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Walmart Employee Fired After Going to Aid of Assault Victim in Parking Lot (Video)

Walmart Employee Fired After Going to Aid of Assault Victim in Parking Lot (Video)

What has this country come to when a store employee cannot even help someone without a serious risk of being fired? Or, as we reported a few days ago, going after a shoplifter and getting fired, as a Lowe’s employee found out.

Kristopher Oswald, a 30-year-old employee of a Walmart in Michigan, found out the hard way that helping a female who was being assaulted by a male in the parking lot that trying to do the right thing is not always the right thing to do – if you want to keep your job, that is.

Oswald was working the overnight shift and was sitting in his car taking a meal break when he heard a ruckus elsewhere in the parking lot. He got out and walked towards the ruckus to see what was going on, and got attacked by the male who had been harassing and assaulting the female. The man punched Oswald in the head while yelling “I’m going to kill you”. Oswald was able to get on top of and restrain the man, but two other males came from behind and jumped him.

The cops showed up after that and broke it up. Our sources do not say who, if anyone, was arrested over the incident.

Oswald then found out that he had been fired by Walmart. He had worked there just 7 weeks and would have been a permanent employee after a 180-day probation period.

“The last thing I expected was to not have a job,” Oswald lamented. “I don’t even know what to put on an application about all of this. How do I say this ended?”

When asked if he would respond the same way again, he replied, “I will always do the right thing.”

Oswald says Walmart has policies against workplace violence to prevent employees from assaulting co-workers or tackling a shoplifter, but it would appear that nothing allows for them to assist in situations of imminent danger and self-defense.

We understand that these big box retailers are overly cautious about liability and potential lawsuits being filed against them, and they have strict company guidelines to follow as a result, but if Oswald was on an unpaid lunch break, is the company still liable for his actions? And what if the assailant had been in the process of killing the women who was victimized in this situation? Is Oswald supposed to stand there and watch, thinking that he’d get fired if he tried to intervene? How would he have lived with himself had that happened?

Is our society so litigant happy that employees can’t step into these kinds of situations out of fear of losing their jobs?

Watch the local news report from WXYZ below.

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    All the more reason to NEVER,EVER shop at Walmart! NEVER!!!!!!

  2. Author Image

    This situation has nothing of substance in common with the Lowe’s employee story. The issue that some of you can’t seem to get is that PEOPLE are more important than DRILLS. Deliberately violating company policy that puts people ahead of items, to pursue a shoplifter over a drill (or whatever the stolen merchandise was) was not heroic. It was dumb.

    But this case is different. He was helping a PERSON, not rescuing a drill. Huge difference. He did the right thing, and says he will do the right thing again, which is wonderful. Walmart should be ashamed of themselves on this one. And I feel confident this young man will have another job very soon. :)

    But please please please – stop confusing merchandise with people. They are not the same and do not justify the same consideration or risk. People are important. Even if it means jeopardizing your job to assist someone in danger – it’s a worthy risk.

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    WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and people wonder whats wrong with our country, Really I say Boy Cot Walmart, A humans life is more valuable than your image Walmart then a couple extra millions in ur account …. I know ur-rebutle is gonna be u could be sued! (( hello a woman was being beaten)) So one should just stand there and watch her be beat assaulted! It was a woman. He the employee should have been rewarded, not punished for doing the right thing the human duty. ((To him the employee take comfort in knowing there is a GOD! and he sits high and looks low, he is the ultimate judge and you did the right thing! Cause in his good word it say’s We (( humans)) shall only serve on god, we can choose everything else but there is only GOD and it ain’t money and clearly WALMART is serving another GOD $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ They could of stood up for the employee and the woman who un-doubtinglty was a customer. So not only did they not care about the employee in weather he had kids to feed, or would be able to pay his rent, they didn’t give a dam about there customer either, except when she was in the store spending the almighty $ Besides Walmart can afford the consequences for doing the right thing yet chose not to. This is just another example of corporate America dictating our morals and values but u must stand strong against the beast! I hope for his sacrifice Christians around the world stand up and do something, not only for him but to show that there is no $$$ amount worth more than LIFE the life Christ gave to all of us when he died on that Cross!

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