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Rand Paul: Food, Water And Health Care Are Not Human Rights

Rand Paul: Food, Water And Health Care Are Not Human Rights

Rand Paul paid a visit to the University of Louisville, where he gave a speech and then did some Q & A with some medical students. And as if we didn’t already know what Rand Paul is all about, we got more of a glimpse into his Ayn Randian worldview with some of his mind-boggling responses. National Review was there to jot this all down.

Asked about whether health care is a commodity or not, here was his response:

There’s a philosophic debate which often gets me in trouble, you know, on whether health care’s a right or not,” Paul, in a red tie, white button-down shirt, and khakis, tells the students from the stage. “I think we as physicians have an obligation. As Christians, we have an obligation. . . . I really believe that, and it’s a deep-held belief,” he says of helping others.

But I don’t think you have a right to my labor. You don’t have a right to anyone else’s labor. Food’s pretty important, do you have a right to the labor of the farmer?

Paul then asks rhetorically if people have a right to food and water. His response?

As humans, yeah, we do have an obligation to give people water, to give people food, to give people health care. But it’s not a right because once you conscript people and say, ‘Oh, it’s a right,’ then really you’re in charge, it’s servitude, you’re in charge of me and I’m supposed to do whatever you tell me to do. . . . It really shouldn’t be seen that way.

So basically what Paul is saying that we are not truly free as long as the government plays a role in humans getting food, water, and health care. If the government does play a role, then we are basically being enslaved by the government. He didn’t mention it, but he certainly feels the same way about housing.

1109_ayn-randSo without the government’s help, we are free to starve to death, to go without water, be homeless, and go without health care. Ayn Rand would be SO proud!

If people cannot afford those things, who exactly will help them, if not the government? Corporations? Churches? Do we really want to go down that road?

If you read between the lines, especially with his “Christians have an obligation to help others” statement, you can see what road he wants to go down.

Paul’s Libertarian ideas, combined with his religious rhetoric, is possibly the most dangerous combination possible for a politician to have as a worldview.

And this man is a front-runner to be sitting in the White House starting in January 2017. At the very least, he has a decent shot at winning the Republican primary and being their candidate. That should be scary enough, given that the Republicans are pulling out all the stops to make voting harder for minorities, who typically vote Democratic, in time for the next election. They know that if Hillary Clinton runs, she will be a very formidable candidate, and their only choice is to suppress those who will be voting for her.

Please share this far and wide, for the best way to stop someone like Rand Paul from being elected is to get as many people informed about how dangerous he is to this country, and get those folks to the ballot box.

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  1. Author Image

    He is one sick son of a bitch !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Author Image

    Ooooo, Econ 101, scary! Let’s post a picture of Ayn Rand so it’s really, really scary.

  3. Author Image

    Rand is even nuttier than Ron. That doesn’t bother me. What bothers me is so many people think he makes sense.

  4. Author Image

    How long before he tells us that we have no human right to breathe the air…Oh, that’s right he already has, in a way, he doesn’t think we have the right to clean air because that “infringes” on the “rights” of corporations and they are, after all, people just like the rest of us, the Supreme Court has said so.

    These Ayn Randians prove their lack of intellect in their unreasonable worship of a hack writer who was by no stretch of the imagination the Philosopher that they present her to be.

  5. Author Image

    Rand Paul is a powerful demagogue. He is able to make statements which sound logical and seem to be tied together. If you agree the ‘ no one has a right to my labor’ , which on its own is a reasonable statement, then he asks that you reject the notion that food, water, medicine etc are rights. However, these two sets of actions are not linked in any way except inside his rhetoric . To defeat this man, and he and his ilk are very dangerous, the illogic of statements need to be attacked, not just the foundations on which his ideas rest. If the world were truly economically flat, his statements about labor would have more force, but in a patently unequally economy, rights to basic needs must be protected because so many of the ‘haves’ who are really the ‘have too much ‘ are sociopaths willing to let others die. Yes, I hear all those right wing nut jobs defending their right to acquire as much as they, because boundless acquisitions of the wealthy are not viewed in the same negative light as hoarders or cat people because they manage this rhetoric also. Rand Paul needs to be challenged to establish verifiable link between his statements, which cannot be done, not just given a pass.

  6. Author Image

    Is it really so hard to understand how a person could have a moral duty to feed a poor person but not a moral duty to take someone else’s food by force and give it to a poor person? Food is not a right. Healthcare is not a right. Certainly individuals should feed the hungry and heal the sick. But that does not mean that the hungry and the sick should be able to use the government to force individuals to feed them or heal them. And it certainly doesn’t mean that those who are not hungry or sick, but instead only have slightly less food and slightly less access to health, should be able to use the government to force you to give them food or health – all the while the cartel (government) taking their cut.

    • Author Image

      Sorry, I disagree. Yes, they do. It’s called the Common Good and it’s Government’s job to ensure it by controlling the ability of Corporations and the Rich to enslave the rest of us and transfer all the wealth from labor to themselves (the investor). Tell me where it’s written that job creators should profit 99x more than the wealth creators (labor). Government’s job is to make sure that greedy takers don’t take it all. That’s right. Redistribution of wealth. Labor (the wealth creators), Management and Owners (shareholders) are supposed to be 3 EQUAL stakeholders. With Mgt & Owner’s taking 97% of all profits… where’s the equal share for Labor?????? That’s why we need government that isn’t corrupted by money and greed.

    • Author Image

      Thank you, John, you just gave us a perfect example of how it is that morons like Rand Paul, indeed any Teapub gets elected. All they have to do is feed the bull crap lines fed to them by their masters, the Koch brothers to mindless dolts who will gobble it up and spew it back out. The Kochs were brilliant when they chose the poor to be the common enemy to give to the drooling knuckle walkers and they were golden. You are marching gleefully to the slaughter because they don’t want you you are just another useful idiot to them.

    • Author Image

      And where has ANY rational person ever suggested such a stupid system (OK, some old ‘communist’ systems might have been something like this, but they were fanatical and ridiculous. This is NOT what anyone in this country is suggesting in this day and age. No one is taking anything from one person and giving it to another. BUT we are suggesting that it’s all our responsibility to create and support a safety net that ALL of us can fall into, if fall we must. And even Uber Rich Bernie Madoff’s family found out they didn’t really have all the money they thought they had, so safety nets can be a good thing …)

  7. Author Image

    What scares me more than these idiots running or in office are the crazies that vote for them!!!! I don’t understand why these crazies do see that when they elect these nutjobs they are turning over all their rights to the corporations and pretty soon there will be no rights to anything. These people are so far removed from what Jesus taught and they are too stupid to see it.

  8. Author Image

    A capitalist “Christian” is a false Christian.

  9. Author Image

    The scariest thing about people like Paul Rand as a lot of people without critical thinking skills (thanks to dumbing down the education system) believe his double talk and “unchristian like” philosophy. The rich and corporations are in control of all us and that’s the way they want to keep it by keeping the people uneducated, unhealthy and down. Some Christians have turned their back on Jesus and are worshiping the rich, thus hurting themselves. They are also breaking universal laws such as giving leads to prosperity.

  10. Author Image

    There is a simple answer. The Government should establish nationalized farms and water treatment plants. Then draft citizens to work the fields for a few weeks each year. As long as they imprison or sue the farm draft dodgers, that would be a fair system, right?

  11. Author Image

    So was he given a standing ovation or, more likely, booed off-stage as the miscreant he is?

  12. Author Image

    Thank you Senator Rand Paul. You have just proved you are no Christian ! You and your wacky beliefs and those who think like you have done more harm to this country than any one else. You sir are a clear and present danger to Democracy. You believe that corporations should rule and all the rest should bow down to their mastery. This is Fascism at it’s best. The Tea Party wants less government oversight of their corporations so those same corporations can continue to prey upon everyone else.

  13. Author Image

    You don’t get it do you. Right now people are living in this age of entitlement. I know people that are bragging about what they are getting from the government free and doing nothing to help themselves or their families. Who is flipping the bill? Overall, the middle class.

    Call me sick, but if that means that people starve because they are too lazy to even try? Then yes, before the whole society goes down in economic flames. People on welfare are getting “paid” better than those that are trying. That should make you sick.

    I always thought that “Land of Opportunity” meant to do something with your life, not steal it from others.

  14. Author Image

    He makes no sense. Because he’s a physician, we’re supposed to think he can structure a logical statement, so we don’t parse his words? He cannot structure a logical statement (or, at least, he did not do so). How can “we have an obligation” to do something be less enslaving than “you have a right to care”? If we consider health care a right and create a system to deliver it to our people, how does that enslave anyone? If the government creates a system that compensates people for their labor and they provide care for our people, how is that entitling other people to one’s labor? It’s no more unfairly entitling them to your labor than paying the plumber unfairly entitles you to HIS labor. The religious pronouncement, on the other hand, does enslave people. Having a prior obligation, without consideration of payment, does make your labor not entirely your own to dispense as you see fit. He’s just ridiculous! And the man makes no sense.

  15. Author Image

    When are you people going to wake up open your eyes we are out there working hard everyday only for the government to give away our hard earned money to strangers who might not really need our help but rather take advantage of the system. if the word entitled wasn’t used you would take this issue lightly . who should be running the show you the people or another name the boss, or the government the employee. right now seems like there running the show having a good time might I add when one gets caught a simple apology and all is forgotten time to turn things around not for you but for your children the future before its to late WAKE UP!

  16. Author Image

    “There’s a philosophic debate which often gets me in trouble, you know, on whether health care’s a right or not,”

    If you do not understand negative and positive rights you can not fully understand the words that Rand Paul is saying. Moreover, you would not “basically” decipher it unless you wanted to feed your agenda to those who do not understand the deeper meaning. This is a disscusion involving philosophy within a college not a political debate or interview. It is not his platform or agenda which would also take human rights into consideration hence the word obligation.

  17. Author Image

    The Federal Government was never given the Constitutional authority to be the provider of every human need from cradle to grave. The needs of the people (those who can’t provide for themselves) should be provided by local entities, individuals and churches. Any time big government gives anything to anyone, then big government creates dependence and an entitlement mentality. Clean water and air are necessities of life, but the Federal Government doesn’t provide those. Local utilities and communities work to fill those needs. Medical care for the indigent has always been available in free clinics. Food for the truly needy is available through food pantries, mainly operated by churches (and filled by the generosity of individuals). Our entire society used to be based on each person taking responsibility for his/her own life. The Federal government was created – by the states – to guarantee that all citizens had the freedom to reach their dreams by their own efforts. Now big government wants to give us everything, even free cellphones!! I still pay a monthly fee for my cellphone, but I know for a fact that there are deadbeats who get multiple “free” government cellphones (“Obamaphones”) and sell them for profit, to buy luxuries or drugs, or whatever. And indirectly, you and I are paying for those “free” cellphones. And they are just the tip of the iceberg.

  18. Author Image

    I was down with the author’s Libertarian bashing until he tried to console me with the prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidency. Kind of ironic to note Paul’s aversion to water for all in light of Hillary’s husband and that whole free trade N.A.F.T.A. thing that happened in the 90s. Because, you know who else didn’t think everyone was entitled to water? That would be Neo-Liberal politicians south of the border who capitalized on Clinton’s N.A.F.T.A. agenda by stealing land and water from the Indigenous.

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