tell two friends and so on as a geometic progression. Now add facebook and other social media and it just gets worse.
    Unfortunetly, this might badly affect other branches and their employees of this resturant chain who would have reacted properly to the situation. That would be a shame.

  98. Author Image

    I throw the BS flag!!! WAiting 2 hrs for BW3? No way!!!!

  99. Author Image


  100. Author Image


  101. Author Image

    In any given human environment, 25 n1ggers is simply 25 n1ggers too many. The patron wasn’t afraid of the apes, they just wanted to eat their meal in peace without being subjected to the ooks and eeks of the wretched black chimps.
    Bravo to this manager. N1ggers might have been let out of their cages, but they are not free to roam about as they please as if they were human beings with human rights. We know better.

  102. Author Image

    Won’t be visiting wild wings when I’m in Charleston, SC.

  103. Author Image

    This injustice is the result of the actions of two women only, not the entire country, southern region or restaurant chain. Let’s be moved to take thoughtful, appropriate action against this type of wrong doing without generalizing and declaring their attitudes and behaviors to be common.

  104. Author Image

    As I sit here and read all these comments, it makes me think. what would I have done? the gentleman in the interview brings up good points their group we there for two hours waiting (which I would not have done in the first place LOL) to be seated then told there is a problem.

    the manager of the place was wrong in her decision making process for sure. had it been me I would have had the ” threatened lady’s” ticket and asked her to come back at a later time. but as I read more I see more and more race baiting.
    I was brought up in small town in Kansas, we had three black families and only three or four Hispanic families, but they were not treated any different than anyone else in the town. I used to go to one of the houses and walk in on the weekend and say hey mom what’s for breakfast? and other people did the same at our house. there was no judgment because of the color of ones skin, how can anyone judge another PERSON, by just the color of their skin?
    where I live now we have all races in my neighborhood (in Texas) my son tells me I am harder on him and his friends (which are of all races) than I am the other kids in the area. I told him that is because I expect more out of all of you then I do the others. I took him and his friends to the mall, I had people looking at me very funny when all of the kids called me dad, Black, White, Hispanic and Asian all calling one man dad. and I would gladly die for any one of those kids, they are OUR future. we as AMERICANS have to stop the race baiting. We as AMERICANS have to stop the hate. the way to do that is through EDUCATION!!!!!! Kids DO NOT HATE when they are born, they are taught by their PARENTS. in our house the N word is not permitted in ANY variation neither is the W word pertaining to Hispanics, or any other word that is derogatory to a person because of how that person looks.
    I took these same kids downtown with 100 bagged lunches and some clothes that we didn’t wear anymore to give to the homeless living in the major city I live in, after we handed out everything we had, which was not very long at all within 10 minutes everything was gone. the boys were all very quite on the ride home, I asked them what they were thinking. all of them thought it was sad ” those people have nothing ” not one of them brought up the color of anyone’s skin they were all people.

    we as AMERICANS have to stop the race baiting, we have to stop the bigotry
    it doesn’t take a lot people I have 5 now young men that I consider my sons they are all different on the outside but all pretty close to the same inside. they do not see the color of a persons skin the see the character of the persons actions.

  105. Author Image

    Why would anyone regardless of ethnicity, wait two hours to go to a mediocre chain restaurant like Buffalo wild wings? Yes, the treatment of the 25 customers was disgusting and racist! The manager was WAY out of line. Was her last name Deen?

  106. Author Image

    The conversation between the party of 25 and the manager didn’t take place in a back room. So why didn’t 1 SINGLE PERSON within earshot of this stand up in their defense? That also speaks volumes about the integrity of the costumers. Racism is a live in the south. And it’s so very sad.

  107. Author Image


  108. Author Image

    I love the Wild Wings in Jacksonville Florida and when I am there we go…. NOT happening anymore. I am sick of these things happening and it’s not going to stop until we take our hard earned money where it is appreciated – to many other wing places. I am NOT spending my money in establishments like this !!!

  109. Author Image

    “we’re sitting there peaceably for two hours,” Brown told Channel 5.” If this don’t beat all.

    Black people hunger and thirst to spend money with whites that they will sit for 2 hours for the privilege. These black people are an embarrassment to black America on so many fronts. Where is our pride, dignity and self respect?

    To add insult to injury they huddle together in the rain looking like a bunch of runaway slaves and crying to the media like a bunch of hookers that did not get paid.

    Instead of sympathy, compassion and understanding they need to be locked inside of a gym, a weight room or ran around the block for 2 hours….GRADE F.

  110. Author Image

    I’m sure there is way more than this side , in this day and age whites are more for blacks rights than blacks are !!! Just read on and see , there’s cameras all through the restaurant and everything’s on camera , this is just another race card being pulled why can’t they be Americans that was upset that they where blacks waiting for two hours and got racial to the whites in smaller groups with seats .. There’s is no way 25 people’s money was turned away for one … Money has more power than any race … I’m taking a guess of what really happened a few black( Americans ) got loud and a little upset for the long wait said a few out of line comments that was ignored and then went racial about it saying something like , if I was white I’d have a set already … The same old race card and that’s where things got out of hand .. Seen it way to many times myself . If for any reason you think things are racist than just maybe your racist and you need to get right with God!! The Lord is the way the light and truth …

  111. Author Image

    I have been staring and staring at this picture looking for the fear factor. Yeah. Right. Definitely a group of rowdies. That one handbag looks like it could wipe out a battalion! I do not live in SC and have never been to a Wild Wings. We have them here in Central Florida. I shall continue to never dine there. I commend the group — if this had happened to me, I think that person would have had a reason to be concerned. I woulda decked him/her.

  112. Author Image

    sue sue sue sue sue sue sue sue

  113. Author Image

    I do not see anywhere in the article, company web site the company’s response to Mr. Brown that this shift mgr. was FIRED, IMMEDIATELY. That luke warm so-called apology read more like a corporations’ attempt at consumer damage control. I did not interpret a warm, sincere, or at all heartfelt apology from that non-discrimination statement of company policy. I applaud Mr. Brown and his party for their restraint. Personally, I would have gone postal on that little racist snit and the paranoid delusional customer who claims she felt “threatened”. (No doubt she learned that phrase from watching the Zimmerman trial from her trailer pk barcalounger). Do not assume a white woman from NY knows nothing of how humiliating, degrading and infuriating racial discrimination is. A group of 25 of my beloved family & friends looks like a meeting of the rainbow coalition and we’re immensely proud of that. I know all too well what some of the ppl I love have had to endure during the 50′s, 60′s and yes,,,, presently. It’s disgusting & disgraceful. I have no tolerance for ignorant racist behavior. Less tolerance for so-called “Christians” who are racists, and there are more and more of them, not less, than there once was.
    The ONLY thing this company can do to set things right is fire this shift mgr. and ban the delusional customer who set these ugly wheels in motion. One small consolation – two racists exposed and one racist restaurant exposed. Wish we had the shift mgr.s name so we could contact her personally. Her anonymity is her protective shield. Again, I applaud your restraint. It certainly shows them how much better you are than they. Nevertheless, it pisses me off because it gives ALL white ppl a bad reputation, something WE ALL should be infuriated by. Some ignorant little white trash snit does not speak for all but appears to speak for the Corp. Some might apologize to you & your group on behalf of non-black ppl. To do so would imply some ‘kinship’ between us where there is NONE. Racists are below dirt and should be deported somewhere very far away. The old excuse that racism is taught is another load of nonsense. If one’s parents are ignorant racists – one does not need to follow in those footsteps, anymore than if your dad was a cop, you must also be one. Ignorant, hateful racism is always one’s own choice to be or not to be. Stand tall & keep letting ppl know about this hideous situation until the mgr. is fired. Free meal, My ass. I wouldn’t have taken it either!!

  114. Author Image

    I find it disgusting that they think we (blacks) could be pacified with a free meal after a traumatic experience. I think its so stupid that 25 people were willing to pay for the meal to begin with but in the end they were willing to give away 25 meals for free because a white person didn’t want to be seated near black people. What’s next? A “whites only section.”
    Those meals should have came out the managers paycheck if you ask me. Now thats a pacifying solution if I was the CEO!!!

  115. Author Image

    This is unacceptable. As a patron, I would not feel comfortable going back to this establishment knowing that manager is still working there. I think the manager should be fired because based on her actions, this could happen again. It’s obvious she needs diversity training and I think having her presence out of sight, out of mind, would satisfy somewhat.

  116. Author Image

    this place has 33 locations, I will never eat there. I was stationed in Charleston, SC while in the Navy. They still have the slave trading block and the hanging tree they use to hang black folks.

  117. Author Image

    Why a white woman in a chicken wing place anyway? Did she not know a chimp out gonna happen at some point? I agrees with all you alls. She needed to get up and leaves in accounting for her own safety!!

  118. Author Image

    With managers like,there will be good business for all racists. LOL

  119. Author Image

    file a lawsuit against them

  120. Author Image

    Why is it that after the deed has been done by white people, they act shocked and surprised as if they didn’t do anything wrong or better yet didn’t know they done something wrong. Sounds like the same thing they did doing slavery. And what’s more outrageous is the way they felt the solution should be solve. An apology and a free meal, that’s like saying give them a day from working out in the fields, they don’t know no better, (paula deen). I can go on, but it’s not necessary, I know you see my point.

  121. Author Image

    Corporations like this don’t respect people, but they do respect money (Someone should train & fire the shift manager- she hasn’t a clue.)… A lawsuit won’t stop racist bigotry & ignorance, but it will get their (wwc) attention. Find a reputable lawyer, & let the games begin!

  122. Author Image

    The manager has seen many videos of negroes throwing furniture, fighting, just plain disrupting the whole dining environment. Best to exercise caution. I don’t leave my wallet laying in the open to prove a negro will steal it.

  123. Author Image

    The very first thing that should have been done was to fire that woman., if as a shift manager she does not know how work with people and caves to one persons lie about being afraid she has no business working with the public. The group looked about as terrifying as a pta meeting. They weren’t sporting knives or guns or gang colors. Nor do they appear drunk and unruly,.I visit Charleston as I live nearby in Georgia, I won’t be dining there. Folks who run businesses should know that 1 compliment will be shared with a few people, but a comment like this will grow legs and in this day and age that means around the world in one minute!

  124. Author Image

    I moved to Alabama from California almost a year ago to help take care of my aging father, having lived in California almost all of my life. Some of the things that I have seen and heard living here in the South have absolutely shocked me, and I am sickened that things like this are still happening in 2013. I am doing everything in my power to get the hell up out the South, never to set foot here again.

  125. Author Image

    Well this is some wild wing s***.

  126. Author Image

    This is sad, but an awakening moment for everyone. We have come a distance; however there is still some traveling that must be done on both sides. Some of my closest friends are white and we treat each other with respect and love as though we are siblings. As I am out and about I treat all races with respect and expect nothing less in return. I believe the manager needs to apologize to the group-not the marketing department, nor the CEO-the manager who asked them to leave should be required to officially apologize because her actions were inappropriate. The manager ruin the group’s celebration. I cannot imagine waiting two hours for service then being denied without a reasonable cause. I live in the area and I will not go back to Wild Wings again. As a people, we must unite and stand for RIGHT therefore boycotting the establishment would make a huge statement.

  127. Author Image

    The shift manager has been proven by upper management and the corporation to be an extension of what they are: uncaring and bigoted. That non-apology was nothing more than poor damage control. And encouraging the party, and others, to take to Facebook when they have issues with the restaurant? As far as corporate HQ goes that’s the net equivalent to writing out a satisfaction card. The non-response was truly alarming. Hopefully an attorney is representing the family now.

  128. Author Image

    I guess NONE of you are in the restaurant business. 25 groids is not a group any restaurant wants. They will yell and scream, driving everyone else away, trash the place, run the waiters ragged for no reason, scream about the bill, try to get out of paying in any way they can, and leave no tip. If they were to boycott the restaurant, business would go UP.

  129. Author Image

    I am going to play devils advocate here and ask this question, as a manager of an eating establishment myself… Has anyone gotten a response from the manager or the woman who felt “threatened?” I have a feeling there is more to this situation, and my question is, was the group being disruptive to begin with and when asked to leave, threw the race card in? I am not saying this happened, but I HAVE seen it happen before. Again, I am not choosing sides here, I am simply saying there are 3 sides to every story, their side, the other side, and the truth…

  130. Author Image

    Time for black people to do for self and build our own restaurants. That will solve the problem. When you have your own and serve your own, 99% of these centuries old issues will disappear. Simple as that

  131. Author Image

    There is something that I just can’t understand in this story… Which restaurant manager will deny service to a group of 25 patrons to accomodate only one customers?! I mean… 25 patrons bring a lot more money in then 1, I don’t know any restaurant that can turn down customers. This is weird.

  132. Author Image

    I am so tired of raciest people. It is ok for black people to be raciest but no one else can be. Its ok for black people to rob and steal from people but when they get arrested or shot they play the race card. Get over your selves as I have every race in my family and do not allow anyone to play the race card in my family. Zero Tolerance. I am part black and look white and when my husband and I go out I get the ugliest looks from black women. But I just smile as it is their problem not mine. I fought for equality but am very sad at the way my fellow brothers and sisters abuse it. One of my sons came out white and the other is black and my white son used to get beat up by the blacks when he told them he was part black. I had to send him to a private school. I worked at an escrow company 8 months ago that I was let go of because my husband was black and I wasn’t Mexican. One escrow officer Andrea Corral stood in the middle of the room and said all Mexicans on this side of the room and all the rest of you won’t be here long. But that’s ok. I live my life by the word of God and treat others like I want to be treated. God is the only one out there to judge and I don’t hold any hate as I believe when they die they will have to answer to God for all they have done. What I want you all to understand is that we have it in our power to change all this. Stop the hate and the devil.

  133. Author Image

    Looking all black and hungry too.. This is typical for SC. The sad thing about it that there are going to be some Blacks that will continue to give this and places like this their money. Simple because their are some of us that still believe in “White Only” signs, whether seen or not. As the quote states or implies, one injustice do apply to all. This nation is spiraling down hill when it comes to racial equality, and until “one people” come together it is going to be as it was prior to the landmark Civil Rights Bill. Believe me, I live doing that time and certain Whites and Blacks can be so cruel.

  134. Author Image

    Wild Wing Cafe, Wild Wing Cafe, Wild Wing Cafe,Wild Wing Cafe, Don’t ever forget it and don’t ever eat there. ever, ever, ever!!!!!

    Making anyone leave because another person feels threatened, and doesn’t give an explanation. Wild Wing Cafe has threatened humanity, so now the cafe should leave.

  135. Author Image

    wow this is wrong. and as for that lady she should of been kicked out of the place just for being racism. and as for the manger she should b fired. this is all wrong and the company is wrong to trying tell oh we sorry here is a free mean .psst fuck that hell no there should be more then that.

  136. Author Image

    Let’s be real. When has anyone here ever seen a groidle of more than four “Afro-Americans” sit “peaceably?” Some states don’t allow smoking in restaurants, but banning and ridding your private business of a presence much more obnoxious and disgusting than cigarette smoke is “‘skriminayshuns,” and is a death sentence for your livelihood.

    • Author Image

      I believe before you past judgement you should probably get to know the party. All of those individuals are law abiding citizens, a few are ministers, all are a part of a Christian musical ensemble, one’s a doctoral candidate, you’ve got military personnel in there as well it’s simply to say you got people from all walks of life who simply don’t have time to cause ruckus. Not to mention this is a group of people who hold a Stop the Violence rally every year here in the lowcountry.

      • Author Image

        “I believe before you past judgement…”
        More non-English babble from Mr. Lincoln’s failed experiment.

        “All of those individuals are law abiding citizens…”
        At least until they’re caught.

        “a few are ministers…”
        With any sample size of negros, that’s just a given.

        “…all are a part of a Christian musical ensemble,…”
        See above.

        “…one’s a doctoral candidate…”
        Most likely from N.U., and I don’t mean Northwestern!

        “…you’ve got military personnel in there as well…”
        Gee whiz, a gub-mint job! Who’d have guessed?

        “…who simply don’t have time to cause ruckus…”
        Because sleeping, making scratching one’s toes a half-day’s work, sitting on the porch complaining, and running the streets with a Swisher Sweet out of the corner of one’s mouth doesn’t leave time for much else.

        “..this is a group of people who hold a Stop the Violence rally every year”
        Considering you’re behind more than half of it nationally despite coming in at >12% of the population, I’d say that’s only fair – or it would be, if those silly March ‘n Moans were about curbing black-on-white violence. However, it’s only directed at black-on-black violence. Then again, I don’t have a smidgen of a problem with black-on-black violence.

        “…here in the lowcountry…”
        They hate you in the Netherlands, too. Don’t bother.

        • Author Image

          Coming from someone who cannot even stand upright your rant is hilarious, Harland! You walk around on your knuckles, breathing through the mouth and slobbering like a Saint Bernard and have the nerve to deride others due to the color of their skin! NONE of your generalizations will stand in the light of day, no race has a corner on crime, and simply being black does not mean that someone is a criminal. It’s too bad that there is no such thing as a retro-active abortion. If there was it would be a service to the HUMAN race if your mother was to be forced to retro-actively abort you.

  137. Author Image

    Do not patronize any business that does not want you or your money. START YOUR OWN BUSINESSES !!!!

  138. Author Image

    Outrageous. Reposted. The company should FIRE the staff who complied with this. I’ve been to these regions. It’s overt. I’ll never forget waiting for a dressing room, glancing at the clerk so she’d know that I was… only to have her literally stop taking the cash being handed to her during a sale… to open the door to a dressing room for me. I was ashamed to accidently have triggered this behavior because of my color. I had hoped that racism would die out with the older generations, but it’s taught at the parents’ knees and continues quite strongly.

  139. Author Image

    Ignorance and intolerance are learned behaviors. It’s sad that in the year 2013 that its still a part of this society! God have mercy on us all, as we claim to love God, whom we’ve never seen and and can’t seem to get the concept of loving thy neighbor as thyself, who we see daily!!! So sad, so very very sad!!!

  140. Author Image

    i feel that was totally wrong . something should be done . all 25 people that was involve should put in a law suit for discrimination so it wont happen again .No body should have to go thought this .

  141. Author Image

    Two questions: How did the group know the alleged “felt-threatened” customer was “white?” And, where is the video Mike someone in his group began taking? Surely, they recorded something, likely the being asked to leave part. Where is that video?

  142. Author Image

    I don’t think suing a company for the an ignorant act on the part of an employee is fair either. Surely the company must show its immediate dissatisfaction for the action the manager took.

    The BEST WAY the company could prove their “stance” on such a prejudice act would be to FIRE the manager. Not only would the “ex-manager” learn a lesson, but the patron who started this whole mess might also have her eyes opened to the prejudice they both exhibited.

    I believe that the 25 people who were asked to leave would realize, by firing the manager… they are supporting the 25 people…and do not tolerate such prejudice in their establishment.

    This could be a “win-win” situation. And, if they all wanted to celebrate the firing…bring the 25 people back…and pick up the tab.

  143. Author Image

    In the restaurant industry, this is called a “Black Out”. The manager should have followed best practices for any restaurant: called the authorities, sheltered the white human, and baracaded the doors. Good lawd, can you imagine the number of free wings that were on the line? What is the combined weight of that zoo? 10,000 pounds? It was obvious — the restaurant wanted to stay in business.

  144. Author Image

    I am not surprised. My friends and I experienced the same raggedy type of treatment when we went to this location in 2009. It was a group of about 10 of us and we went there after a concert. It took forever for a waiter to come over only to tell us that the kitchen was about to close so we could only order a handful of items that were on the menu. When one of the people who was with us contacted their corporate office they offered a “free meal”. How about train your damn employees that money is GREEN regardless of the color of the patrons so all of them should be treated with respect. I have NEVER patronized them again since.

  145. Author Image

    and you all area “Assuming” this group was not cursing or being loud, like many big groups are. We are only hearing ONE side of this complaint after the fact. There is always more to the story. I’m tired of these racial issues on media with half the facts.

  146. Author Image

    SICK sick sick to death of al this. These people are AMERICANS not African, Irish, Italians, ad nauseum, Americans. How bloody long do we have to be here to be just Americans? Sickening…and these people do not have the “right” to refuse service to properly dressed, properly behaving AMERICANS, or any other NATIONALITY, for that matter. That wench that was “uncomfortable” needs to take her happy arse to a place that allows discrimination based on race. Like Islamabad. Yeah, that’d do it. As for the rest, frickin’ grow up. We are ONE nation, not a bunch of sub-nations. I’m sick of all this prejudice, and if you think it’s anything but, then just join the rhetoric of a lot of others. And masses do not mean right, might does not equal right.

  147. Author Image

    All involved staff, should be fired at once. Are you kidding me ! You throw out 25 paying customers, because 1 person felt threatened ? Bet the owners loved this one !

  148. Author Image

    Tell them to take their “FREE MEAL” and shove it!!! It doesn’t rectify the DISRESPECT and blantant disregard for their rights and feelings as human beings. Too little too late!!! Every African American in Charleston, South Carolina should BOYCOTT their asses period!!!

  149. Author Image

    If you for a long time and are aware of what is happening around you, you realize that there is privilege, but it doesn’t all have to do with race. Males traditionally have had male privilege, allowing them to be first in line for jobs. I have at less three types of privilege when it comes to law enforcement, not so much with the general public. I’m old, female, and white, so am not perceived at being a treat to anyone. I’ve never been stopped by the Border Patrol (I live less than ten miles from Mexico) but many men I know have been, especially brown (Native American and Latino) men. I’m not crusading, just trying to raise consciousness to this human propensity to divide groups into them and us.

  150. Author Image

    This is an easy one — fire the manager!!! Let’s face it, the patron (if white) would have been fearful if one or two African-Americans were sitting together near him or her. As I wrote above — fire the shift manager!!

  151. Author Image

    I was born ‘light-skinned’ and treated by many as ‘white’, until I told them I am not white, but Mohawk. The response to that statement alone caused so much trouble for me, you’d think I would have kept my mouth shut. Yes my father was anglo-white, my mother full-blood Mohawk of the MBQ-Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte. So, when I see arguments such as what was written about above, I find it ironic that so many on both sides of the argument have no real idea of what bigotry is, or ‘white privilege’. To the Native population, all of you, Whites and Blacks alike, have a ‘privilege’ that is not afforded to those that rightfully are called ‘Native Americans’. All of you enjoy freedoms that we are denied to this day. Did you know, any of you can walk into a post office today, and get your passport and never have it questioned by anyone? Where as if I got mine from tribal council, I can not use it overseas, as it would not be recognized as ‘legitimate form of identification’ because we are a ‘non-established race’ in the world opinion? The Mohawk lacrosse team was detained and harassed by several countries.
    **The validity of an Iroquois passport for various purposes has been questioned, and the issue is entangled with the larger issue of Iroquois sovereignty. In July 2010 the Bloc Québécois sovereigntist organization voiced its opposition to the validity of the passport, saying that a passport should only be issued by a country, not a nation. The Isle of Man has issued public warnings rejecting the document as a valid form of either identification or nationality and regards holders as U.S. or Canadian citizens and the European Union does not recognize it as a valid travel document and has issued guidelines stating that visas cannot be affixed to the passport, barring holders from the Schengen area. Both list the Iroquois passport as a “fantasy passport”, a document issued by a minority, sect, population group or private organization, which according to the Isle of Man has “no authority and to which no official recognition has been given”.
    The governments in the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada have refused to endorse the document as valid document for international travel. Additionally, the document does not appear on the list of acceptable identification to cross into Canada. The Iroquois passport has, however, been successfully used for international travel, like the novelty passport of the “Conch Republic” micro nation.
    The passports do not currently meet the requirements put forth by the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, which went into effect in 2009, although upgrades are in progress.
    So, forgive me if I find all of your arguments distasteful and childish. All of you, for my people, qualify as ‘Privileged’. So please, do get over yourselves.

  152. Author Image

    Now the white patron who felt threatened will have the restaurant all to herself and the shift manager will be looking for work elsewhere as no one will be patronizing this establishment anymore, civil respectable human beings will not tolerate this total disregard for humanity.

  153. Author Image

    Thank you God, she didn’t pull a gun talking about “stand Your ground” because she felt threatened… this would have probably been a different news report. With her so call “white privilege” she probably would not even went to jail.

  154. Author Image

    Stop crying, dude gets it resolved, free meal, whatever, but then sais hes not satisfied and its much deeper then that? this is why racism will never end, because people are fucking retarded, and it seems like in this situation, the guy who took it to facebook is a fucking cry baby probally waiting on reperations. or whatever. now the lady was wrong for feeling threatened, but honestly we dont know how that group of 25 people was actin, they could have been sayin some stupid shit, but see they try to play the victim but nobody knows how they were acting at all. so stop fucking crying about shit, it sad. racism still exsist because nobody will let it go, you want it to end? stop talking about it. Fucking cry babies

    • Author Image

      You are delusional, Stop Crying! In what world is it okay to discriminate against someone and then say “here, take this free meal and shut up”? To accuse someone of being a “cry baby” because he stands up and refuses to allow someone to treat him badly and just walk away from it is despicable, showing that you are just as intolerant and racist as the complainant and the manager who acted at the other racist’s behest.

  155. Author Image

    This manager at Wild Wings is not a good company access…she loss you money …use common sense… one paying customer vs a group of 25 paying customers…wow do the math #Standup

  156. Author Image

    “Friendly,” White privilege is thinking that you already know everyone else’s experience and have nothing to learn by listening to those not like you. You are a perfect example of White Privilege.

  157. Author Image


  158. Author Image

    Was their behavior in any way rude, rowdy, or otherwise threatening? Where is the witness testimony? Did the manager come over and ask them to settle down or anything, first? I know that if I and 24 of my friends and family went to an establishment to celebrate something, we might cause a “ruckus”… In that case, the Professional thing to do would be to first let the party know they are disturbing other guests (whether or not it is only one person), and ask them to keep it down, or watch their language, or whatever…. Economically, it makes absolutely no sense, because there is NO WAY a single patron is going to be dropping as much cash on food and drinks than a party of 25… Something tells me this manager isn’t bright enough to grasp that concept.

  159. Author Image

    R U kidding me???? This racial shit ain’t over yet???? What the fuck is the problem with any one celebrating something?? You r ASSSHOLES’ so fuck off U racisit bastards!!!!!! We all equil here learn it, believe it, expirecne it

  160. Author Image

    Hmm White privilege where was this privilege when a WW1 vet got the hell beaten out of him because some teenagers didnt have anything better to do except to rob him and then smash his skull in? Please explain

    • Author Image

      Bringing up something which has absolutely no relevance, Patricia, shows you to be just as racist as this manager and complainant. While black on white crime is seldom about racial hatred and instead is purely about financial gain, nearly all white on black crime is about racial hatred. If you weren’t a bigot you would know that.

  161. Author Image

    I never did understand from childhood to the present. Why are people dividing their ways because of skin color. It is so stupid! The thing that most don’t think about is genetics. They are the heart and soul of a person AND THE COLOR of eyes, hair, skin, tall, short. I have freckles. My friends are white, black, asian and more. I see them! I don’t see skin color anymore than eye color. Some are having trouble letting go of the past. And this is not just a black thing or a white thing. It is in all races that have problems with each other. But this is about the “manager” of the restaurant making really really bad choices. I agree with him that a free diner just don’t cut it. I think defamation damages should be paid to them AND A FREE MEAL SOMEWHERE ELSE OF THEIR CHOICE!

    • Author Image

      This is more about behavior. Some people don’t enjoy wild behavior.

      • Author Image

        So tell me, Jenkem, on what do you base your conclusion that the group was guilty of “wild behavior”? There is absolutely nothing to suggest that they behaved in any way inappropriately. Oh, wait, I know you are basing that on the “fact” that “those people” are sub human and always behave in an inappropriate manner. Unlike you and all of your buddies at the local redneck bar where you cop feels off the waitress and your buddy’s wife while expounding on the total lack of civilized behavior in “those people.” Newsflash, you and your fellow racists are the ones lacking in the civilized behavior department!

  162. Author Image

    I have enjoyed reading the comments and I think everyone has a right to their opinion whether I agree or not. I think this discussion is great because you get to see how people really feel, I have always said if someone is racist I prefer that they admit it that way you know how to deal with them. Although there are laws against discrimination people are treated badly in employment situations everyday because of their race. African Americans can be their own worst enemy because when some are given authority they treat their own race very poorly by going on an ego trip but, as soon as something like the wild wing case happens we are all lumped together and outraged. We as a people need to treat each other with dignity and respect instead of being jealous or envious toward one another, we need to stop thinking that our value is defined by what we wear, drive or where we live. The only way to get wild wings attention is to hit them in the pocket because profit is their bottom line although racism wont be eradicated, not by a long shot. We have people in the entertainment industry as well as athletes who feel important because they can throw money around, it’s sad because they are not valued because of who they are but because of what they have. If they had no money some would have different wives because the wife they have wouldn’t give them the time of day and daddy would not tolerate you bringing them home so money talks and racism festers. let’s love ourselves and be proactive.

  163. Author Image

    for one thing I aint waitin two hrs for nobody I don’t care how good the food is….I have eaten at bww it aint that great

  164. Author Image

    They have way more patience than me, I would NEVER wait 2 hours anywhere. When I am hungry I am hungry!

  165. Author Image

    the manager didn’t handle the situation right. I would first want to know what they were doing to be so offensive then make the judgement on what to do because money is green no matter what color the individual is. They lost more money with those 25 people than that 1 person could have done plus damaged the reputation of the restaurant which will intern effect the buiseness even more. When you have a group that large they may be a little loud than someone sitting in a booth regardless if they are white or black. As for the racism part if you are part of the race who has initiated racism in the past even if you have not taken part of it you would never understand unless you experience it for yourself. Everyday some of you buy your gas from a gas station from an owner from India or somewhere in the middle east cause that’s who is owning the majority of the liquor stores, gas stations now even though they may employ blacks and white, or you dine at some middle eastern or oriental restaurant. but if you really knew how allot of them feel about americans regardless if you are white or black some of you would not make the comments you are making you would be more sympathetic. They know what to do to get your money and keep you coming back regardless of how they may feel on the back end because they understand money is green no matter the color of the person who has it. They are making money off of the things Americans need and you cant do anything about it and getting wealthier everyday owning multiple buisneses. A party of 25 that comes into a place like Wild Wings it does not take a genius to know that they are really going to enjoy them selves I would expect it myself regardless of what color they are. All this because that one lady made a complaint

  166. Author Image


    A 12 year old white boy is tied to a tree and tortured for HOURS by an African American woman, all because he is WHITE.

    But you people dont care. If its not a white on black crime, its not HATE.

    HYPOCRITES the very lot of you.

  167. Author Image

    SUE the restaurant do not let this piece of crap pl;ace get away with this! I am spreading the word on twitter, instagram, pinterest, myspace, linkedin, tumblr, youtube and every popular blog!!!!

  168. Author Image

    What actions will the company take against this Manager?

  169. Author Image

    I see many people talking about White Privilege. Yes, it exists. But it is not given to us from birth for nothing, our ancestors did the work to earn it. It exists because everything you see, every single object you use, ALL of it, was invented, created, and built by US. No one else.
    Before any black chimes in about how you helped build America through slavery, you didn’t build anything, you didn’t have to knowledge, resources or the dream to do so. You picked cotton and did house chores, that’s it. Period.

    If you wish to have your own privilege, and are not White in America, then you have but one option: Go conquer your own land, as we did. Design, create, and build your own country from the ground up, as we did. Invent and create the things that people use worldwide to make their lives easier, simpler, and more enjoyable, as we did.

    We are directly responsible for the improvement of most people’s lives across our entire planet. This is why we will enjoy White Privilege. Do not for a second think that White Privilege is something tangible that can be taken away or stolen. It is eternal. It is untouchable. And it has been well earned.

    The next time you call someone on your cellular phone, you post on this website with your computer, then next time you take a flight on a plane, or drive in your car, or use your toilet, remember White people. We made that. And, you’re welcome.

    • Author Image

      Impressive Nate! Every time I think you can’t find anything more stupid to say you manage to top yourself! You are one truly ignorant knuckle walking mouth breather! You have nothing to be proud of and would be doing yourself a big favor if you just shut up. Remember, “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.”

    • Author Image

      your name says it all…unbelieveable … its never going to change , this was all created by Willie Lynch … you are a racist!

    • Author Image

      somebody needs to throw a fkin history book at your head. alot of the things around you tht you use everyday were invented by black ppl or made better by them for example the traffic light, and long before the europeans came to the “new world” the egyptians had already made the journey to the mayan empire. its interesting how people are still even teaching tht christopher colombus discovered shit that was never even lost, nomads came to the americas long before yall white asses. and everytime i see racist american talk about america for americans and other racist things i just think how they robbed native americans blind turning them into a minority when they were the original majority, and to tell the truth slavery was more about exploitation rather than actual inferiority of any one race. they saw the trinkets and the wealth of africa and devised a way to exploit it the same way they are still doing now. altho a little dickhead like you might say wat am i talking about since the only thing you know of africa is couple starving images on tv yet fail to understand it is second largest continent in the world next to only asia all those oil rich countries iran, iraq , saudi arabia, libiya, your diamonds come from africa too, most of the world’s valuable resources come out of african countries. so fuck your ignorance, all your white privellege you think you’re so entitled to comes from exploitation of people who were just being kind.

  170. Author Image

    I’d probably feel threatened if they all look like stereotypical thugs and gangsters, but… these guys look like common decent people.

  171. Author Image

    The apology from Corporate Headquarters may still the storm but the same Corporate Headquarters are entirely to blame … discrimination comes from a culture inbuilt in the organization … If the organization will not train their employees properly … then its simple we do not patronize their establishments …. We have had the same situation in Kenya with #ArtCaffe …. and a boycott of the restaurant chain worked wonders

  172. Author Image

    It saddens me to see/read this type behavior still exist. And to 25 people that got put out of the restaurant and offered a “FREE” meal, DON’T eat the food.

  173. Author Image

    Regarding the article I have a strong feeling that they got kicked out because they had already spent several hours in that restaurant and there were many customers waiting for seats.

    Regarding the issue of racial mistreatment of blacks. Yes it happens and it shouldn’t. However when a white person goes to a predominantly black country he also is discriminated against. If you are in a predominantly white country you cannot escape the fact that you can get discriminated against. And the racial profiling thing… with the percentage of black people committing thefts, carrying weapons on them, dealing drugs, acting aggressively at the slightest provocation- how do you expect people to react to your skin color in a nonchalant way? People WILL continue to fear blacks and expect them to steal stuff until the statistics on crime and aggressive behavior change- this is not a simple problem of bigotry/racism/white supremacy,no it is most of the time decent people having a fear of black behavior.

    • Author Image

      you honestly believe what you just said ? OMG!

    • Author Image

      You should enroll in a remedial reading course, Jenn, your reading comprehension is seriously lacking. They were there for two hours WAITING TO BE SEATED! It was as they were finally being seated that the manager approached and told them that their “kind” is not welcome there! This was deep south racism at it’s “finest”!

  174. Author Image

    Its a shame that such kind of incidents still happen in the U.S.A but i see two things here.
    * The woman who felt threatened was a racist and didn’t want to associate with people of different colour of the skin.
    * The manager handled the situation in a wrong manner supporting a racist rather than the 25 customers. All she could have done was to move the woman even before the others customers could notice to another area and assure her that she will be safer there. You are all people who came from different continents to form U.S.A you should be proud of that irrespective of other differences.

  175. Author Image

    he said they were waiting peacefully for 2 hours for a table. Its a matter of civility to behave in public and this is typical behavior of most. So what was the action that made the woman uncomfortable? Lets be honest about blacks in public..even when they think its peaceful most of the time its not.

  176. Author Image

    My question would be, if the shift manager felt that she has and had the authority to not seat this group because one customer was upset, how do other manager feel around SC.? I’m in Spartanburg won’t be visiting that establishment anytime soon!!!

  177. Author Image

    Thank you Ooh Lord thank you it is about time that black people started to realize that racial discrimination is not hiding any more. The only way you can get the restaurants and any of the so called other race mainly “Caucasian” to take you serious is when you touch their bottom line to reduce those profits. You can march until you wear out ten pair of shoes they do not care but as soon as you put them on blast and call them out where there profits are diminished you will be propositioned and respected immediately. This is a perfect example and please stand your ground. I am so glad that you did not sell yourself out. THANK YOOOOOOU.

  178. Author Image

    Why would any black person waste their breath arguing with any white people? They are the most ignorant and stupid assholes the world has ever created. They know exactly what’s going in the world, but turn a blind eye because of white privilege. White people have robbed and stolen from every group on this planet, but yet they act like they don’t know what’s going in the world. Black people need to stand up and tell these bastards they are willing to put their lives on the line for the future of their children. Watch how quickly these cowards will change their attitude.

  179. Author Image

    I am a white girl and if I lived in this town I would not be setting foot in this place. what year is this? and Joe>>>>>you need to stop categorizing (is that word to big for you) every white person on the planet for what one person do! yeah I said it like that for a reason…to show your ignorance! stfu! it’s people like you who keep racism going!

  180. Author Image

    I have to say, I have met many dumb rednecks in my 64 years but you have impressed me, Nate Higgers. You are without a doubt the dumbest redneck I have ever encountered, your “Uncle” Daddy and “Aunt” Mommy must be proud of the ignorant, inbred moron that their incestuous relationship spawned.

  181. Author Image

    Then only patronize establishments that welcome you. You know what I’m talking about.

  182. Author Image

    So tell us, Rastus, which is it, the Aryan Nation, the Klan, Skinheads? Maybe just the Tea Party which is the umbrella group for all of the others I know you belong to at least one of these groups of ignorant knuckle walkers!

  183. Author Image

    White priviledge is asking black people to leave a restaurant for doing nothing, and saying “it’s because black people are how they are”, but allowing white people into schools and not noting their history of violence in schools.

  184. Author Image

    Just saw ” The Butler “. This is Woolworths all over again

  185. Author Image

    This should of never happened if it was my daughter in law or grand daughter watch out mama would of been there quick to defend them. had I been there I would of spoken up esp for the veteran’s and soldiers in this party. I fight for veteran’s and soldiers rights. however there were a few post saying white people don’t know discrimination I hate to tell you your wrong. I myself have been to a little store and had the cashier tell his friend man I got to go and help this cracker. I just let it go because I will not fight with someone that’s ignorant . I went to a 7-11 in north fort Myers fl. and had been going there everyday for years it was bought about 6mo ago by Pakisans. man. after 4mo of getting slurpee refills everyday he informs me that for my kind anything over a small cup is $3.59 not the listed $1.37. Really my kind I took that as Americans not white country folks . so I posted it on Facebook had my rant and I choose to drive further up the road to another 7-11where my kind is welcome. I could go on but you get my point . racism is alive in ALL races. until we stop blaming the opposite race ans admit that. yes all races have good and bad people in it and that all races have bigots in them nothing will change. we all need to step up and educate in ignorance in our races. we can complain all we want to but unless your willing to stand up for your fellow Americans than talk is cheap . to sit and argue over whos race is better,who’s race is on welfare, who’s race is getting worse is pointless you have to stand up for all Americans not just your race. in fighting for veteran’s and soldier’s rights I fight forthe Hero that was wronged not their race. right now a soldier who is Cherokee is fighting to keep his daughter a south Carolina judge gave her to adoptive parents. he’s been fighting for 4yrs for the right to raise his daughter. sc even issued an arrest warrant for him because he was serving in the guard duty and couldn’t make a visitation meeting now he’s looking at 5yrs in jail and loosing his career in the military he’s an Iraq war veteran with a bronze star. but I stand behind Dusten Brown and fight for him. I choose to see people for who they are judge them by their actions not skin color. I have even been scared by white teenage boys and thank God there’s a black man that walks my area cause without him who knows what those thugs would of done but he stepped up in my defense and that’s what we all need to do. stop all this name calling and fighting and step up for all Americans!!!!

  186. Author Image

    Since moving to SC I’ve never seen such a group of total idiots. Racism is alive and well in SC. Never knew it until I moved here. My mother’s best friend was black, I have black friends. There was not consideration to one’s skin tone. That being said, the black population doesn’t help this either. A woman I work with was corrected by a manager for not performing her job and it is now racism because she was corrected. This same manager is a dick to everyone, white or black. SC is so stuck in the past, not living in the present or looking towards the future. It will always remain behind the times.

    The woman who felt threatened should have been asked to leave or move. But the thing I find funny is that if the party waited 2 hours how long was this woman in the restaurant? If she was so threatened why did she even enter? I know I would not have. And this manager is an idiot. I would have sat the party just to piss her off but I guess that is the “Northerner” in me.

    Always remember, there are three sides to the story. The restaurants, the patrons and then there is the truth.

  187. Author Image

    I don’t know why they didn’t ask the White who felt threatened to leave. I’d have offered to pack her stuff in styrofoam. and escorted her to the door. You let those people wait for two hours and then didn’t accommodate them. You turned away twenty paying customers, who would have eaten well. DISGRACEFUL!

  188. Author Image

    White priviledge – perfect example for those that have no idea of what it means – Watch the old classic “Pinky” Jeane Crain. This moves leave no stone unturned.

  189. Author Image

    I have read as much as I could. I am an African American male. I cannot agree with everything that I read. I will say this, it was wrong how the situation was handled, however, “US” African American’s do not always know how to act in public. Older African Americans and those that have been properly trained do. We always are quick to pull the race card when we feel discriminant against. I have been out to eat and have witness African Americans loud, using profane language, just all around acting as if we have no home training. Again, I’m not saying the manager was right on how she handled it, but we as African Americans have to accept when we were in the wrong. Being honest, looking at the picture I could tell that wouldn’t be a peaceful dinner. They probably would have been extremely loud. When people go to eat, they want to eat in a nice, safe, and calm environment. Yes, you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, but come on now we know how we act we a bunch of us get together. If we won’t to stop being stereotyped, stop killing each other, stop fighting each other, stop bashing each other and learn how to help instead of tearing our race down. You don’t see to many Caucasians mistreating each other. All races have their downfall but the African American race need to get it together before we become extinct. Our elders did not fight for freedom so that we could act the way we act. Sometimes I feel our race is ungrateful for the tears and blood shed to make the country better for us. With all that being said, BLACKS if we don’t want to be stereotyped, do better, act better, and get educated!!!!! thats all

  190. Author Image

    certain people want to talk ignorant this, ignorant that well, look at who is posting the most ignorant comments. why cant people understand this ONE NATION under GOD! When you ignorant asses start to understand that then maybe, just maybe we will all be able to get along. But until then, ignorance just breeds ignorance!

  191. Author Image

    I guess making a reservation with a large party never crossed their mind. If I have a party over seven, I always call ahead. When I go to a restaurant I always ask to be seated away from large groups or crying babies…or a table with babies. I want to enjoy a meal and the company of my wife or friends in a peaceful atmosphere without competing with loud banter. The restaurant should have an area for large groups and if they couldn’t accommodate a large group without disrupting other patrons then the party should have been told that two hours earlier.

  192. Author Image

    I see articles like this and I pray they’re fact or from the onion. Then my heart falls and my soul aches when I realize it’s just another incident in the life of minorities in America. I’m not saying this is the norm but I wonder how many times a group of white people have been asked to leave because they made a black patron feel threatened. I still haven’t found that article.

  193. Author Image

    That’s funny because the whites think the black have the privilege. What they did was totally wrong and they should had told the lady to either shut or leave herself. The is no such thing as white privilege. I have never seen or experienced it.

    • Author Image

      I assure you, Adrain, you most certainly have experienced white privilege, we all have, it is not something you have to ask for it just comes with the skin color.

  194. Author Image

    It seems to me, though, to have been a very poor business decision in general – what is the tab for 25 people going to be, vs. 1 person? Dumb. I’ve been to restaurants with large groups before – a large group is loud, period. Expect that. If you’re going to make them wait two hours, try to accommodate them by seating them away from the other guests. Done. You don’t make a large group wait 2 hours then tell them to leave. That’s asshattery, and the racial component makes it an several orders of magnitude worse. The restaurant handled it badly, and that manager has now created a public relations nightmare for the chain. Bad business overall.

  195. Author Image

    Look away, look away, look away, douchebag-land

  196. Author Image

    For those who have not noticed that the world does not notice a white face who walks into any establishment in the U.S. in the South especially, I suggest you ground yourself, stay present in your body and feel what it feels like to be white. I am a white woman and I promise you I have not missed the fact that as a white woman no one questions my integrity without a reason. For a black person it is different – in the eyes of most white people and authorities, black people, especially black men are guilty until proven innocent. We as human beings, especially those who claim to be spiritual need to look long and hard on our attitudes and get to know people of color instead of just fearing them. It’s time to evolve folks. This has gone on way too long.

  197. Author Image

    The most effective way to deal with this blatant disrespect is to mobilize collective action against Wild Wing Cafe restaurant in North Charleston, South Carolina. Share the news with your social network so that they can boycott the restaurant. And of course, the group that was discriminated against can also seek redress through the courts. Comprehension will quickly dawn on Wild Wing when retaliatory action hurts the bottom line.

  198. Author Image

    Where is the video taken while talking to the restaurant manager? I have yet to see it?

  199. Author Image

    Something similar happened with Denny’s restaurant some years ago. The diners won a class-action suit against Denny’s. I wonder if other people have had similar problems with this restaurant (chain).

  200. Author Image

    My grand kids are half black, and have to deal with this crap all the time. Me, I’m a white person of Russian/Irish descent. The irony is that these kids are geniuses (IQ’s off the charts), yet they are still treated like third-class citizens. White privilege? Yes, it exists, and it is something our family is well aware of!

  201. Author Image

    There is a possibility that there may be another side to the story. So, before jumping to any conclusions, I think we should hear from others.

  202. Author Image

    There is always two sides to a story and the other side is coming out. This blog has failed


    • Author Image

      How do we know this woman is telling the truth? Kind of hard to verify if she won’t give her name. At least the guy who posted the Facebook post about this incident used his real name, and went on TV and used his real name.

      • Author Image

        Shame on WNEM for posting this story without getting all the facts first. Race baiting is hurting the cause for people who truly do suffer injustice.

        Someone needs to revisit where Jesus says “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth (as well as the restaurant seating!)”. And Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the sons of God…. and Love is patient, love is kind… does not demand it’s own rights.

        Why would this woman NOT hide her identity when you’ve already created a lynch mob through false reporting? Reserve the cry of “racism” for where there truly IS an injustice suffered so we can jump on board with you and defend your rights. But, is it not equally an injustice to be falsely accused of racism?

        • Author Image

          Shame on you gail, for continuing to post your lies

        • Author Image

          I posted both sides of the story, and as in most of these things, the truth likely lies in the middle.

          You seem to only believe one side of the story, and from an anonymous source to boot. How do we know if she is telling the entire truth? We don’t – plain and simple. Just as you put your faith in God, which no one can prove even exists, you are putting your faith into what this employee said.

          You have no clue if race played a role in those 25 people being asked to leave, so don’t render your judgement. None of US know 100% what happened and likely never will.

  203. Author Image

    We have posted a follow-up story with an interview of an anonymous employee who was working at the Wild Wings Cafe that night. As you will see, her account is quite a bit different.


    • Author Image

      Thank you for posting the rest of the side of this story. I had a sensing there was 2 sides to this story. It saddens me that ANY one looks at life with any preference to color. God doesn’t look at ANY of us regarding color or gender. We are created in His image… and called to become LIKE Him. There is neither white nor black, nor male nor female in Christ Jesus…. you are all ONE.

  204. Author Image

    I see, the word of one nameless and faceless racist trumps that of 25 black people who are not afraid to put their names and faces behind their word. Did I get it right, Gail? Got a Klan auxiliary meeting tonight?

  205. Author Image

    Looks like Racism is still with us. King’s dream of a society where “people are judged not by the color of their skin but content of their character” still has not been fulfilled. Things are certianly better in the US than they once were, but we still have a long way to go, before the thinking that led to this completely disappears.

  206. Author Image

    White privilege means that a black person is considered suspicious just walking into a restaurant, while a white person is not considered suspicious walking into a school. Even though history has taught us that blacks don’t terrorize restaurants the way whites terrorize schools.

  207. Author Image

    BTW, there are scholarships for being black. There are scholarships for being Asian, Hispanic, Jewish, Native American. It’s interesting that people only have a problem with those for black people. There is Black History Month. There is also Asian Heritage Month, and Hispanic Heritage Month. Interesting that people only have a problem with the black one. In CHICAGO, where I live, there are MORE THAN ONE Asian Human resources, and Hispanic Human Resources (and even Hispanic Housing Corporation where they find housing for HISPANIC people) and I’ve had to take my kid out of a school because the TEACHER didn’t speak English well enough to communicate with my child. But of course, its racist to ask that black people have anything for themselves. There is even RUSSIAN social service groups for RUSSIANS ONLY and Polish groups for POLISH ONLY. Google it yourselves.

  208. Author Image

    And I’m willing to bet money that most of you people call yourselves christian, and would rather sit with a demon your own skin color than a christian of another color.

  209. Author Image

    I just contacted their national office and expect immediate accountability over this. I apologize to these dear brothers & sisters! There should be no tolerance of discrimination in this day and age. I am so sorry! We are told in Revelations that one day, men & women from every tribe, nation, color creed will be kneeled around the throne singing praises & worshipping the King of Kings and Lord of Lords together!

  210. Author Image

    I am a black man and i would like to thank Nate Higgers and Rastus for their comments u 2 are true to the game . If Black people are always complaining when they think white people hav done something to offend them why dont they show this kind of concern when we kill one another everyday for stupid reasons.We are the worst kind of racist, we hate our own for no reason . You dont like what the white man is doing to you ,CHANGE IT U hav the power. That POWER is your UNITY. Why cant we UNITE. We hav BILLIONAIRES,MILLIONAIRES, 6 FIGUREs INCOMES, 5 FIGURES and MINIMUM WAGERS. We hav some Black-Owned Business but not enough to support ourselves Independent of the White Man . Why cant we build HOSPITALS, BANKS, RESTAURANTS , SCHOOLS, and all other neccesary FACILITIES that would make us a productive people. Why cant we bcause we are racist toward each other. Im not saying all of us are that way but the MAJORITY of us are. A Black Man ask for money to do something to help Black People , the first thing we give as an excuse is ” I aint givn that NWORD no money all he trying to do is beat me out of my money and get RICH”. Like it or not we RACIST. Stop thinking negative about each other . COME TOGRTHER and UNITE we can control our own DESTINY.

  211. Author Image

    White privilige exist anyone who thinks it does not Im sorry for u. The mgr. of the restaurant was wrong and should be terminated, she probably wont (WHITE PRIVILIGE) I c a lot of these comments concern racism , some Black people are racist but, not against other races ,they are racist against each other. We raise all kinds of hell about something meaningless such as 25 ask to leave restaurant ok we hav a right to voice an opinion at least they can get a chance to go to another restaurant and eat but what about all the senseless killings comitted by our young black males in the lower income neighborhoods all across america. Are ther any stories on Facebook about any of these killings. They say there are over 300 comments on this story. Can u find me a story where Black People are addressing the issue of Black on Black killings as much as they are crying over 25 people being ask to leave a restaurant. I am a Black Man and I would like to shake hands with Nate Higgers and Rastus u 2 r true 2 the game and I RESPECT that.

  212. Author Image

    Why didn’t the management tell the white man he would get his meal in a go box and then be asked to leave if he didn’t like it? That’s 20 patrons to one. Twenty wins every time. And don’t let the door slam you in the ass on the way out.

    Not only should the twenty customers get a free meal and they can run a modest tab at the bar, and if will be paid for by the white jerk. The staff and management would benefit from a ‘Don’t let this blow out of proportion, by making better choices in response, because the customer is NOT always right,

    • Author Image

      Here’s what doesn’t make sense. If you go out to eat often, there is often a large group waiting to be seated or you are already seating when a large party is brought in to the section. A couple observations .

      First, never ever once have any surrounding parties been asked if it is okay to have a large party seated next to you. It’s just something that I’ve never seen. There have been times we’ve asked to be seated in quiet area but we are the ones to wait and no one is asked to be displaced.

      Second, when there is a big party that they are planning on seating they stop seating in the identified area. The prepare area and sometimes have two servers work the area. Again, they don’t go about checking in can this party sit next to you. The management may be apologetic and make every effort to ensure that things go well, they are just happy that you chose them to drop your cash at their place. We’ve had the experience of the manager paying for appetizers or dessert just because we’ve waited an hour for a large party to finish or being delayed.

      What gets me about this is that there seems to be no effort made by management to seat the group if they had been waiting 2 hours. The patron ability to ask not to have the group seated sounds like they were asked or had the guts to ask that they not be seated. Follow that with that they decided to honor the 1 patron instead of 25 patrons doesn’t make common business sense.

      I suspect that the manager never intended to sit the group. It’s easy to blame a patron and figure that will be end of the story. Let’s say the average cost of the meal with the tip is about $60.00. If we look at the party of 25 that would come to about $1,500.00. The person who had control of the situation that night was the manager. She made a decision to not make $1,440.00 that evening for whatever the reason. As the owner, I would be questioning her business decision and why she cost business so much money. Last I knew whether your are white, black, yellow, green or polka dotted, the money is still green and functions the same way.

      The manager could have handle the situation with the one diner and offer to change their seating or wrap up their food and send them on their way if they didn’t want to near the group. If they felt threaten they could have made up some bullshit story like an emergency came up and could they have their meal to go and call it a day. Let the uncomfortable patron own their discomfort.

      My sense is that the manager didn’t intend to seat this party and just kept them hanging on until she could think of a good excuse and the uncomfortable patron gave her the excuse. I would not be surprise if the uncomfortable patron was the manager. Racism is certainly informing the chain of events and so too is the idea of “white privilege” to figure that your actions would not be questioned.

      The company’s delay in response and the lack luster apology only when pressured was applied, they have much to learn about customer service. This event as negative as it is can still have a positive outcome but only if the management is willing to learn from the incident. Management could ensure all staff are trained properly in working with a diverse patrons to have repeat customers who are loyal because they are treated with respect. When face with a large party how to handle them effectively and quickly and give them a great dining experience. Good experience means larger tips and more return business. Properly addressing the issue and learning to make every customer feel important is good for the bottom line.

      Racism, privilege, and entitlement exist but we have to make a decision on how we respond. The players in the drama were the two different customer groups, how the manager and the company responded to each group is what have been brought out to the open. The discussion of racism, privilege and interactions with different people is vital if we’re going to be sensitive when this happens. We need to recognize when it happens and how we chose to respond to the situation but more importantly what lessons we take away from the event.

  213. Author Image

    My white privilege has allowed me to grow up from impoverished beginnings and work hard all my life with no end in sight. My first job was shoveling chicken guts at a poultry plant at the age of 13. Not that I have not managed to struggle up a short ladder with little education and earn a decent living, but I am wondering when the benefits of my white privilege will kick in.
    I don’t consider myself privileged or racist. I grew up in a small predominantly black community. All my fishing, hunting and basketball buddies were predominantly black.

  214. Author Image

    I think the treatment of the group of 25 visitors was disgusting. If someone already in the restaurant felt threatened, that person should have left. We do not endorse segregation or bullying in this country, and I am ashamed that Wild Wings Cafe caved to such behaviors. I will make sure I never patronize one of their establishments.
    To the 25 visitors who were treated in such a manner, I apologize. The majority of people here are not like that, and I will never be a part of an organization that behaves that way.

  215. Author Image

    Wow…. I think if I were in the restaurant and they asked those people to leave, I would of left with them and would of never gone back to that restaurant. I can’t believe that it: 1) happened; 2) the restaurant took the side of the one patron; and 3) everyone should stay out of that restaurant. My feelings are…this is disgusting that people are treated this way. And by the way, I am white. That group waited over 2 hours to get into the restaurant…. I am still shaking my head over this.

  216. Author Image

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  217. Author Image

    White privilege/racism not only exists, it is thriving all over. All I have to do is compare how I (a white male) am treated when I’m out alone or with white friends, and how I’m treated when I’m out with my wife and son (she’s black) or with a group of people of different ethnic heritage. It becomes obvious very quickly. Racist trolls who want to deny it or justify their crap by whining about “reverse racism” need to STFU.

  218. Author Image

    Did I just fall into the twilight zone and find myself in 1959? I THOUGHT I was living in the 21st Century.
    I guess people in the south must be caught in some kind of time warp stuck in the Dark Ages.

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