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Creationist: Science That Doesn’t Line Up With The Bible Is ‘Bad Science’ (Video)

Creationist: Science That Doesn’t Line Up With The Bible Is ‘Bad Science’ (Video)

On an episode of Creation Today, a creationist and author for noted right-wing, delusional news outlet World Net Daily named David Rives made the claim that science that does not line up with the Bible is just bad science.

And “good science” is the science that backs up what the Bible says – that in 6 days “God created everything.”

And, according to Rives:

Now, today we have a lot of atheistic scientists who are telling us, ‘You can’t believe the Bible,’ that everything is the result of an explosion 14 billion years ago, and I believe that is bad science. It doesn’t line up with the Bible, and it has a lot of problems that those scientists don’t want to tell you. You can study astronomy no problem at all, as long as you stick to the facts of astronomy. The scientific, empirical data that can be seen and demonstrated

Rives goes on to explain that since there are many unanswered questions about the Big Bang Theory, that it can’t be true. But the Bible has all the answers to how the world was created, so it is true.

So there you have it. Everything we need to know about science can be found in Genesis. So get rid of those science textbooks, take your kids out of science class, and just have them read the Bible. Maybe they’ll even be prompted to join the Flat Earth Society.

Watch the absurdity for yourself below.

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    First, people need to be educated in all concepts of how we ended up here as humans, Quite frankly it still blows my mind. However can someone tell me when the separation of church and state blended back together?

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    David is RIGHT!!!!! But, you-Progressive Populist- whomever wrote this article…, you must NOT- DO NOT KNOW that the CREATOR= God,, is a God of TIME and TIMES! One can clearly see it in nature itself. A “full life expectancy ” for a human can be, to live 100 years, a turtle 150, a mosquito days. Also, 1,000 years can equal 1 day, 1,000,000 years- 1 year. It is His choice and His planing and whatever He desires and sees fit to do, whatever time it takes Him to do so and so on. For GOD, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE AND THERE IS NO LIMIT to HIS creativity (you can not deny the diversity and complexity to all we see, feel, touch know and we only have begun to to explore). IT APPLIES TO EVERYTHING HERE GOD HAS CREATED AND THE BIBLE SPEAKS OF; BE IT HERE, OUT THERE, MANY DIMENSIONS, PLANES, KNOWN OR UNKNOWN, EXPLAINED, OR UNEXPLAINED THINGS TO US, OR ANYONE FOR THAT MATTER. NO ONE can Limit His Power, Knowledge and, or Purpose TO IT ALL.

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      Prove it! Because as we speak science is proving the Big Bang “Theory”, everyday we move closer to the truth. Religion is not progressive. If you can start proving there is an ultimate deity and these man written stories actually happend then we might start believing in religion again.

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    Basically, what this dolt is saying is, “I’m too ignorant and not smart enough to educate myself and learn that of which I am ignorant, so therefore it can’t possibly be true.” Short answer, he’s dumb as a bag of rocks and cannot be educated so therefore education is bad.

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    He should read the second creation story in Genesis. The two versions don’t mesh. They are both in the Bible–so which one is right? (answer: neither one)

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    Rather than using science as a tool to define reality, these anti-scientists as I call them, live by what they call reality (the bible) and abuse science in order to make IT fit their idea of “truth”.

  6. Author Image

    They put the cart before the horse by declaring the result before they’ve done the experimentation and if the results don’t fit what they are so sure is the truth, they call it “bad” science. This is due to a lifetime of subtle ( and sometimes not-so-subtle) brainwashing. They are actually UNABLE to see reality.

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