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Epic Rampage At McDonald’s Over Chicken Nuggets (Video)

Epic Rampage At McDonald’s Over Chicken Nuggets (Video)

A woman who just wanted some Chicken McNuggets became enraged at a McDonald’s in Toledo, Ohio and had a McMeltdown when she was told that they were not yet serving them because it was early in the morning. She became so upset that she punched two McDonald’s employees and shattered their drive-thru window.

The woman, Melodi Dushane, 24, came through the drive-thru in the morning when the restaurant was serving their breakfast items, and would later admit that she was intoxicated.


At one point during her profanity-filled tirade, Dushane said, “I will bite your face off, digest it and sh*t it out into the gutter!”

As she sped off after shattering the window, the next car in line calmly pulled up as if nothing had just happened. Hopefully, they did not order Chicken McNuggets.

Dushane was sentenced to 60 days in the clink for assaulting the two employees. She served her time and also had to pay restitution for breaking the window.

Ask yourself, is this worth $7.25 per hour to put up with?

Watch it below!

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  1. Author Image

    Crack ho needs some jail time and lotsa rehab.

  2. Author Image

    The results of the spoilt rotten generation..Mc Donalds are the drug dealers of the 21st century, and she’s just a brat with no respect

  3. Author Image

    I would suggest Anger Management for her, too! Geesh!

  4. Author Image

    ummm…Bee it has nothing to do with genera\tion just bad parenting

  5. Author Image

    It appeared to be hilarious, but didn’t watch it all. I have a policy of not watching any video that is littered with pop up ads. I clicked to watch your video, not make you money. Place the ads at the end where they don’t block the video and I’ll make it a point to watch them.

    • Author Image

      Keith, it isn’t my video so I don’t make any money from it. And I didn’t get the pop-up ads and would not have used the video if I would have gotten those ads. Sorry man.

    • Author Image

      Dude, it’s YOUTUBE! If anyone is gonna make money from this video an the ads, its youtube. Blaming the person that posted this video, who has no control over what ads YOU see from a site that he/she does not control, makes you seem just as pathetic as the woman in the video.

  6. Author Image

    I’m glad I don’t eat the damn things.. Now I’m wondering what they are putting in them?

  7. Author Image

    They don’t get paid enough to put up with this kind of shit.

  8. Author Image

    From what I understand, after reading around a bit, the audio on the video isn’t actually from the original security footage. There’s the original silent footage, and then what’s being called the “hilariously dubbed version”. It’s VERY well done, and for the most part quite convincing. :)


  9. Author Image

    Can’t help but wonder what the sentence might have been if she was a young black man.

  10. Author Image

    I found court records and such pertaining to this. Her daughter went missing some time ago and is now presumed dead I guess. Rather sad.

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