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Sledgehammer-Wielding State Rep. Bashes Homeless People’s Shopping Carts  to Solve Homeless Problem (Video)

Sledgehammer-Wielding State Rep. Bashes Homeless People’s Shopping Carts to Solve Homeless Problem (Video)

The state of Hawaii has the highest homeless rate of any state with an estimated 17,000 homeless people, and a state rep armed with a sledgehammer is literally hammering away at the problem.

Tom Brower, a Democrat serving his fifth term in office, decided a couple of weeks ago to crack down on the vagrant problem in the city he represents, Waikiki, by walking around with a sledgehammer and an Armani hat and either bashing up shopping carts that he can’t identify as being affiliated with a store, or returning the carts to the stores they originated from.

But take heart… before he destroys the shopping carts, he removes any items belonging to a homeless person and places them on the ground.

Brower decided on this unorthodox course of action because, “I got tired of telling people I’m trying to pass laws. I want to do something practical that will really clean up the streets.”

“I find abandoned junk, specifically shopping carts, and I remove them. I also create a situation where those carts can’t be pushed around the city. I think it’s a good thing,” he continued.

Not only does Brower “help” the homeless problem by doing this, but he also compassionately wakes up any homeless person he finds sleeping at a bus stop during the day and tells them to “get your ass moving.”

Hawaii, which is the most expensive state in the union to live in, in great part because it is an island country, also has a program that will fly out homeless people for free. This is their way of solving their own problem and dumping it onto someone else, instead of, for example, building homeless shelters or providing job training programs for the homeless.

So if you are homeless in Hawaii, watch out for the psycho looking lawmaker in an Armani hat and a sledgehammer perched on his shoulder.

Watch the local news report below.

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  1. Author Image

    how is this not vandalism? how does this help solve problems? why is this man not arrested? in Philadelphia i would be arrested for removing peoples belongings from carts and then smashing the carts up with a sledge…i certainly wouldn’t be a 5 time congressman.

  2. Author Image

    This public official needs mental help. This is just straight up wrong. Way to kick people when they are down. That is all they have left in terms of material things. This is horrible. He should be run out of office.

  3. Author Image

    The Dems keep getting more like the Goppers.

  4. Author Image

    Unbelievable. Why not research what other municipalities around the world have done to competently deal with the issue of homelessness rather than go around like a lunatic with sledge hammer? You’d think a state rep. could do that. Reckless indeed.

  5. Author Image

    It is not OK to bully harass or promote violence agains homeless people. This idiot should be put in jail for this crime. He does not represent our people.

    • Author Image

      Agreed, what he is doing is NOT OK. I wonder if he never learned compassion, or just lost it along the way? He should be arrested for destruction of property when he destroys a shopping cart with a stores’ name on it. I wish at least one store would file a complaint or whatever action needs to be taken to knock this jerk down a peg or two.

  6. Author Image

    What a disgrace to democrats everywhere.

  7. Author Image

    May this person never find himself without a home or family..may none of his children ever suffer from addiction and unable to cope with trauma..may his parents never lose their home to fraudulent bank practices…may his brother never lose hope and find themselves in despair and depression..may this person never suffer TBI or PTSD and find himself lost within his pain and suffering….
    This is a prayer that Rep Brower should say every moment of every day..because he has lost his direction and understanding of compassion, and the Universe..God..Karma..even ” shit happens”..can effect any of us, and you have a position to help people and teach good governance and that is your job..not to bully those who have nothing..

  8. Author Image

    He’s destroying property that isn’t his. That’s a criminal action.

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