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Another Theory for Christie’s ‘Bridge-ghazi’ Scandal; Just Follow the Money! (Video)

Another Theory for Christie’s ‘Bridge-ghazi’ Scandal; Just Follow the Money! (Video)

Everything seemed right about the scandal regarding the George Washington Bridge, except the actual dirty trick. Why would close associates of Governor Chris Christie use an agency with dual state authority and break numerable laws and interfere with public safety? And to what end?

To hurt a mayor? A man, as Chris Christie so eloquently stated, he didn’t know. (Subtext for the 2 hour faux mea culpa: I am gonna get my hands dirty for that guy??)

MSNBC is obsessed with this story and has been from the onset. Host Rachel Maddow thought the traffic mess was directed at the Democratic state representatives.

Steve Kornacki, who began his career writing about New Jersey politics, has a different idea. There are 18 prime acres laying vacant near the George Washington Bridge. The current mayor of Fort Lee, Mark Sokolich, is dedicated to developing that area. It involves a billion dollar project that is predicated on having easy access to the commuter bridge. In fact, the very lanes that were shut down are the ones that are needed.

Permanently closing those access lanes would mean that the entire project could be derailed. Perhaps investors would lose interest or others might want a piece of the action. Like certain people in New Jersey.

Hmmm… Follow the money. So the plot thickens, as all B-movies proclaim.

How much did the Governor know? More than he let on during his press conference, that much we are sure of.

Watch the report from MSNBC below.

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    Why should Fort Lee get three lanes???? Obviously the area needs those lanes or there would have been NO TRAFFIC PROBLEMS from closing them. It appears Christie is even dumber than I had originally thought.

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