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Sabotaging House GOP Set to Derail President Obama’s Arms Deal with Iran (Video)

Sabotaging House GOP Set to Derail President Obama’s Arms Deal with Iran (Video)

Eric Cantor (R-Warmonger) might have some Democratic allies in his goal to defeat the arms agreement between Iran and six other countries, including the United States.

Currently this temporary nuclear pact has generated harsh criticism from many Republicans because it allows Iran to continue to enrich uranium.

Cantor is seeking to add requirements and restrictions, while citing our ally Israel, to rally members from across the aisle to be able to defeat the bill.

He is looking for additional stipulations and requirements to rewrite the agreement to make certain it is either unacceptable to Iran or fails in the House of Representatives.

A brief history lesson. The sainted Ronald Reagan secretly sold weapons to the Iranian government during a time of an arms embargo. His administration illegally then funneled the money generated into supporting one side in Nicaragua

As time has always proven, war is horrific and chosen allies can be brutal. Reagan funded rebels that were so called anti-Communist, an action already blocked by the Congress.

Watch Cantor refuse to say anything positive about the agreement with Iran below.

The fallout was deadly everywhere. Many innocents, including American nuns, were murdered during the Contra War by those endorsed and financed by Reagan.

It has been stated in support of this administration that weapons were sold to Iran to be able to rescue hostages taken in Lebanon.

In fact, the Reagan administration armed both sides in the murderous Iran-Iraq War. Also, weapons sold to Iran were ultimately used against the American military.

And finally, this action signaled to the world that the United States would break any code or law.

Perhaps the current agreement with Iran is not perfect. Our nation is standing with five other countries to try to find ways to avoid war and disaster.

But clearly, this pact is far superior that actually arming Iran.

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