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Right Wing Facebook Page on President Obama: ‘I Vote We Drag This F*cker Out And Hang Him’

Right Wing Facebook Page on President Obama: ‘I Vote We Drag This F*cker Out And Hang Him’

President Obama has taken an unprecedented amount of hatred from his detractors on the right. You know, the ones with “ODS”, otherwise known as Obama Derangement Syndrome. The folks who blame everything that is wrong with their lives on the president, despite the fact that their lives were plenty shitty long before January of 2009 rolled around.

The examples of Obama-bashing and words used to describe him are everything but endless.

He is a tar baby, a liar and a Nazi. Together with a socialist. Don’t forget fascist.

Which is like saying someone supports both the NAACP and the KKK.

Does anyone remember the good old days of Secret Service and protecting the President? One time, a conservative young couple was arrested because they failed to leave a speech given by then George W. Bush. The man and woman both had on tee-shirts with the word Bush, overlaid by the universal against sign.

Just like in the movie Ghostbusters.

Wow. A t-shirt.

Early in Obama’s Presidency a person strolled into a town meeting with a machine gun.

And now, a page on Facebook called “War on Freedom” made a meme, seen at the top of this article in case you missed it, with a picture of Obama and the message “I vote we take this f**k*r out and hang him”.

The part where some idiot on that page made the offending meme might not even be the worst part of this. No, the worst part was where – at the time the image of the meme was captured – 80 people had shared the meme on Facebook, which means that those people liked the message on the meme so much that they put them on their own Facebook pages.

Lovely, huh? Hopefully, you don’t have friends on Facebook who advocate such a message.

The entire “War on Freedom” page was finally removed after many complaints came rolling in to the guardians of Facebook.

But there are more of them. Countless Facebook pages are devoted to our President and all permutations of racial stereotypes, including apes, afros and fist bumps.

Not to mention the multitude of pages that are calling for his demise.

Right Conservatives, it’s never about race.

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    What sickens me more is that apparently the Secret Service isn’t taking threats like that meme as seriously as they should. It is a violation of federal law to advocate the assault or assassination of any high government official, most especially the President. If these Teabaggers were being dragged off to some quality time in a federal penitentiary, maybe then they’d wise up, and shut up.

  2. Author Image

    Why is the above allowed, but this tasteful pic of Cameran Diaz nude isn’t, on Facebook?

  3. Author Image

    And all the Dixie Chicks said is they were disappointed that Bush was the same state as them. Mayhem. This shit, crickets.

    Why is the above allowed, but this tasteful pic of Cameran Diaz nude isn’t, on Facebook?

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    The very ignorant of America would rather believe blatant lies from white mouths than the truth from a black one. Please watch this music video done just 10 days after the first election of Barack Obama. It’s just as relevant today. Thanx and peace.

    • Author Image

      Thank you for the song, like an old folk song. It’s nice to see that there are other people who still see President Obama as a man who cares about this country and especially about the people! It’s terrible that he was so hated and opposed from the beginning. Obama would have gotten more done for this country if he wasn’t constantly blocked by Republicans who swore that “if he’s for it we’re against it.” Just sad, isn’t it?

  5. Author Image

    I’m sure I have relatives back East who feel this way, and I think it’s deplorable. Just one more thing that the president is to be admired for: taking it in stride and soldiering on. Barack Obama is the best president I’ve ever encountered in my 60 years on this Earth, and obviously I’ve encountered many!

    America has a real problem, and it’s the bigoted Americans’! I’m fucking sick and tired of it, and the fact that I’m related to people with this mindset makes me totally ashamed!

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