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Galactically Stupid! North Carolina School Sends Fake Masked Gunman Into Classrooms As ‘Enrichment Exercise’ (Video)

Galactically Stupid! North Carolina School Sends Fake Masked Gunman Into Classrooms As ‘Enrichment Exercise’ (Video)

Students at a middle school in Goldsboro, North Carolina got a little scare this week, courtesy of a harebrained idea by school administrators.

In what was described as an “enrichment exercise” that would teach students to be more aware of their surroundings, school administrators thought it’d be a wonderful idea to send a fake gunman, complete with a ski mask and a toy gun, into some 6th grade classrooms populated with students at Eastern Wayne Middle School and pretend like he was robbing them.

The school employee who played the fake gunman apparently did his job so well that he was shot dead by one of the teachers packing heat in the school. Okay, we’re kidding… but considering all of the ridiculous escapades that have involved guns lately, nothing would surprise us.


What did happen was that the fake gunman scared the breakfast out of some students, and their parents were rather upset about the so-called “enrichment exercise.” We’re wondering if the administrators who came up with this irresponsible idea are aware that there have been real school shootings and stuff lately.

The news report below does not give the name of the administrator who was being interviewed, but after stating that they should have been a little more sensitive in light of the other school shootings that have occurred, we think his name might be Captain Obvious. We’re so glad that he is aware of other real school shootings. For that, he moves up from being “obliviously stupid” to just plain old “stupid” with a tinge of “idiot”.

We also love the part where he says that the “exercise in its original intent was appropriate, but how it was executed obviously lacked judgement.”

I don’t know about you, but I can think of better ways to make students more “aware of their surroundings.”

Watch the report below from WGHP.

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  1. Author Image

    It occurs to me , there were 2 articles I read yesterday about students. One is a young girl who is an “Ace” student , she is honor roll as well as a player on the school team (sorry don’t remember the sport) One evening at home simply minding her own business , a friend called . Obviously the friend was in distress , being at a party , was slurring words and asking her friend to pick her up and give her a ride home. Now a quick summation here would be “Good Kid” Knowing her inability to drive and having the sense to ask for help. The girl drove to the party went inside to collect her friend. As they were exiting the police showed up to shut the party down. An officer made note that the girl had not been drinking , or intoxicated whatsoever . However a citation was written. her school administrators being the narrow minded , shallow , and of course the authority on school Zero Tolerance , punished the good samaritan student by removing her from 5 games . They didnt even ask or inquire from the girl what happened . Mother has brought suit against the school. Now the point here is this. We have a mindless , narrow minded and shallow , not forgetting the reasonong of an authority figure full of ones self . What Punishment should be handed out to the absolute moron responsible for the fake gunman . Apology , naw don’t think that is appropriate , write an essay on why an idiot is in the school administration? What medication are they not getting enough of? Nope .. somehow I have the feeling that even with overreacting of parents the adminsitrator will have a defense of How long thye have been dedicated , and how much they are worthy of being forgiven , and how they learned a lesson , then shoveled away with the rest of the ” we made it through that stupidity pail” it may be worth watching what happens next at the school. Somehow I feel the hurt dealt out to the good girl trying to help a friend is far from over.I am willing to bet the school administration has yet to show the depths of their stupidity while smiling and come up with what thye call a compromise . Instead of using their head and saying something really intelligent

    • Author Image

      I can’t agree with you more. Whatever happened ‘common sense’?

    • Author Image

      She is a cheerleader and those five games she cannot attend may ruin her chances of being seen by scouts that could get her into a better college.
      Yes, that one is bad and here is another one for you to blink at;
      Elementary student plays cops and robbers with his friend at a Florida school during which he pointed his finger like a gun and got suspended from school. http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2013/10/8-year-old-suspended-for-playing-cops-robbers-2780586.html
      So in other words, it is fine and dandy for school admin to bring toy guns and real guns to school but the students cannot draw a gun on paper or pretend they are playing with a finger gun. Nice!

      • Author Image

        she is actually a volleyball player, and captain of the team, and its her senior year. which makes it all worse!

        • Author Image

          Cameron is right, she wasn’t a cheerleader. The story kept my interest because my daughter plays volleyball as well. Their school, probably their coaches, probably have the same policy we do. No parties what so ever during the season. They are simply not allowed to go. So they are following a guideline but they are trying to get blood out of a stone.

          This girl made the absolutely right decision to go and pick up a friend who was too drunk to drive. Good for her! It shows how responsible she is. She should not be punished. It absolutely infuriates me and I hope her mom prevails! Our volleyball season just ended yesterday so I reckon most seasons are wrapping up. This is her senior year, she is the captain, and you bench her? For making the right choice? Shame on them.

          No one ever says that schools have to have morals now a days….its all about following “the rules”

  2. Author Image

    This is the article, I have it on my fb page.

  3. Author Image

    Complete idiots at the school with the masked gunmen. My brain cannot repel stupidity of that magnitude.

    The volleyball girl is a completely different issue. She knew the school had a zero tolerance policy on under age drinking yet she chose to disobey that rule and become an accomplice in her friend’s underage drinking. She made the choice and has to accept the consequences.

    • Author Image

      Publius, Maybe she thought it better to protect her friend from the possibility of an accident. I think you have your head screwed on backwards.

    • Author Image

      So you would rather her friend get behind the wheel?

    • Author Image

      I agree! School shooting stunt- totally garbage and I would be furious if the administration at our school- not too far from here- ever thought this was a good idea.

      As for the volleyball player, people seem to think that her only 2 choices were to let her friend drive or go to the party herself. Think- if I am captain of the team, and I know the consequences for going to a party are benching, then I get someone else to drive her home. Like her parents. Ooooooh, but then she might get caught. So trying to save her friend’s bacon was more important than ensuring she could play- not saving her friend from driving. That’s just 1 way to get her friend home- I’m sure there were dozens others other than going to the party herself.

    • Author Image

      I’m sorry, but this child did something that any father or mother would do. Her friend was intoxicated, couldn’t drive, and asked for help. This straight-laced girl, went out of her way to protect her friend. The dangers of being intoxicated at a party or in public? Drunk driving, car accident, being raped or taken advantage or, or even just falling and hurting herself. So the girl who went out of her way to rescue that said friend, was doing something heroic, by going to save the intoxicated friend and she ended up being punished for it. She did nothing wrong, the girl who got herself drunk, she’s the one who did not use proper judgement, and most likely learned a valuable lesson from it. (We hope.)

  4. Author Image

    well, that certainly jives with the fucked up politics in North Carolina.

  5. Author Image

    This was a terrible thing to do. Not only is it contradictory to no tolerance rules all schools have, but could have caused lasting trauma or ptsd for some of those children. I can’t believe that Principal hasn’t been put on paid admin leave while they investigate….LOL He/she should be fired. I think i would be getting a lawyer.

  6. Author Image

    This has got to be a joke. Please, someone tell me this is a joke. Seems to me, if this is NOT a joke, many people should be fired. These people running this school should not be looking after children of any age – much less TEACHING them. Idiots. ugh.

  7. Author Image

    bad idea Wayne County schools (whomever thought of this) and shame on you. If I was security in that school and thought I was dealing with a ‘real situation’ of a person endangering those children, I would have put every skill into play that the prison has trained me with and hurt that masked person pretty badly.
    1st thing- I have a sixth grader and it is not a good idea to have my child upset, possibly for life, because of a hair-brained idea.

  8. Author Image

    Being from that town that Eastern Wayne Middle is located, I will be surprised if within the near future that the teacher is not released from their contract. The town that this school is located also hosts a military base and some of the student body are military dependents. Regardless of military affiliation or not, this small tight knit community will most likely not let this just slip by. I certainly hope not. They have access to too many programs in Wayne County if they wanted to have a lesson in situational awareness. Sheriff, Carey WInders is very active in the community and would have been very helpful if asked.

  9. Author Image

    I would just like to add that the contents of the above article are not 100%to accurate. The school did not ask the man to use a ski mask or a fake gun. The man decided himself to do this. He was asked to enter the room and take something off the desk. The man is someone that all of the students would have recognized if he hadn’t used a ski mask. I as a parent of an ewms student see nothing wrong with the original plan. However it was taken too far. This isn’t the fault of any teachers at the school. It is the fault of one person who made a mistake.

  10. Author Image

    This was so stupid, After you tell the kids it wasn’t real, So the rest of the school year-every time a noise is heard outside the classroom the children will be scared.
    This could have resulted in the death of whomever played the “bad guy” Now you will have more unruly kids in all the classes and it wouldn’t surprise me if several children started carrying a knife or something else to protect themselves.
    childrean are not capable of dismissing things that cause them fear.
    I think that whomever did this should be fired,
    this page is so vague that I can’t see what I am tryping so forgive me for any typos.

  11. Author Image

    As a mother of a special needs student at Eastern Wayne Middle I would like to say “WHAT THE F*!K????????” This is BEYOND outrageous!!! I think not only should we as parents should bombard the school board and the district with phone calls and then we ALL remove our children from this school AND THEN bring about lawsuits for terrorizing our children.

  12. Author Image

    To say that this exercise “lacked judgment” is an understatement.

  13. Author Image

    Did anyone charge those involved with having a weapon on school property or with terrorism. MMMM

  14. Author Image

    … Seriously? This is why half the time we can’t trust our school administration to do the right thing.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if half of these students are now too scared to even bother going to school because of the sheer stupidity that frightened them. Hasn’t anyone in the administration ever heard of “karate lessons”? Or of parents talking to their children about risks at schools? Probably not.

  15. Author Image

    YEEE-Hah! Welcome to the Say-outh! Typical southern-fried imbeciles. Everybody involved in this at the administrative level should be looking for a new job. No administrative leave. No write-ups. No bullshit slaps on the wrist. Down the road. Period.

  16. Author Image

    you arent allowed to have guns period on campus..toy guns water guns etc. the principal and teacher should know better.

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